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Jiang Ming didnt change much over the past years.

He comprehended several supreme special abilities, devoured several great universes, and his inner world had been an accumulation of tens of thousands of light years.

As for the rest Oh yes! His physique had advanced into the Middle-Stage of the King Saint Realm.

But he still thought that it was too darn slow.

His Saint Soul was still at the pinnacle of the King Saint Realm, yet to step into the Lord Saint Realm.

Ugh… Seriously…Such improvement was way too slow to him.

He couldnt adapt to such a slow pace.

*Senior brother, what are you lamenting about again” Linglong paced towards him in the air and landed directly on him, swaying his body.

“Was it that you didnt have enough fun from the last 100,000 years My Time Clone had already sanctified the path of Dao.

Ill ask her to accelerate the flow of time by ten million folds and lets have a close up mighty battle”

“Get the hell out of here!”

“You still dare to laugh! Youre looking for a beating!”

“Beat me up then! No, its me whos beating you up.” Linglong laughed playfully, “Under your nourishment, all ten of us have sanctified the path of Dao already.

Senior brother, Im thinking of retiring from the position as the Heavenly Emperor.

Its just so meaningless.”

“Is there a good candidate for it” Jiang Ming asked.

“How about the Senior Brother Chang”

“Him Hes alright.

His cultivation is a little lacking though.

Hes currently only at the perfect stage of the Great Overarching Realm.”

“True, a little lacking still.

What if we let our Master have a go at it”

“That old man will certainly be unwilling.

Hes now living leisurely, dashing around with his high and edgeless status.

He wouldnt find himself in more trouble.”

“Well, lets give it to Senior Brother Chang then!”


You can arrange it.

With the Heavenly God of Law Enforcement in charge and us watching behind the scene, no one will dare to cause trouble anyways.”

With such a brief exchange of words, the next Heavenly Emperor was decided just like that.

If this was known to Yu Fei, there was no telling if she would hit her head on the wall.

“I heard that Yu Fei had opened up a Drunken Flower Yin on the Tianyuan Sea, specializing in entertaining the peerless Immortals of all walks of life.”

“Of course.

She used her own special ability to nurture the Immortal ladies of various races and shes absolutely good at it.

They know how to play musical instruments, sing and toss around in beds.

Her business is booming!”

“Theres no bed tossing and whatnot, just the musical instruments and singing.

Dont slander the innocence of others.”

“Senior brother, I thought you said you didnt know about it”

“Did I say that” Jiang Ming had a bewildered look on his face, “No I didnt.

I definitely didnt.”

Linglong puffed up her cheeks and continued, “If you want to go, go ahead.

I can easily see through that little devils mind.

Her yearn for you is still blazing.

You should go and have a taste as well.

Go ahead! I dont mind anyways.

The worst would be to roast you a few more times with Sacred Flame to purify and cleanse you.

That is all.”

Jiang Ming looked up into the sky, speechless.

‘Who did I mess with this time

Between the flickers of his eyes, he gazed through into the Chaos.

The universe that was heading towards them was already very close.

The Chaotic storm set off by it even caused the Worlds fetal membrane to tremble slightly.

Itd just take a few more years before it completely arrives.

Right this very moment, there was a sudden hunch in his heart.

With a flash of flame in his eyes, he disappeared out of thin air.

“With the Senior Brother disappearing and reappearing suddenly like a ghost, I wonder what hes been up to all this time.” Linglong mumbled to herself.

However, she understood that it was because of him disappearing and reappearing from time to time that allowed her senior brother to improve so rapidly.

Back in the Xinghe Galaxy, they discovered yet another destroyed universe under Pan Wangs lead.

This was the sixth universe they discovered.

However, compared to the previous five, this one was relatively intact.

It even retained its complete form and that the universes fetal membrane had very little damage.

The cycle of Stars could still be seen within.

At first glance, this universe was generally the same as an intact universe, just that the aura of death within was immensely dense, the aura of fury was alarming, the aura of grievance permeated every corner of the universe and covered with the terminal aura of calamity.

“This should be the previous Universe.” Pan Wangs tone of voice was solemn.

The next universe would be the great universe he came from.

“Isnt there any solution to this” Pan Wang was somewhat reluctant to accept this.

To him, the Xinghe Galaxy was his home, his roots, his motherland.

He naturally didnt want to see his universe destroyed.

Even if his physique had already advanced into the King Saint Realm now, he still felt powerless.

When Jiang Ming devoured the second Great Universe, Jiang Ming gave a single drop of the Word Trees Resin of Origin.

At the same time, Jiang Ming broke down the structure of his own physique that was of the King Saint Realm, allowing Pan Wang to finally break free from the shackles.

“There might be!” Jiang Ming replied, “Its to keep breaking through.

Once you surpass the King Saint realm, there must be a solution to it.

Or rather, travel to the Valley of the End in search of the answer.

I feel that the root cause of this special situation on your side of the universe lies there.”

“Surpass King Saint” Pan Wang smiled bitterly, “Thats just way too difficult.

So difficult that I dont see any hope for it.

As for the Valley of the End Lets hope that the answers there.

Wait, somethings not right.

Theres quite a number of peerless experts over this universe.

Could it be that they are trying to besiege us”

“They must be!” Jiang Ming had already noticed them when he first descended to the place.

He wasnt surprised at all.

Back when he devoured the third destroyed universe, he was attacked by the Supremes.

The opponent said that for Jiang Ming and the likes, devouring their universe was akin to destroying their last thoughts.

This was an irreconcilable feud.

Jiang Ming didnt know if that really was the reason.

However, the enemies looked at his Chaotic World Tree greedily.

As such, there was nothing much that could be said already.

They were blown up by a punch from Pan Wang, who had just got a breakthrough.

As for the fourth and fifth universe, they were all attacked by Supremes from the Sea of Chaos.

They were all very powerful.

Some of them had even reached the later stages of the Supreme and were extremely terrifying.

However, what these Supremes ran into, were even more terrifying existences.

Jiang Ming didnt even have to make a move at all, as they were beaten and killed by Pan Wang, leaving none behind.

Pan Wang said there were only enemies or strangers in the Sea of Chaos.

As long as there was a certainty to kill each other, the experts would not hesitate to strike and plunder the other persons great encounters.

However, there wasnt much death when it came to the battle between the Supremes because they would all have Supreme Treasures and life-saving triumph cards up their sleeves.

“Let me count and see.

Good lord, there are 36 of them! Thats too much!” Even Pan Wang was very surprised.

“Is that a lot I dont think so!” Jiang Ming muttered.

“In the past, how many universes had been destroyed and how many Supremes would have entered the Chaos The number should be astronomical.”

Pan Wang shook his head solemnly.

“According to my investigation, most of the Supremes would have experienced nine cosmic epochs at most.

By then, the great limits wouldve arrived and they would die along with the destruction of the ninth great universe.

This is a cycle of reincarnation but also a curse.

Coupled with slaughtering each other, the Supremes that are within the Chaos are not as many as youd imagined it to be.

Moreover, they would be scattered everywhere around.

For so many of them to be gathered at once is already very remarkable.”

“This might be intentionally directed at us, or many of them are greedy for the World Tree.” Jiang Ming replied, “When they saw the World tree, perhaps they thought that this would be the chance for them to transcend.”

“Alas! Transcending!” Pan Wang muttered in a complicated feeling, “Even I myself would go on a frenzy if I heard of it, let alone the rest of them.

We have been devouring the universe all this time and our purpose is clear.

Its obvious that they would be able to set up an ambush in advance.

Its just a pity that they dont know what kind of opponent they are facing.

It would all be for naught.”

“Killing seems to be an eternal topic.” Hong Ying lamented, “Within the universe, it would be the feud for interest first, and then the war between races, resulting in endless killing and struggles.

When it comes to the universe outside, whats fought for would be their own life, for transcendence and also for the unwilling heart.”

Jiang Ming was quiet as well.

The Supremes that were hidden and preparing for their ambush had evoked a supreme great formation array that enveloped the three of them in the blink of an eye.

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