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The Black Heaven sect master was a dragon.

He was wearing a set of shiny spiritual armor while he was cultivating.

While he was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a certain direction.

The scales on his body rattled like a rattlesnake.

He felt fear.

To his shock, he felt the blood in his body start to awaken.

It was as if his ancestor had suddenly appeared in front of him!

“How can my blood be resonating like this How is it possible for my ancestor to emerge in this world”

The sect master of the Black Heaven sect immediately stood up.

There was no way this was an illusion.

The blood of his ancestor flowed through his body!

Then, he bowed to a statue.

It was a statue of the Vast Sea Dragon King.

He did not know why he could hear his ancestors voice and even sense signs of his existence.

Could it be that his ancestor had reappeared in this world Could it be that the dragon race was going to rise again

The Black Heaven sect master found it hard to believe.

He kneeled in front of the Vast Sea Dragon King statue and kowtowed repeatedly.

He had heard some rumors about the Vast Sea Dragon King.

These rumors were deemed exaggerated by the outside world, but in fact, there were records of his feats passed down within their family!

These rumors were all true!

The Vast Sea Dragon Kings strength was so terrifying that it had shocked the world back then!

With just a casual wave of his hand, many mountains would disappear into thin air.

He exuded a terrifying aura, and his golden eyes were filled with a sense of majesty.

The moment he laid eyes on his enemies, it was as if he was staring into their souls.

This was the might of the Dragon King.

Soon after, the sect master of the Black Heaven sect looked up at the statue of the Vast Sea Dragon King in astonishment.

“Who is the ancestor fighting”

“Hes activating the dragon blood in his body!”

His tone was filled with disbelief.

From his perspective, his ancestor was the foundation of their dragon race.

He was one of the strongest experts in the entire myriad races.

Who could he possibly be fighting Given his ancestors strength, he should be able to destroy most opponents with just his Dao aura.

The statue of the Vast Sea Dragon King changed.

The patterns on the scales of the statue glowed with golden light.

This was evidence that the Vast Sea Dragon King was fighting; the golden light represented the activation of his dragon blood!

Then, the Black Heaven sect master kowtowed again.

“Ancestor, you will definitely defeat him, even if this opponent is an unfathomable existence to me!”

The Black Heaven sect was the strongest force in this region, and the population of myriad races that received protection within the Black Heaven sect had reached ten million.

The fact that the Black Heaven sect was able to oversee and shelter ten million people proved just how strong they were.

As the sect master, he was also quite powerful in his own right.

However, his ancestor was on a whole different level.

No matter how powerful this unknown expert was, his ancestor would definitely win!

“The dragon race will never yield to any enemy…”

“Because we are dragons!”

The Black Heaven sect master then burned incense to give his ancestor his blessings.

Even though he could not watch the battle personally, he could speculate on what was going on based on the changes happening to the ancestral statue.

The Vast Sea.

The Dragon King floated quietly on the surface of the Vast Sea.

His burly body exuded a threatening aura.

“What an arrogant brat!”

“Youre actually still thinking of fighting me”

“Even though Ive been dead for a long time, my Dao aura is still much stronger than yours.

My fourth-grade Dao aura is leagues ahead of yours,” the dragon king said.

He disdained humans.

From his perspective, the human race was just a weak race that only relied on their ability to reproduce quickly to survive.

Among the myriad races, they were at the bottom of the food chain!

Given those circumstances, you, a member of the human race, dared to challenge a noble dragon.

Where did your confidence come from

Yuchis body was already suffused with a layer of faint blood-colored light.

Compared to the Dragon Kings pure golden light, his blood-red light seemed more reserved, but it was still very terrifying.

Then, a trident appeared in his hand.

Yuchi looked at the trident, and muttered to the surprised Dragon Kinghimself, “Your majesty, Im sure you recognize this trident.

It belonged to your favorite subordinate, the Dragon Palace General.

Its a pity that the trident is already in my hands.

After all, the Dragon Palace General died at my hands.”

As the Dragon Kings eyes were filled with killing intent, Yuchi provoked him further, “You know, he begged me for mercy.

He asked me not to kill him and to resurrect him.

He even wanted a human like me to become his emperor.”


“It was fun watching a noble dragon beg for his life.

I had pity on him and killed him quickly.

I crushed him like the insect he was.

The sound of broken bones and his dying screams were quite pleasant, I must say.”

“Dragon race”


Yuchi bit his lower lip and broke into a wide smile.

“Dragons are just slightly larger dogs!”


He was obviously trying to enrage the Dragon King.

There was no way he would let this opportunity to fight to his hearts content pass him by.

He wanted the Dragon King to come at him with full force.

To do this, he did not mind provoking the pride of the Dragon King, and his insulting the dragon race.

‘The chance of him beating me is 90%, while the chances of me winning is 10%.

‘But if you dont go all out against me, whats the point of this battle

The moment Yuchi finished his last sentence, the Dragon Kings body suddenly moved.

At that moment, the ground quaked and the mountains shook.

Yuchi was hit directly in the chest.

A huge hole appeared in his chest, and his body was immediately sent flying into the Vast Sea!

The Dragon Kings eyes were filled with majesty, and also anger.

He looked down at Yuchi, who was smiling at him from under the sea.

“I will crush your bones one by one.”

“I couldnt ask for more!” Yuchi laughed madly.

He slammed his hands down on the seabed, creating a 100km long trench!

Yuchi jumped out.

The wounds on his body were immediately healed.

The resplendent Hellfire Dance appeared in the sky above the Vast Sea.

The pitch-black sky was set aflame by a fierce fire tornado.

Hail and rain fell, the ground quaked, and lightning flashed amidst the burning tornado.

It was as if the earths elements were revolting!

The air was filled with blood and guts!

This was the joy and sweetness of a real battle!


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