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Chapter 231: Go and watch the fun

Hearing Robb say that he was going to repel the army of the east army, choef Elsie was a little surprised, "Godfather, you… took the initiative… Oh, my God! That’s impossible."

Robb said, "lest they divide into many teams and attack several areas in Westwind Town at the same time.

If so, my tower defense will be very annoying.

After considering it, it will be most convenient for me to take the initiative to attack."

Chief Elsie said with a smile, "Oh, it's out of convenience.

It's really our Godfather."

"And…"Robb said, "Miss Queen spoke to me on the phone last night, and she is ready to send some old masters who know the technology.

But considering that the army of the desert kingdom is still threatening, some old masters still have doubts in their hearts.

They are worried that as soon as they arrive in Westwind Town, the town will be captured by the desert kingdom army, so they will die, so the old masters are a little dissatisfied."

Of course, this is not an era of complete freedom, these old masters have to come even if they do not want to come, as long as the queen ordered, they have to come.

This is even if they die.



Others can be so capricious, but Robb is not.

He does not want these old masters to come to Westwind Town with fear in their hearts, else they will not be able to teach their skills wholeheartedly, always thinking about how to escape.

This also made it necessary for Robb to deal with the East Army of the Desert Kingdom as soon as possible.

Robb smiled and said to Chief Elsie, "I promised not to let you and the Templar Knights out of town, and that promise is still valid, so I can't take you out.

You need to stay and guard the criminals in the prison.

Help me borrow a group of private soldiers from the nobles, the leader of the assassins, Motra, and some of the sharpest prisoners of war in the prison.

I'll show them how I fight.


Chief Elsie immediately understood, "Kill the chicken to scare the monkey to make the monkey behave."

It's really easy to talk to this guy.

He's flexible and helps saves a lot of saliva.

Robb smiled and said, "those noble who want to stop by and watch the hustle and bustle can also be more confident buying more property here, so that they don’t return to their previous place."



Chief Elsie understood, "the lower official will send someone to inform the nobles immediately!"

He turned and left, and two little policemen waiting outside the chapel immediately greeted him.

Chief Elsie said a few words in the ears of the two little policemen, and one ran to the prison, while the other ran to the second phase of the Wangjiang district project to inform the nobles.

Robb turned to Suofa and said with a smile, "you have to follow."

From Robb's unscrupulous attitude, she could see that Robb was not afraid of the ten thousand troops at all, and he even sent someone to watch the hustle and bustle.

Her body trembled slightly.

Was it anger No! it’s fear!



"Well, don't look so aggrieved." Robb said with a smile, "if I say I won't do anything to them, Iwon't do anything to them.

I'm not a bloodthirsty killer.

You go to prepare some small snacks, such as peanuts, melon seeds, potato chips, Coca-Cola, and so on.

Thirty-miles is quite far, so you have to prepare snacks in advance.


Suofa dived into the kitchen blankly.

Robb called Lillian again, "go and ask the carpenters to bring my rubber tire carriage."

When Number 8 came to Westwind Town along with the group of dark church members, they also brought dozens of good horses, all of which were sold to the people of the town in exchange for a sum of money.

Robb bought a few horses at that time, but he never had a chance to use them.

Later, after making rubber, he asked the carpenters to make a wooden wheelchair with rubber, and then made a carriage with rubber tires, and the horses he bought could be used to pull it.

These horses never had a chance to come in handy.

They ate meals for a long time, but they were idle fodder.

Now, finally, it was their turn to glow for Robb.

Soon, a townsman came to Robb's carriage and stopped at the chapel door, "Godfather, are you going to travel Please allow me to be your coachman!"

Robb said with a smile, "there's going to be a war, are you afraid"

"War" The townspeople were overjoyed, "Please take me to see the war."

Of course, he was very happy to do something for Godfather, and he would be even happier to watch the war.

When he comes back from the war, he could even become a hot topic among the townspeople.

In this world, only the townspeople of Westwind Town have such an attitude when they talk about war.

Ordinary people in other places are scared half to death when they hear about the war.

Robb climbed into the carriage with a smile, and the interior of the carriage was luxuriously decorated, for Robb was more honorable than God in the eyes of the townspeople of Westwind Town, so the townspeople who made the carriage for him did not cut corners at all.

The carriage used the finest birch, and all the details were perfect.

The wide space in the carriage and the thick skins on the floor were sent by the hunters, and although they did not want the money, Robb forcibly gave them a large sum of money, so the hunters made a good profit.

Money is of no use in Robb's hands, so it is more useful to give it to the townspeople to invigorate the economy.

Suofa, with an obvious expression of worry on her face, followed the car and placed the snacks she had just prepared on the small table in the carriage.

Then she continued to sit gloomily in the corner of the carriage, holding her knees in her hands and putting her chin on her knees.

After the carriage stood at the chapel door for a while, Chief Elsie came over with several reform-through-labor prisoners, including Motra, the assassin leader, and several fierce-looking criminals who were not easy to work with.

As soon as Suofa saw their leader, she poked her head out of the carriage and shouted, "Captain!"

The assassin leader was put on a third-gear ceiling fan last night.

He finally recovered and then insulted Chief Elsie.

As a result, he was given the fourth-gear by the prison guards.

As a result, he has not yet recovered.

Hearing the sound, he looked up and looked at Suofa with the eyes of @.


He was shocked all over and said, "You… how are you alive”

Suofa said with a bitter face, "I have been resurrected."

Assassin leader: "……"

The first thing that came to his mind was not that Suofa had been saved, but that her resurrection isn’t for got matters, but could only be used to satisfy Robb’s perverted desires.

Poor child, I’m afraid you were subjected to something miserable last night.

Worse than death.

The two looked at each other from a distance of several meters, with an unspeakable sense of sadness in their eyes.

Then Robb's face suddenly stood between them and smiled and said, "what are you doing A bitter drama Don’t do that here! Get up!"


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