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Chapter 2544: Destroying a formation eyeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

But the battle situation was tense now, so the Imperial Void Celestial King did not give it much thought.

He merely charged forwards strongly.

This was a small world that was created with the majestic might of a Celestial King, but the area it covered was not the slightest bit small.

They traveled for three days, and still had not reached the end.

Judging by the situation of the skies, the whole small world was like a cake that had been cut into nine slices.

It was large on the outside, but small on the inside, and the nine areas were gathered in one place.

And the group were advancing towards this central area.

“There are still about two day left to travel,” everyone said, panting.

Though the end was within sight, the light figures were really too numerous, so every step forwards for them had to be taken through endless slaughter, and their speed naturally slowed down to the extreme.

They did not say anything to cheer themselves on.

If Celestial Kings and supreme monarch stars did not even have this little bit of determination, what right would they have to walk to this step And how could they talk of becoming a Heavenly Venerate

Every single one of them was gritting their teeth as they forged on.

Two days later, they had finally charged to the end of this area, the center of this whole world.

There was a stone tablet here, and was covered with complex veined patterns.

“We rub our blood on it, and it can unravel this formation,” Liu Yufei said.

Dripping blood again

A thought suddenly arose in Ling Hans mind.

Because in the last section of the Celestial Path, it was also said that a great opportunity that had never appeared in eras would be appearing.

And in the end Countless Celestial Kings had died, yet the result was the creation of a monster like Heavenborn.

Would this be a trap as well

What being that was qualified to break through to the Heavenly Venerable Tier was not a supreme anti-hero How could it be that he had not left a way out for himself

Both Ji Wuming and Huo Furong had the same expression.

They were both people who had experienced that battle.

But Xiao Yingxiong and the others did not have this kind of wariness.

They stepped up and rubbed blood onto the stone tablet respectively, causing a majestic light to burst from this stone tablet.

“Still not enough.

Every single person has to drip some blood, just like opening the great doors,” Liu Yufei urged.

Though Ling Han, the Empress, Ji Wuming, and the others were reluctant, the pressure was really too heavy now, so they had no other choice.

Otherwise, they could only retreat out of this place.

They slit open a finger each, and rubbed their blood on the tablet.

The stone tablet became brighter and brighter, and when lastly the Empress also rubbed blood on it, an incredibly brilliant pillar of light instantly burst into the skies.

And at the same moment, all the light figures disappeared, as if they had never existed.

Everyone sighed in relief.

With the continuous battle, they were all filled with weariness.

They all sat down for a rest, trying to recover to their prime condition as quickly as possible.

Though the Imperial Void Celestial King was the vanguard, Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were too strong.

He and the large black dog were the first to recover.

Then, he took out the Ancient Bell of Qian, and studied it endlessly.

His expression changed drastically.

That was because the Ancient Bell of Qian seemed to have sustained massive damage.

He could clearly feel that the might of the Divine Metal was no longer as majestic as before.

Whats going on

A thought came to the Imperial Void Celestial King, and he suddenly set his eyes on Ling Han.

He instinctively thought that this had to be linked to Ling Han because the Celestial Tool that the latter possessed was forged from Devouring Metal.

He immediately stood up, and shouted at Ling Han, “Was it you!”

Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings would do as they willed, and there was no need for any reservations.

Ling Han dug a finger in his ear, and ignored him.

“Imperial Void, this is Grandpa Dogs little brother.

You can talk to Grandpa Dog about anything.” The large black dog immediately jumped out.

At this time, only he could stand against the Imperial Void Celestial King.

The Imperial Void Celestial King instinctively wanted to flip out, yet suddenly suppressed his anger.

The priority now was to obtain the United Origin Manifestation Fruit.

If he could become a Heavenly Venerate, everything else could be given up.

Though it was still uncertain, they were sure that the remaining eight areas would need everyones fresh blood to activate the stone tablet.

Hence, this was not the time to become hostile.

Being able to become a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, the Imperial Void Celestial King naturally had no lack of patience.

He sat back down, appearing very calm, relaxed, and completely unconcerned.

“Can we directly go to the next area from here”

If they walked from here, the end of the two areas next to them were only 5 km away, which was extremely near.

They were just about to walk to either side, but they had not walked too far when they saw the light from the stone tablet suddenly dim, and the light figures reappeared.


They took a few steps backwards, and the stone tablet lit up again.

The light figures disappeared once more.

This… Could it be that they could not leave

But if they did not leave, how were they supposed to activate the formation eyes of the other eight areas

Everyone looked towards Liu Yufei.

Liu Yufei said, “Every stone tablet needs a living person to stand guard, and maintain its power.

And we cannot take any shortcuts.

With what the Celestial King He Feng has laid out, we have to circle in from outside.”

This power naturally was not absolutely effective.

It was certain that a Heavenly Venerate would definitely be able to break through this power, but was there any need for a Heavenly Venerate to come here

There werent any Heavenly Venerates among them.

Thus, they had to leave one of their group here.

Who then

“I need to act as guide, and the two Ninth Heaven Seniors are responsible for opening the path ahead.

Thus, the three of us have to walk to the end,” Liu Yufei continued.

“Ill stay behind,” Liu Hao said.

When the nine formation eyes were all activated, the doors that would lead directly to the center would open, and it was there that the United Origin Manifestation Fruit, as well as the insights of cultivation that belonged to Celestial King He Feng, were located.

Thus, staying here was not a loss.

Moreover, he would be able to preserve his strength.

Liu Hao stayed behind.

He sat beside the stone tablet, and everyone tried to leave again.

As expected, though they had walked a very far distance away, the stone tablet was still emanating that sky-high pillar of light.

There was no sign that it was going to dim.

Liu Yufei had not been wrong in this, at least.

Ling Han and the others tried to directly walk into the two areas beside them from here, but it could not be done.

It looked like they could pass through directly, but there was an invisible wall that separated them, and even the Imperial Void Celestial King and the large black dog could not barge through.

This was power that surpassed the Celestial King Tier, but this did not disappoint them.

Instead, they were filled with even more anticipation.

…The stronger Celestial King He Feng was, the more valuable the things he left behind would be.

They walked out of this area.

Because there were no light figures stopping them, the speed of their progress increased.

Around an hour later, they had left this area.

Now, they had two options.

Should they enter into the area on the left or on the right

“Well go clockwise,” Liu Yufei said.

Everyone obeyed.

To say the least, she had already proven that her knowledge of the situation here far surpassed that of the others.

Of course, there was not a single person that would fully trust Liu Yufei.

One couldnt be unguarded with others, what more when both sides could not be considered to be on close terms at all.

They traveled in a clockwise direction, and entered into the second area.

This place was filled with haze, with hurricanes raging.

It could be clearly seen with the naked eye that multiple whirlpools were spinning wildly, while there were seals flickering in their centers.

“Lets go.”

They set foot inside.Hu, a gust of wind blasted towards them.

Aside from the Imperial Void Celestial King and the large black dog, all the others were sent flying, being blasted backwards.

Peng, peng, peng, they were thrown all over the ground.

The Imperial Void Celestial King and the large black dog had both erected a shield of light around them, and it was clashing intensely with the hurricane.

They both seemed very calm.

Everyone entered into this area once more.

This time, they were channeling Regulations, facing off against the hurricane winds.

This time, it was really everyone displaying their unique battle prowess.

It was the easiest for Celestial Kings that were proficient in Regulations of Earth as they could directly make themselves incredibly heavy, so the hurricane winds could not blow them away, but those that cultivated other Regulations could not do the same.

They could only stimulate their Regulations to face off against the hurricane winds.

This undoubtedly would exhaust their Source Power faster, but there was nothing else that could be done about it.

They advanced strongly.

Thankfully, though the hurricane winds here were astonishingly huge, there were no ambushes laid by creatures like the light figures.

Otherwise, it would really be a seriously difficult situation.

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