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In Li Yuanqings mystic realm, Liu Wen and the other two knelt in a row in front of him.

Little Man and Hu Jiujiu stood on either side of Li Yuanqing and looked at the three young people below with emotion.

“When these three little fellows first came, they were not as tall as my waist.

In the blink of an eye, they have already grown so big.”

Hu Jiujiu looked at the three children and inexplicably realized that she had been in charge of the entire Ping City for so long.

Little Mans eyes were filled with pride as she smiled and said, “The three of them are big shots who can take care of themselves now.

Theyre not children anymore.”

“Thats right.

Sister taught them well.”

Liu Wen looked down at Li Yuanqings feet.

He felt that the atmosphere here was strange today.

It was a little different from usual.

His master had not spoken for a long time today.

He did not know why his master had brought the three of them here.

The altar slowly flew out of Liu Wens body and landed on the ground as a half-grown child.

Little Dot took out a few treasures from the storage bag in his arms and stuffed them into his mouth.

“The three of you have achieved a lot in the past year.

You didnt waste your time outside.”

Hearing Li Yuanqings words, the three little fellows hurriedly said in unison, “We wont let Master down!”

“Good! You are all future pillars of the human race in the Catacombs.

By cultivating wholeheartedly, not only is it for your immortal path, but it is also for the entire human race.”

As Li Yuanqing spoke, he helped the three children up.

The three of them carefully looked at Li Yuanqing with puzzled eyes.

“Master,” Liu Wen said timidly.

“Why do I feel that theres something wrong with you Are you going to chase us away”

“How could that be”

“Then why did you say this to us”

Li Yuanqing did not answer his question.

Instead, he waved his hand and took out the Devil Crystal Platform that had fallen into Yun Tians hand.

“Do you remember this thing”

“This is a devil crystal platform that Master carefully refined with the devil crystals of millions of devils.

This thing is extremely powerful.”

Li Yuanqing held the Devil Crystal Platform in one hand and slowly swept his gaze across the three of them.

“Originally, this Devil Crystal Platform was given to the winner of the array formation competition.

However, such a mistake happened in the middle and only the three of you are left.

Who do you think is suitable to give this to”

The excitement in Liu Wens eyes slowly extinguished.

He slowly lowered his head and said, “This thing is too powerful.

It should be given to those stronger array masters.

Our strength is not enough to control it.”

Yang Tianqi also shouted, “Master, it was purely an accident that the three of us could win.

This devil crystal platform is such a precious item, it should be handed over to someone more mature and stable.

There are many elders in the association who are more suitable.”

Hu Qian had never said anything.

She just stood beside Yang Tianqi obediently and did not express her opinion.

Li Yuanqing looked at the Devil Crystal Platform in his hand and slowly said to the three of them, “This Devil Crystal Platform is an extraordinary responsibility.

Its owner must bear the important mission of protecting the human race.

Do you think you can do it”

“Master…” Yang Tianqi said anxiously,” If this matter gets out, Im afraid you will have a reputation of being protective.

If you really want Sister Little Man to pass down the position of State Preceptor, you should give the Devil Crystal Platform and the position of State Preceptor to the First Elder! ”

Hu Jiujiu said from the side, “The First Elder is already old and is more willing to help young people.

He must hope that you can take the initiative to bear such a heavy responsibility.”

“But Sister Little Jiu, our attainments in array formations are still too shallow.

We dont have the ability to take this position at all.”

“Its not up to you to decide whether you have the ability or not.

Master has already arranged it for you.”

“I already have a candidate in my heart.

I hope that the three of you can work together as sincerely as you did today to protect the human race.”

Li Yuanqing slowly threw the devil crystal platform into the sky.

The small black platform disappeared in a flash.

“The results will naturally be revealed after the support of the meeting tomorrow.

At that time, he will be the next State Preceptor.

You cant refuse!”

Since their master had already said so much, the three of them had no reason to decline.

Li Yuanqing took out three white jade boxes.

They landed in front of the three of them.

“This is also a special reward for the three of you.

Your attainments in array formations have increased, but your cultivation progress is not fast.

Take the pills inside now.”

Liu Wen slowly opened the white jade box.

There was a pure white pill lying quietly inside.

As soon as the box was opened, a very strong medicinal fragrance immediately emitted from it.

The extremely pure spiritual energy also assaulted his face.

Just by inhaling it, he could feel a refreshing fragrance.

It was as if his entire divine sense had been penetrated.

The three of them looked at the pill in their hands in surprise.

It was obvious that this was an extremely precious item.

Li Yuanqing was also very happy to see the surprise of the three of them.

“Your cultivation level was too weak previously, so Ive never used those precious items on you.

Do you have any hatred for me”

The three of them could be considered Li Yuanqings direct disciples.

Although they had consumed enough resources, Little Dot and Spirit Child

Those two fellows treated natural treasures as spirit stones every day and never stopped.

In comparison, Liu Wen and the other two seemed to have been picked up from some river.

Yang Tianqi said righteously, “Master has done us a great favor.

I wont dare to complain!”

Li Yuanqing patted Yang Tianqis shoulder and said, “Dont hide your thoughts from me.

I know very well what youre thinking.”

Liu Wen pursed his lips and muttered softly, “Master always feeds so many treasures to Little Dot and Spirit Child.

How can I not be envious at all”

“Thats right.” Li Yuanqing took out a key and placed it in Yang Tianqis hand.

“This is the key to the entrance of an array formation.

Only this key can open it.

I left a lot of treasures in that mystic realm.

However, although there are many treasures, you have to be careful when using them.”

Yang Tianqi held the key and looked at Li Yuanqing at a loss.

“Master, what are you doing”

“Dont ask too much.

Youre a little older and more stable than the two of them.

Im at ease leaving these treasures to you.”

“Thank you for your trust, Master!”

“Hurry up and eat this White Jade Pill.

We still have things to do tomorrow.”

The next morning, many people gathered in the wide square in the center of Ping City.

In the middle occupied two large circles.

They were people from the Formation Masters Association.

They were the main characters of this meeting because Little Man had already announced yesterday that todays meeting was mainly to announce the candidate for the next State Preceptor.

One had to know that the State Preceptor had a different meaning in the Formation Masters Association of Ping City.

Although the current ruler of the Formation Masters Association was the Elder Council and the person in charge was the First Elder, the true center of power and authority was still the State Preceptor.

The State Preceptor was the founder of the entire Formation Masters Association.

All of them worshiped Little Man very much.

Little Man was also the array master of the entire continent and the person they admired the most.

But who knew that Little Man, who was at her peak, would suddenly announce her abdication

This shocked many people.

Many of them had rushed back from the furthest corner of the continent to witness this scene with their own eyes.

Now, they still had some fantasies.

“The State Preceptor must be joking.

Now is the time for the Formation Masters Association to flourish.

How can the State Preceptor abdicate so easily There must be a misunderstanding.”

“I think so too.

The State Preceptor should be talking about nurturing the next generation.

She shouldnt give up this position so easily.”

Someone else said, “But the State Preceptor personally said yesterday that she wants to hand over the control of the Ping Citys Great City Protection Formation.

This is an extraordinary matter.

Isnt the control of the Ping Citys Great City Protection Formation a symbol of the State Preceptors power”


As soon as these words were said, those people were immediately speechless.

They had some fantasies at first, but if Little Man really wanted to hand over the control of the Great City Protection Formation, there would probably not be so many fantasies.

“What should we do”

“What exactly happened”

“Why is the State Preceptor taking things so hard No, we must stop this from happening.

No matter what, the State Preceptor cant leave!”

After thinking about it, these array masters still surrounded the seven elders.

They surrounded the elders in the middle.

These elders were also in a terrible fix.

“First Elder, you have to think of a way.

Go and persuade the State Preceptor.

No matter what, we cant let the State Preceptor leave us behind.”

“First Elder, you have the best ideas.

Havent you heard anything about sight Why did the State Preceptor have such an idea”

“Thats right.

What if the State Preceptor insists on leaving in this situation”

Liu Tianchi also had a headache.

Originally, he had no intention of competing for any ranking in the array master competition yesterday.

That was what young people had to do.

However, what was difficult for him to accept was that he was eliminated in that way.

He did not even notice it.

In this world, only Little Man could do this.

But why did the State Preceptor treat him like this

Liu Tianchi could not understand.

He did not know what had happened at the competition yesterday.

In addition, Little Man had announced that she wanted to hand over the control of the city protection array.

It made people wonder if she had any plans.

“Everyone, everyone, dont be noisy.

I think the State Preceptor must have her own arrangements.

Everyone, lets wait for the State Preceptor to say it herself.”

Although Liu Tianchi still had many guesses, he still had to believe Little Mans character.

“First Elder, no matter what, you cant just watch as the State Preceptor abdicates.”

“What are you saying If the State Preceptor insists on abdicating, what can the First Elder do”

“Thats true.”

Their Elder Council might seem to exist, but their strength was actually much inferior to Little Man.

No one could influence Little Mans thoughts.

“There were only those three brats left yesterday.

Those three brats have a deep relationship with the State Preceptor.

Could they be the next successor of the State Preceptor That would be strange.”

“How is that possible The State Preceptor is definitely not that kind of person.”

“Its hard to say.

You have to know that our current achievements are all thanks to the State Preceptors strength.

However, we dont even know where the State Preceptor came from.”

“How can you speculate about the State Preceptor like that”

“So what Do you know where they came from Or maybe the State Preceptor isnt from the catacombs at all”

Hearing his words, the others also became suspicious.

Indeed, no one knew Little Mans background.

Just like how no one knew where the legendary Sword Immortal came from and why the Catacombs world could become a paradise for humans in such a short period of time.

Moreover, Little Man was a true demon.

Hu Jiujiu and her, the two key figures, were both demons.

This made many people furious.

At this time, such speculations were naturally very rampant and slowly became lively.

“Shut up! Ive already said that no matter what, we have to wait for the State Preceptor to give the final answer.

Dont speculate!”

Liu Tianchi suddenly berated them loudly.

Although his voice was not especially loud, it clearly reached everyones ears, suppressing their noisy guesses.

Their gazes were all focused on Liu Tianchi.

At this moment, a golden staircase suddenly appeared in the sky.

At first, there was only one step.

Towards the end, the steps gradually extended into the sky.

There were thousands of steps higher.

The long golden staircase slowly extended below and landed in the center of the square.

In a large area shrouded in clouds above, a sparkling golden palace was faintly discernible.

These array masters stood there in shock, silently looking at the steps that gradually extended to their feet.

At this moment, no one dared to move.

They stood there silently.

In the end, the steps landed in the middle and the commotion in the square gradually calmed down.

Their gazes landed on Liu Tianchi.

Liu Tianchi took a deep breath and slowly walked to the front of the steps.

He bowed deeply to the Heavenly Palace respectfully.


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