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Rean immediately tried to avoid the question.

It just means my technique to try and hide our Dark Element didn\'t work as I expected.

Roan nodded in response.

Seems like so.

Following that, he answered Clanti\'s threat.

As for your Huopis Clan, since when would I care about that Or so I wanted to say...

well, I admit I don\'t want any trouble with your Huopis Clan.

I heard about their power around this region.

Clanti sighed in relief after that.

It\'s good that you know your place.

Now, go back from where you came. If Rean and Roan were weaker than him, he would have attacked already.

It was quite unfortunate for him that he was the weak one, so he only wanted to see Rean and Roan as far away as possible.

Rean shook his head, though.

Before that, how about you help me with a map My friend and I just arrived in this region, so we would like to know a bit more about this place.

It won\'t be a problem, will it

Clanti narrowed his eyes in response but still did as Rean asked.

Here, take it. Immediately, a jade slip flew in the twins\' direction, quickly being caught by Rean.

This will show you the main locations of my Huopis Clan.

Rean smiled in response.



Suddenly, Rean\'s body disappeared as he activated his Light bending skill once again.

Before Clanti could do anything, Rean had already appeared on the devils\' side, slashing with his sword.

\'Death Style, Second Form, Crescent Moon!\'

A wave of black and white light came out of his Black Star, cutting Clanti and the four devils in half! Rean\'s Crescent Moon even had Spatial Power behind it, so how could Clanti and the others do anything The only one who survived it was Thael, and that was only because he was further away.

The fact that he had attacked that humanoid race member first was what saved his life.

You... Clanti couldn\'t believe his eyes.

He truly didn\'t expect that someone would attack him inside his Huopis Clan\'s territory.

However, Clanti wasn\'t dead.

Dark energy spread from out his devil core, connecting with the other side that had just been slashed in half.

At the same time, a huge burst of Dark Element and Divine Energy came out of his body.

But above all, Rean could feel the power of the soul more than anything else.

\'Last Soul Sacrifice!\'

All the souls that Clanti had kept for cultivation were used in an instant, swiftly increasing his strength.

Even his injuries seemed to disappear as the two parts of the body reconnected.

Oh! That\'s unexpected. Rean was obviously surprised by that, getting a firsthand look at the huge healing power of the souls in a devil\'s body.

Of course, Clanti didn\'t stay there while Rean admired it, though.

He activated his movement skill and immediately tried to flee.

He used a large portion of the souls\' power just to recover, so he didn\'t have that much to use in battle.

Besides, Clanti didn\'t think he would win even if his body was fine from the start.

Thael was another one who didn\'t stay still.

Before Clanti had even finished recovering, he also used his movement skill, trying to escape.

It\'s just that he didn\'t have any souls left to help increase his strength.

He just hoped Rean and Roan would pay more attention to Clanti than him.

As for what would happen with Clanti He couldn\'t care less.

Unfortunately for him, Roan had seen it coming way earlier.

\'Death Style, Shadow Bind!\'

Dark vines spread out from the shadows, including Thael\'s.

Unfortunately, it didn\'t work.

The vines were made of Dark Element, so they seemed to lose quite a lot of their power when they held Thael.

\'So devils have a higher resistance against Dark Element, huh Well, that\'s to be expected.

It seems like even physical things created with Dark Element have their effects reduced when using them against a devil.\'

Roan just faintly smiled as his body also flashed away.

On the other side, Rean didn\'t let Clanti run that easily.

Spatial Power gathered around the guy, reducing his speed several times.

Rean and Roan\'s Spatial Powers were much higher than anyone at their level.

By now, even Space Bending Realm enemies would have a hard time fighting against the twins.

They were already in the Late Stage of the Void Tempering Realm, after all.

All of Clanti\'s souls didn\'t help at all.

Stop! I\'m the son of Elder Gack Huopis! You and whatever power is behind you will not escape the consequences of killing me! Seeing that even the use of his gathered souls didn\'t help, he could only threaten Rean with his status.

Is that so Rean felt like laughing after hearing that.

Unfortunately for you, I have no idea who this guy is.

\'Death Style, Third Form, Three Claws of the Dragon!\'

This time, Rean didn\'t use Dark Element, only Light.

He wanted to see if the exclusion of the Dark Element would help against a devil\'s power.


Sure enough, when used alone, Light Element had a huge effect on Clanti\'s power.

With that, Clanti\'s body was once again cut, this time in three different parts.

The energy of the souls tried to connect them together, but Rean\'s Light Element acted like how Roan\'s Dark Element acted on other races.

It rampaged all throughout Clanti\'s body, eating away on his life force while destroying everything else.

\'To think my Light Element would have the same effect as Roan\'s Dark Element on a devil.

That\'s good to know.\'

\'Death Style, First Form, Stelar Piercer!\'

With that, Rean aimed straight at Clanti\'s devil core.

A ray of light pierced through it, making the core shatter almost instantly.




Surprisingly, Rean was able to see all the souls that Clanti hadn\'t consumed yet escape from his core.

Not only that, the Dark Element around them dissipated as a result of Rean\'s Light Element.

\'So the souls that devils gather are contaminated by Dark Element as well...\'

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