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Davis\'s eyes narrowed as he looked at the sudden aggressor.

He noticed the emblem that disciples wore and instantly recognized that the other party was only an inner disciple.

With a stroke of the heavy broadsword, a tremendous pressure descended on him, locking him in place.

An extraordinary surge of wind energy surged from the sharp edge, slicing through the land as it crashed toward him.


An angered voice sounded from a distance, but it was already too late as the wind blade created by the heavy broadsword landed on Davis.


With a loud sound, the wind blade suddenly split apart into two and crashed into the ground while the other half soared into the air.

The white-robed man who attacked Davis was shocked.

He saw Davis stand still like a statue, not even making a move.

It was unknown how his attack was blocked.

However, he quickly clenched his teeth and shot towards him, his arm pulling back as he clenched the heavy broadsword with both his hands and slashed down on Davis.

The edge of the heavy broadsword was about to crack Davis\'s skull in two when suddenly, a dark tail emerged from nowhere and struck the broadsword.


It was like metal striking metal, but the resulting impact caused the sword to be flung and the white-robed man to be sent flying with blood spraying from his mouth.

Just as he pulled himself back and stood in mid-air with balance, a layer of light blinded him as a few swords abruptly pointed toward his neck, causing him to stop in place.

You attacked a fellow disciple with killing intent.

Obediently surrender.

You will be punished according to the rules.

Blazing undulations revolved around the white-robed man as he looked at three law enforcement disciples having cornered him into a dead end where he had no choice but to stop his actions or receive grave injuries, perhaps even death.

But despite the consequences, he couldn\'t help but glare at Davis with intense hatred before he opened his mouth.

What is this nonsense! How can our sect accept a calamitous and vile Divergent like him! Because of him, my village is dead.

Because the Aurora Cloud Gate accepted him, one of its regions got hit with a spacequake!

He lashed, pointing at Davis while his arm and neck were bleeding as they brushed with the swords.

The law enforcement disciples frowned but still didn\'t take their swords away, holding him down.

One of them used a backhand to the side of his neck to sever his senses and overwhelm his soul together, causing his eyes to tremble before he abruptly raised his head and screamed out loud.

I want justice!


Wind energy exploded from his body, sending the law enforcement disciples away from him.

It was only a few instants before they recovered from his sudden burst of energy and attacked.

They reached out with their swords towards him, but he had already slipped through their encirclement, arriving before Davis as he slashed down with his hand.

A sudden gale enveloped Davis, trying to lock him down again while his aggressor\'s hand shaped into a sword forced down on him.


But just as before, a dark tail abruptly emerged from nowhere and struck him down, causing him to be buried inside the ground as he carved a crater.

This time, everyone else was clearly able to see a dark tail disappear into thin air as a layer of darkness covered it.

The strange thing was that it was rather… small, making them unable to understand if they had seen a tail or a whip made out of that ominous energy that gave them the shivers.

The law enforcement disciples suspiciously looked at Davis, afraid to come near him as they stopped at a distance.

Davis\'s cold sapphire eyes were condescendingly looking down on the white-robed man before him who was unable to do anything.

He took a few steps and arrived before him, squatting down as he reached out his hand and grabbed the other party\'s hair, lifting him up.


Who sent you to die

Looking at the bruised face of his aggressor, Davis coldly asked.

Not only was the aggressor\'s face bruised and bleeding, but his right arm also seemed to have completely disappeared, blood flowing out from his severed arm in copious amounts.

However, he still raised his head and looked at Davis with immense hatred gleaming in his eyes.

Drop dead, you vile being.

Vile Davis lightly smiled, How so

Don\'t play dumb.

It\'s only because of you that a spacequake swallowed my village on the eastern outskirts of the Aurora Cloud Gate Domain.

My father… mother… my little sister… everyone whom I ever loved died because of you! You calamitous bastard!

Blood churned out from his mouth as he spoke with difficulty.

There even were some pieces of organs flowing down his mouth along with his blood that it could be seen that his innards were also smashed by Nadia\'s dark tail.


Suddenly, a voice yelled out with a bit of anger as someone descended beside them.

Davis narrowed his brows at the newcomer, seeing that it was an Immortal King.

However, he also bore the law enforcement emblem on his shoulder.

This youthful square-faced man had a heavy frown on his face as he glanced at him before his gaze fell on the white-robed aggressor.

Spacequakes, although not entirely rare, are indeed rare to encounter.

It is a phenomenon that swallows space and ejects everything in it into the void storm.

Although I\'m apologetic that you went through such horror, you can\'t blame it on some person.

It\'s not just some person! It\'s a Divergent! Wherever they go, they bring calamity along with them, and this is just the start!

The white-robed youth screamed atop his lungs as he glared at Davis while the law enforcement\'s Immortal King appeared stumped, unable to give a suitable response.

He had his hands stretched out, simply disallowing the aggressor from being able to move even though he was heavily injured.

Davis watched the white-robed youth\'s face churn with hatred before he let go of his hair.

He stood up, glaring at him for a few seconds before he walked past him.

Wait… don\'t go.

Either you live, or I die… come back here…!

The white-robed man turned around as he crawled but was quickly held down by the law enforcement people.

Davis stopped, turning to look back, I did indeed pass through the eastern side of the Aurora Cloud Gate, so I can\'t say for sure that I\'m entirely innocent, but until you bring proof that I was the one responsible for your people\'s death, don\'t bother me.

Otherwise, you\'ll just be falsely accusing me, which is worse than being a Divergent.

The white-robed youth\'s body trembled, but he still glared at Davis as though he wouldn\'t forgive him.

Davis gave him a good look before he turned to look at that Immortal King who came to his rescue.

Let him go.

What You want to let him go

You can\'t

That Immortal King appeared flabbergasted before he shook his head, I mean, as long as the one who was attacked states that they didn\'t find the aggressive action to be offensive, we are legally bound to release the aggressor.

Then let him go.

Davis shrugged, causing both the Immortal King and the white-robed inner disciple to be stunned.

Wait… look at him. The Immortal King law enforcement person waved his hand, He\'ll just attack you again.

Clearly, he\'s not in a good state of mind.

That\'s the point.

The next time he attacks, well… there simply won\'t be a next time for him.

I\'m pretty sure accidentally killing a fellow disciple in the name of self-defense is allowed, right

Davis cast a cold smirk at them before his expression turned indifferent.

He didn\'t wait for an answer.

Turning around, he continued to walk into the core region of the mission distribution island.

On the other hand, the people watching him felt their hearts turn cold.

His words told them that he wasn\'t kidding at all, but that was not the point, as they felt his killing intent cover them into a cold bottomless abyss.

It was so cold and sharp, as though numerous saws were cutting down on them, causing their instincts to react in a way as though they dreaded him.

The recipient of that killing intent, the white-robed young man, also shivered, seemingly just understanding what he had done for the first time.

In the airspace above them, a brown-robed person was watching the spectacle with curious eyes.

But at this moment, two more figures appeared beside him.

They wore a white robe and a blue robe, appearing to possess no undulations.

Don\'t you think you went too far


Disguising yourself and whispering around that the spacequake might be caused by that Divergent Davis Alstreim to that young disciple over there Just what are you thinking

The two of them turned to look at the brown-robed man, their expressions curious, just like him.

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