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Chapter 1041: When is the TimeTranslator: Lonelytree

Xiao Lingyun gave Xiao Lingyu a thumbs up and praised, “President Xiao, youre really smart! Hehe, even if we close all the stores in the country, our products are still sold out.

Although the cost has increased, the profit has doubled!”

Xiao Lingyu said humbly, “Alright, well keep it to ourselves.

Manager Xiao, did you come in to tell me about this”

Xiao Lingyun nodded and shook her head.

“…” Xiao Lingyu immediately said seriously, “Manager Xiao, what do you want to report about”

Xiao Lingyun thought for a moment and asked, “YuEr, the news about you on the internet has been increasing.

If this continues, our company might really close down.”

She paused for a moment and observed Xiao Lingyus expression before continuing, “Xinxin told me that you told the public relations department to leave this matter alone.

Naturally, someone will take over.

That person is brother-in-law.

However, it has been so long.

Why hasnt brother-in-law made a move yet

“If this continues, your reputation will be completely ruined.

Not only are the people in the company worried, but our family members are also very worried.”

Ever since the incident, although the family members did not ask Xiao Lingyu about it, Xiao Lingyu could obviously feel the concern in their expressions and eyes.

After all, because of the rumors on the internet targeting her, some impulsive people had barged into Taoyuan village to cause trouble.

It was definitely very worrying.

Xiao Lingyu could only comfort her family members and say that it was fine and that she would handle it.

However, if it were just the Royal Forest Group, she would definitely deal with it quickly and easily.

However, the problem was that it involved a large family in the capital.

This was not something that she could handle.

After Xiao Lingyu heard this, she sighed and said, “I know about this.

You dont have to worry.

Tianhao will definitely take care of it.

Its just that its not the right time yet!”

“Then when is the right time Are you really going to wait until your reputation is ruined” Xiao Lingyun said with a serious expression, “Is it really like what some people on the Internet said, that Gong Tianhao is waiting for a chance, a chance to abandon his wife and child Does he really want to get back together with his so-called first love”

These questions had always been Xiao Lingyuns concern and also the concern of the Xiao family.

Elder Gong had spoken, and Gong Tianhao would definitely not do such a thing.

If he really did such a beast-like thing, he would definitely personally break his legs and chase him out.

He would only acknowledge Xiao Lingyu as his granddaughter-in-law.

However, after such a long time, Gong Tianhaos indifference made the Xiao family really worried.

However, these worries could only be expressed in places that Xiao Lingyu could not see.

Xiao Lingyu heard Xiao Lingyuns question and said with a helpless smile, “YunEr, youre thinking too much.

Things arent what you think.

Weng Jingjing isnt Tianhaos first love either.

Its just that now isnt the right time yet.”

However, this time, Xiao Lingyun did not give up and asked, “Not the right time Then when is the right time You have to give us a clear answer, right Otherwise, well all be worried.”

Xiao Lingyu smiled helplessly and said, “Alright, I will ask Tianhao tonight!”

Hearing Weng Jingjings sudden question, Leng Piaoxue was stunned.

Then, she shook her head and said, “I dont know!”

“I dont know either!” Weng Jingjing said strangely, “Why would they suddenly call us and ask us to stop the plan They were the ones who proposed the plan in the beginning.

What happened”

At this moment, Leng Piaoxue also felt strange.

She asked in confusion, “Thats right.

Why did Royal Forest Group suddenly stop the plan Did something really happen”

Weng Jingjing said hesitantly, “Piaoxue, why dont we ask”

She always felt that things were not that simple.

She felt that it was better to ask more clearly and feel more at ease.

At this moment, Leng Piaoxue also felt that something was not right.

She thought for a moment and said, “Alright, Ill make a call and ask.”

Following that, she made a call.

After the call was connected, she asked directly, “Why did you want us to stop the plan”

However, she did not know what the other party answered.

Leng Piaoxues expression immediately turned ugly.

She asked angrily, “You dont know If you dont know, then why do you want us to stop the plan Youre playing me like a monkey, arent you

“Alright, since you dont know, then let your superiors give me a call to explain this matter.

If you dont explain clearly, Ill tell you, dont even think about making me stop the plan!”

After saying this, without waiting for the other partys reaction, she hung up the phone.

However, the anger on Leng Piaoxues face still hadnt subsided!

She said angrily, “They really treat us like puppets.

When we want, they pick us up with strings.”

Seeing that Leng Piaoxue was so angry, Weng Jingjing comforted her, “Piaoxue, calm down.

Dont be angry! This is not good for your health! I think there must be a reason why they want us to stop the plan.

“Now, we just need to wait for them to give us an explanation.

Why are you so angry To put it bluntly, we dont have a cooperative relationship with the Royal Forest group.

In fact, our relationship is just a relationship where we use each other.

This isnt something that they can stop just because they say so.

Were not that easy to use either.”

Leng Piaoxue nodded and said, “Thats right!”

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