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Then Shao Yunan hesitated for a moment.

“I have never given birth to a child, but I know that the body needs to be well adjusted before carrying a child, otherwise it’s easy to miscarry.

It’s a kind of slippery topic, but if the mother’s body is cold, it’s also not easy to conceive.

The Empress has been injured before and I don’t know if his body was well adjusted before he got pregnant.”

Shao Yunan was glad that he had experienced the process of his sister-in-law giving birth, otherwise he would not know this.

But when he thought that the Empress was a man, he still shivered in his heart, unable to accept it! Eunuch An immediately said, “The Empress’ body has not been well after several injuries.

The Empress was also poisoned once and had a hard time after becoming pregnant.” Speaking of this, Eunuch An looked sad.

Shao Yunan thought about it and said, “I will make some Guyuan paste for the Empress to eat.

If the Empress feels better after eating it, I will make some more and send it over to Brother Kangchen.” Eunuch An’s expression changed immediately.

“Guyuan paste” Shao Yunan said, “It’s a kind of paste that is made from sesame, walnut, red dates, acacia, and white wine to strengthen the elements in the body.” Eunuch An immediately said, “Then write down this recipe and if the Empress feels better we will ask the imperial doctor to make more.”

Shao Yunan said, “Yes.

But this  Guyuan paste might sound easy to make, but the dosage has to be adjusted according to the body condition of the person taking it.

If the patient’s heart is cold, it needs to have more arming ingredients, and if necessary wolfberry and honey should be added.

The main thing is that the acacia for this Guyuan paste should be soaked in white wine for at least ten days before it can be made into a paste.

The white wine is also not the same kind as the one sold outside, but my own brew since the grains I use are different.” 

“I only brewed one small jar, which I originally intended for Nizi to use when she grows up.

In addition, there are also requirements for the water, the mountain spring water in our Xiushui village is sweet and clear.

So I am worried that there would be a difference in the efficacy of the Guyuan paste made in the palace and my own.”

Eunuch An happily said, “No harm.

If the imperial doctors’ do not work well, we will just come back to you.

Why don’t we wait until the paste is ready before returning to the capital, so we will let Kangchen take it together with the tea and wine.” Shao Yunan said, “As  long as it is arranged by Lord An, it’s fine.

I will go and prepare.” Eunuch An said expectantly, “I’ll be grateful to little brother Shao.

I hope it will be effective for the Empress.”

The reason why Shao Yunan took this job was because of the Emperor’s relationship with the Empress.

Secondly, because it was the Empress who was in charge of the business, if the Empress had any health problems or accidents, who knew what would happen if someone else was in charge.

Also this Guyuan paste was just a cover and the things put to real use would be spiritual spring water and spiritual milk.

As for the white wine brewed for Nizi, it was even more nonsense. 

There are several good white wines in his space, all of which he brewed himself with spiritual water, so he could take them outside at will.

There was also white wine in the Great State of Yan, but it was mostly used for medicinal purposes, because it has to be made from grain.

Its production was also small and the taste was not pure enough.

The good thing was that there was gelatin here, so Shao Yunan didn’t need to find more excuses. 

Under the cover of taking ingredients, Shao Yunan went into his space to find white wine, rock candy, honey, wolfberry, and red dates.

There were also walnuts and black sesame seeds outside the space.

Pouring a small jar of white wine and putting acacia in it to soak, Shao Yunan took the recipe for the Guyuan paste and handed it to Eunuch An, telling him that it was enough to eat one or two tablespoon a day and if there was any discomfort, it should no longer be eaten.

It also could be eaten not only by the Empress but also by the Emperor to supplement his body.

Shao Yunan also said straight away that he would make some for Eunuch An as well, who accepted it with a smile.

Eunuch An temporarily changed his itinerary and on the second day, Jiang Kangchen brought eight carriages to take away all of Shao Yunan’s stored wine and tea.

He would directly bring it by ship to the capital without stopping, while Jiang Kangning personally sent his brother on board and Eunuch An stayed at the Wang Residence for the time being.

Since that day, Old Lady Wang has been very quiet.

She originally wanted to find the opportunity for Jiang Kangning to get together with Wang Chunxiu.

But let’s not even mention finding the opportunity, that night after Jiang Kangning returned to the county Yamen, he never went back to the house, while there were two distinguished guests at the new house, so even Wang Chunxiu was not bold enough to knock at their door. 

Eunuch An stayed at the Wang residence, eating good food.

Although there was no longer good wine and tea to drink, Shao Yunan cooking and those things called dessert made him linger.

If the desert making was not so complicated, Eunuch An would definitely want to open a serious dessert store.

The twenty dessert recipes given by Shao Yunan were all very simple desserts that could be served with jam. 

Their new house had a big oven and since Shao Yunan had nothing to do now, the children asked him every day about making new desserts to eat.

The desserts the two children ate every day were not the same and Madam and Elder Cen were also interested in them.

The two children would bring a dessert every day they went to see them, so even Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan also had a mouthful.

After soaking the acacia for ten days, Shao Yunan began to make the Guyuan paste.

The black sesame seeds, walnuts, cinnamon, and wolfberries all needed to be dried and ground into powder, while the soaked acacia should be boiled together with white wine, cooked until soft, and then added to the above mentioned powder.

Honey and a little rock sugar then needed to be added, as you stirred it.

In modern times, a blender would be used to mix all the powders, but since there was no blender here, he could only use the ancient method.

Shao Yunan liked to make desserts and his sister-in-law pulled him to play when she made her own Guyuan paste at home, so Shao Yunan knew both the ancient and modern methods of making it.

However, the recipe he gave to Eunuch An did not include sugar, which was not available at this time.

Of course, the essence of this Guyuan paste he made lay in the spiritual spring water and spiritual milk.

It was cold and there was an ice cellar in the palace, so Shao Yunan made a few more and filled four jars, including the one for Eunuch An.

He also did a simple preservative treatment so that the Emperor and the Empress could even eat it until March of the following year.

Shao Yunan also instructed Eunuch An to eat it until April at the latest and if he was not finished at that time, he should no longer eat it since it would no longer be fresh. 

The day after Shao Yunan made the Guyuan paste, Eunuch An left for the capital.

It could be seen that he was very anxious.

After seeing off Lord An, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were completely relieved.

They were not discriminating against eunuchs, but Eunuch An’s status was that of noble after all, so while living with him at home, they always needed to be a bit formal.

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi usually also did not dare to come forward, so when eating they didn’t dare to extend their chopsticks.

There were no human rights in ancient times and Shao Yunan did not dare to make fun of his own life, even if he had a modern soul.

If you were not careful, you could be killed at any time. 

Just as Eunuch An left, Jiang Kangning came.

Jiang Kangning came to Shao Yunan very relaxed and as soon as he came Shao Yunan asked, “Brother, what’s the situation in the capital” Jiang Kangning showed a relaxed smile and said, “My brother will come to talk to you about this matter.” Shao Yunan took a look at his smiling face and immediately smiled along.

“Big Brother, sit down and talk.

I’ll make you tea.” Jiang Kangning raised his eyebrows, “You still have tea” Shao Yunan snorted, “There’s always a little bit left.”

“Oh, you.

I really have a little craving.

I’m not going to hide it from you.

The tea you left for this brother was all taken away by Big Brother.”

“Ah” Jiang Kangning helplessly said, “Eldest Brother said that the tea and wine you gave me were worth thousands of taels of silver.

Now was an important time to earn money, so even the Emperor and Master Weng had to share half of their tea and wine each.” Shao Yunan stuttered, “The Emperor is really short on money.”

Jiang Kangning sighed, “There’s even less money than you think.

Have you made your Guyuan paste” Shao Yunan said, “Yes.

Just yesterday.

Lord An left today, did you see him off” Jiang Kangning said, “I personally went to drop him off and then come to you.” After a pause, he said, “Do you have any more of that white wine”


Does Big Brother want some Guyuan paste”

“Mm.” Sadness surfaced on Jiang Kangning’s face, so Shao Yunan hurriedly asked, “Big brother, what happened” Jiang Kangning looked at Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, and after a long silence, asked, “Do you know why Big Brother decided to defend you in the county school” Shao Yunan froze and shook his head.

Jiang Kangning then sighed and said, “What happened to you two made me think of my own Elder Brother.”

“Big brother Kangchen” Jiang Kangning was silent for a long time before he slowly spoke.


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