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‘Water Breaking Arrow! Ye Feng thought to himself.

An arrow quietly appeared beside Ye Feng.

With a light wave of his right hand, with aXiu sound, the arrow made of water shot out directly!

The tree opposite the pond was instantly enveloped by a water bomb, and then exploded with a bang!

The tree was directly blasted to the point where not even its roots remained!

Ye Feng was amazed at the power of the [Water Breaking Arrow].

The water droplets that splashed out were still in a flying state and shot out in all directions!

With this tree as the center, the surrounding trees were all blasted into a thousand holes by the water fragments that shot out!

But the power was clearly not as strong as the explosion center.

But this kind of spattering attack made Ye Feng very satisfied.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Ye Feng simultaneously used [Water Binding] and released some of the [Tidal Surge] ability.

Why did he use some and not all After releasing these two skills, the spiritual energy consumption was too great.

After all, [Tidal Surge] was still an AOE skill.

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The spiritual energy consumption was even greater.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not plan to use all of his spiritual energy.

He only used a small portion of his spiritual energy.

After sensing the majestic power, he withdrew his spiritual energy.

‘The water element Slime is indeed powerful! Ye Feng praised in his heart.

Just a subsidiary body of an element Slime was able to give him three water element skills.

This was simply a great bargain!

One had to know that in this world, the power of the elements was the most powerful.

It was not just because the elements were everywhere and inexhaustible.

The most important thing was that the power of the elements was the power of nature.

It was incomparably majestic and vast.

Even now, with the continuous development of the recovery of spiritual energy, all the attributes were derived from the elements.

Therefore, combining all the signs, they all knew the charm of the elements.

That was why there were so many people crazily pursuing the secret texts and secret manuals.

The secret texts were the combination of the powers of the elements!

Ye Feng naturally understood these principles.

He thought to himself,Since [River Spirit] has been raised to the level of [Lord of the Lake], then the control over the water element should also be raised.

What he released just now was a skill.

It was very normal for the skill he had mastered to be improved.

However, Ye Feng still wanted to know if he could still improve his control over the water flow.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng released a little more of the [Water Binding] skill.

Instantly, streams of water appeared on his left arm.

These streams of water grew longer and longer, almost covering Ye Fengs entire body.


As these streams of water appeared, traces of blue light appeared on the surface of Ye Fengs body, as if he was wearing a crystal armor.

This scene was like a magicians transformation spell in a TV series, or a supernatural ability in a sci-fi movie.

At this moment, Ye Feng could already feel that there was an extremely majestic power on his arm.

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He tried to turn around and suddenly threw a punch!


A loud sound was heard.

The rock five meters in front of him directly shattered, and cracks spread all over!

Ye Feng was stunned.

What the h*ll was this

“Holy sh*t! Whats going on How did I suddenly increase such a powerful strength Could this be the effect of the water element” Ye Feng widened his eyes.

The power of the water element was indeed terrifying.

Such a punch was comparable to the full-strength attack of a C expert!

However, Ye Feng did not stop.

Pa da!

Ye Fengs legs lightly kicked, and his body instantly soared into the air.

His right leg fiercely kicked at a towering tree.

With a crack, the entire towering tree was uprooted.

Following that, Ye Fengs body retreated and with a wave of his hand, several [Water Breaking Arrows] condensed once again.

Like an eagle, they spiraled down in the air and ruthlessly smashed towards the pond.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The instant the pond was hit, it exploded with a bang!

The effect of the [Water Breaking Arrow] had already reached its limit and could no longer be improved.

However, Ye Feng was still not satisfied.

He used his skill again, and an even more majestic wave spread out in all directions, covering the entire ground.

This kind of attack was enough to destroy a tall building!

Excitement appeared on Ye Fengs face.

‘Haha, I didnt expect to be so powerful after being upgraded to the [Lord of the Lake]!

The [Water Breaking Arrow] could not only burst out the power of the water element, but also burst out a stream of water, causing the opponent to fall into the range of the water elements attack.

However, the power of the water elements attack was limited, and could only deal with ordinary enemies.

If he encountered a high-level expert, then there would be no effect.

However, Ye Feng believed that the power he could unleash now was enough to kill a low-level expert!

All of this originated from the water element Slime.

If he had not awakened the water element Slime, Ye Feng would not have been able to achieve this step!

“Looks like I need to continue improving!” Ye Feng muttered.

Then, he began to study the water element again.

The water element power was the purest and the elemental power that was the easiest to learn.

“Rise!” Ye Feng shouted softly.

As he shouted softly, the water element power began to circulate rapidly.

This power was like a magnet, allowing him to control the nearby water flow.

Not long after, the water flow turned into a water pillar, rushing down from the sky!

A huge water pillar pierced straight into the clouds, looking very spectacular!

Ye Feng looked at his masterpiece, feeling quite proud in his heart.

This water pillar was precisely the control he used to control the water flow with the power of the [Lord of the Lake]!

The water pillar slowly disappeared, and Ye Feng also withdrew his spiritual energy.

“The control of the water flow has become more skillful, and the increase in control is quite obvious!” Ye Feng analyzed.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “But there is another factor that will limit my ability.

That is, every time I release a water elemental skill, there must be water that can be mobilized by the side!”

Ye Feng naturally knew this.

But their freshmen assessment was the Water Training Hall.

There was practically water everywhere.

Ye Feng did not need to worry about this kind of prerequisite.

Furthermore, even if he left this training hall, if he encountered a battle outside, his [Spirit Exploding Shark] could summon the water domain!

However, he had not tested its power.

Firstly, he did not want to expose his ability too much.

Not only in front of the Murlocs or the contestants, but more importantly, he was being broadcasted live.

Even if there was no one around him, the audience watching the live broadcast would definitely know.

Moreover, his combat strength fluctuated so widely that it was difficult not to attract the attention of the audience.

Moreover, Ye Fengs bracelet could see the number of people that was watching the live broadcast.

As for the power of the [Spirit Exploding Shark], he would naturally be able to verify it when the time came!

After Ye Feng finished testing his combat strength, he was also prepared to leave.

What he did not know was that not far away, countless pairs of eyes were staring in this direction.

Those were the Murlocs who were cleaning the battlefield nearby.

Seeing this scene, they thought that a miracle had happened again.

They all stopped what they were doing and began to pray.

“Look, theres a fight over there again!” One of the Murlocs was the first to realize that something was wrong over there.

There were rumbling sounds and a lot of mist rose up, as if something earth-shaking had happened over there.

As soon as it finished speaking, a huge water column suddenly rushed out, further confirming its idea.

For a moment, countless pairs of eyes looked over.

They were all shocked by this scene.

It was just a small fight, but such a water column soaring into the sky was incredible!

“Nonsense! The battle has been finished by the Wuhu King.

Even if there are still survivors, we have cleaned them up,” a dignified old man with a crutch berated.

“According to the evolution of history, every time something important happens to the Murloc tribe, a miracle will appear.

This is Gods favor to the Murloc tribe, and also the blessing of our ancestors!”

As it spoke, the elder-level Murloc began to pray and knelt down in the direction of the water pillar.

When everyone saw that the elder was all like this, they, who were initially hesitant, now completely believed it.

They also kneeled on the ground and made a gesture of worship.

“Thank you, Prophet, for your grace.

God bless our tribe, and we will prosper!!!”

“Thank you, Prophet, for your grace.

God bless our tribe, and we will prosper!!!”



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