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Under the nourishment of this power, Ye Feng had gradually relaxed.

Now, he almost did not need to do anything to recover.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Feng was called to participate in the Murloc tribes grand victory banquet.

The banquet had long been prepared and everyone was waiting for Ye Feng to take his seat.

Ye Feng arrived at the scene and walked to the perfect round table carved out of clam shells in the middle.

He took a look at the dishes on it.

It was still the original recipe! It was still the original taste!

Sashimi, sashimi, sashimi…

They were all raw.

Moreover, they were not small.

After experiencing the recovery of spiritual energy, even a creature the size of a flea could grow to the size of an elephant.

One could imagine the countless plates of fish fillets in front of him.

Ye Feng sat down and picked up a wine cup made of conch.

“Everyone, eat.

Dont stand on ceremony.”

“Thank you, Wuhu King! Haha… Come…” Everyone laughed and then raised their wine cups and drank it all in one go.

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As everyone started to eat and drink, Ye Feng secretly cursed in his heart.

These d*mn b*stards.

These things did not even have a bit of chili oil or pepper powder.

How was he supposed to eat this!

His appetite wasnt like those burly men who could directly chew and swallow these sashimi.

This thing was too difficult to digest.

He could only use his hands to tear off a piece and put it into his mouth to slowly chew.

“Wuhu King, this is fresh.

It was just fished out!” At this time, Joseph, who was beside him, noticed Ye Fengs strange behavior and respectfully reminded him.

“Oh, okay…” Hearing this, Ye Feng simply took a small bite and put a piece of fish meat into his mouth.

But at this moment, Ye Feng suddenly stopped chewing and his face turned pale.

“Forget it…” Ye Feng spat it out and said that he was not hungry.

Seeing this, everyone laughed, saying that Ye Feng not only had strong combat ability, but also saved food.

He was really heaven-defying!

Ye Feng was speechless.


The events that happened in the past few days reverberated like an action movie.

As for why these two tribes had been in conflict for so many years, Ye Feng could be considered to have understood.

In fact, earlier on, in the murals of the Murloc Palace, Ye Feng had also seen some clues.

But in the end, to fully understand the history of the two tribes, Ye Feng had to go back through the historical scenes in the Sea Stone Trident.

Only then did Ye Feng completely understand the grudges between these two tribes.

The Murlocs of these two tribes originally had the same ancestor.

However, it was impossible to stop their descendants from turning against each other.

It was mainly due to the competition for resources and the unfair distribution of resources.

This was the root of the problem.

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Ye Feng understood it now.

Although the Water Training Hall was very large and the resources were widely distributed, the Murlocs only lived in the river region.

The river area was actually not small, but that was only the case for Ye Feng.

However, such a huge tribe of the Murlocs did not think so.

It was precisely because of the lack of resources that the tribe was constantly in conflict until it split into two factions.

One faction was a radical faction that advocated the survival of the fittest.

They believed that the strong should be King and whoever was stronger should have more resources.

The other faction was a moderate faction that advocated the distribution of resources according to work.

Those who were capable would do more work, and everyone would enjoy equal treatment.

Then, the two factions showed that they were constantly at odds with each other.

Later on, it became more and more intense until the two factions formed their own troops.

In the end, the war of words turned into a battle of cold weapons.

As time passed, they split into two large tribes, the current [Waterfall Clan] and the [Swamp Clan].

Later on, the gentle [Waterfall Clan] continued to obtain great victories and occupied the original foundation of the Murloc tribe, which was the Murloc Palace.

As a result, the [Swamp Clan] was forced to move to the swamp to survive.

The entire river region was occupied by the [Waterfall Clan].

Only the previous King of the [Waterfall Clan] was strong enough to directly expel the [Swamp Clan].

As for the two large tribes, their development was evenly matched.

After countless battles, they had already reached a certain balance.

The two tribes used their own ideals to govern their tribes, and their respective development was prosperous.

However, this was in the early stages, and time would always prove everything.

In the middle and later stages, the [Swamp Clan] discovered that their resources were always insufficient.

The strong were stronger, and they would always take most of the resources for themselves, while the weak could only survive in the cracks.

Basically, 80% of the resources were in the hands of the strong.

This led to a one-sided situation.

Compared to the flourishing scene of the [Waterfall Clan], they were very angry.

Moreover, the two tribes each had their own divine weapons.

The two components of the Sea Stone Trident, the [Harpoon] and [Long Staff], were collected by the two tribes.

This was also a turning point for everything, and it was also an opportunity that everyone was waiting for.

If any tribe could find a candidate who could use a divine weapon first, then that tribe would definitely become the final victor.

And the [Swamp Clan] had produced a genius-like figure, Fitz.

Not only could it use the [Long Staff], its cultivation level was also extremely high!

It was precisely because of its powerful ability that it was conferred the title of King by the [Swamp Clan].

It enjoyed the highest treatment of resources, but its extravagance had also indirectly drained the vitality of the [Swamp Clan].

However, Fitz was not satisfied with all of this.

After power reached its peak, desire would also become extremely crazy.

Therefore, the war between the two tribes was actually on the verge of breaking out, and the turning point of the whole matter was Ye Feng.

If Ye Feng did not appear, the [Waterfall Clan] would definitely be destroyed in the end.

Whether in terms of combat strength or combat readiness, the [Waterfall Clan] was weaker than the [Swamp Clan].

The [Swamp Clan], where the strong ruled, was destined for the weak to be unable to survive.

And those who could survive would only be the strong.

Hence, a great battle broke out.

Although the battle had ended and the Murloc tribe had been united once again, the problem they had to face in the ancient times had returned to the present.

That was that the resources in the river region were simply unable to satisfy the survival of the Murloc tribe!

After Ye Feng understood the situation, he stood up and looked at everyone.

When the subordinates saw Ye Feng stand up, they immediately stopped swallowing.

“In these few years, the resources in the river region have already been completely exhausted.

If we dont think of a way, Im afraid our race will walk towards extinction.” Ye Fengs words spread throughout the entire hall.

Although he did not say much, it was very powerful and pierced through their hearts.

They would definitely encounter a problem if they didnt have enough resources.

Even if they had enough for now, it was only a matter of time before they ran out of resources.

“The King is right.

The most important thing now is to find new resource points!”

“I agree with the Kings point of view.

I heard that there are sea creatures appearing in the southeast direction.”

“I heard it too, but I suspect that those sea creatures are not coming for us.”

“Who cares what the reason is Lets kill them first!”

The people below discussed animatedly.

Ye Feng was a little surprised when he heard the new term.

He thought to himself,There are actually sea creatures in this place!


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