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After who knows how long, Ye Feng saw a huge cut-off point in front of him, and even further ahead, there was an endless horizon!

“D*mn! This is a waterfall!!” Ye Fengs expression was filled with unspeakable bitterness, and when he looked over, he already had a regretful expression.

He did not know why he came here, but he had been riding the boat down the river.

He did not know how long it had been before he appeared here.

Along the way, he had been paying attention to the updated points rankings on his bracelet.

First place: Ye Feng, 360 points.

Second place: Huang Haoyu, 344 points.

Third place: Su Fei, 328 points.

Fourth place: Chen Hao, 290 points.

Fifth place: Chen Xuanming, 278 points…

Ye Feng realized that everyones points had increased, but Chen Haos points had always stopped at 290 points.

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Ye Feng did not know the exact reason, but it did not matter now.

What Ye Feng needed to think about now was that he was about to fall into this super waterfall!

Ye Feng instantly released his perception, and a huge aura blasted out waves of ripples.

The sound waves continued to probe forward.

“This place… is so high!” Ye Feng could not help but exclaim.

The information brought back by his perception was undoubtedly the most accurate.

This was an extremely huge super waterfall, as if it was a boundary drawn out from midair.

On one side of the waterfall was the River Region that Ye Feng was in, while on the other side was a brand new region.

As for what region, Ye Feng was still unclear.

His perception could not be released that far.

The closer he was to the boundary of the waterfall, the more Ye Feng could see the scenery on that side.

It was an extremely beautiful scene.

The setting sun gradually set, emitting the golden sunset, decorating a large area around it with incomparable beauty.

“Its actually a lake!” Ye Feng was alarmed.

His current vision had finally captured the scenery over there.

At first glance, it had attracted Ye Fengs entire soul.

What a beautiful scene!

But his intuition told him that on the other side of the waterfall was a new world, and it was also a place he had never been to before.

Ye Feng was very looking forward to it, but he was also very worried about how he would go down.

The small boat he was on was also traveling faster and faster.

If he jumped down now, he would also be swept down by the torrent.

Just as Ye Feng was thinking, his center of gravity suddenly became unstable.

Shua! The entire small boat suddenly fell down, and he was swept up by the torrent!

This super waterfall was hundreds of times bigger than the waterfall in front of the Murloc Palace!

The height of such a huge waterfall was also very terrifying.

Ye Feng, who was falling rapidly, was still very calm even though his vision was blurred due to the high speed of the fall and the impact of the current.

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“If I dont stop the rapid descent, it will definitely hit the surface of the water.

Im afraid I wont be able to save my life at this height!” Ye Fengs perception gave him very accurate information.

At this moment, he also thought of a countermeasure.

Without the systems deduction, Ye Feng was very confident.

‘At this height, even if I freely fall, it will take me more than ten minutes.

I can completely use the skill of [Ultimate Spiderweb] to make a large parachute! Ye Feng thought to himself.

Moreover, his spider silk was completely made of Slime mucus.

Its lightness was even lighter than real spider silk.

Such an idea was obviously worth a try!

‘Ultimate Spiderweb! Ye Feng thought.

Countless spiderwebs instantly shot out around his body, forming a huge encirclement net.

Under Ye Fengs control, this encirclement net hung in front and behind the small boat, turning into a huge parachute!

Thus, a very strange scene appeared.

A small boat was slowly descending from this super waterfall!

When the audience saw this scene, they were also amused.

“Haha, God Ye Feng really knows how to amuse me.

He actually thought of such a method.

As expected of him!”

“Fortunately, its God Feng.

If it were anyone else, they would have been crushed to pieces by this waterfall that is over 10,000 meters tall!”

“God Feng is still amazing.

He can even release spider silk.

I really dont know what other skills he has that we dont know!”

“Really awesome.

Who still remembers what God Yes symbiotic body is Why havent we seen him use his own symbiotic bodys skills!”


At the same time, on one side of this huge lake, a few pairs of eyes were looking in a certain direction in puzzlement.

Looking at their attire and equipment, some of them had very good equipment.

Big bones were shaved into large machetes, and they were dressed in animal skin clothes.

There were also some who had all their items made of metal.

It was obvious that they had gone to search for treasure chests and obtained some equipment rewards.

There were also some who were dressed the same as when they first landed and had nothing in their hands.

This meant that this person had yet to participate in the assessment and had been struggling to survive.

As a result, they had not obtained anything.

With such uneven equipment, it was obvious that they had formed a temporary team.

“F*ck! Brothers, look! Isnt there something flying down from the waterfall!” The person with tattered clothes saw that something was wrong and shouted on the spot.

Everyone looked in the direction that person was pointing at.

They saw a white object getting closer and closer…

“F*ck, isnt this just a bird! Making a fuss over nothing, so its troublesome to form a team with someone who hasnt seen the world… F*ck, whats that!!!”

“Where, where! F*ck, thats a ship! A ship that fell from the sky!!”

As he spoke, Ye Feng steered the ship and landed on the surface of the lake.

The calm surface of the lake was suddenly stirred up

This was an extremely large lake.

Ye Feng looked around.

Other than silence, it was very quiet.

There did not seem to be any creatures here.

Although the surface of the lake was very large, the place where Ye Feng landed was not far from the land.

“Could this be the area of the lake” Ye Feng muttered.

He glanced at the map on his wristband and confirmed that this was the area of the lake.

The area of the lake was very large, but the surface of the lake was very quiet.

This meant that the creatures in this area were basically all underwater creatures.

Ye Feng looked at the calm surface of the lake and felt that there was an undercurrent surging underneath.

At the place where Ye Feng descended, he found many small boats.

Some of them had been broken and their wreckage floated on the surface of the water.

Some of them were even charred, and some of them sank directly.

These should be contestants who had already been to this place.

Seeing the degree of damage, Ye Feng found it hard to imagine what had happened here.

“Could it be that they also came down from above!” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

No matter what, seeing such a tragic state, if nothing unexpected happened, those people would have already died.

Ye Feng rowed the small boat forward, pushing aside the wreckage as he slowly left this area.

The people in the distance were immediately shocked when they saw Ye Fengs sudden appearance.

The woman with the bow and arrow was the first to speak.

“Lets hide first.

I keep feeling that that guy is not someone to be trifled with!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Although it was a very lucky thing to meet a human in the Water Training Hall, the entire training hall was extremely grand.

Moreover, the humans that appeared in it looked like students.

As long as they were young… Basically, they could determine whether the other party was a participant or not.

And the first thing they saw was the bracelet on Ye Fengs wrist.

They were even more certain that Ye Feng was a participant.

However, one of the rules of the assessment made them somewhat fearful.

That was, they could cause harm to their companions!

They were worried that if Ye Feng was a powerhouse and attacked them to snatch their points, then it would basically be a dead end!

“I think Feng Lan is right.

It would be fine if he is an ordinary person, but if he is an expert, it would be tantamount to courting death if we go out without understanding the other partys intentions!” The blonde-haired blue-eyed man in a suit glanced at the archer woman.

His expression was grave as he spoke.

He thought for a moment.

Then, he continued to analyze, “To be able to descend from a height of 10,000 meters without being injured at all, I dont think we need to judge how strong he is! However, since he is a contestant, judging from his momentum, his ranking will definitely not be low!”



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