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“Brother Gang! That brat has already entered that fellows territory.

Were just waiting for the show to begin!!” Li Sans eyes were fixed in front of him, staring in Ye Fengs direction.

After learning of Ye Fengs actions, he immediately reported to Liang Gang.

Ye Fengs location was at the center of the lake.

The entire lake region was incomparably large.

Being able to see the target at the edge was already considered not bad.

If one could see the center of the lake region from the shore, then it was probably not something that a normal person would be able to do.

However, because Li Sans symbiote was a fly, his vision was the best in the entire team.

Hence, the teams reconnaissance mission was basically left to him.

Moreover, he would never let anyone down.

“En, I got it.

We are preparing to move.

When you see that guy appear, we will act immediately! When that guy falls, I will have the opportunity to act.

As long as we lure it to the shore, we will have a chance!” Liang Gang nodded.

“Brother Gang, dont worry,” Li San patted his chest and promised.

Li Sans confidence came from the symbiote, the fly.

In the shared vision of the symbiote, everything was clear.

Even the smallest creature could not escape the eyes of flies, let alone a human

Moreover, the sense of smell of the fly was very strong.

In this area of the lake, the flies could be said to be everywhere.

“Alright, lets start the operation!!!”

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Then, Liang Gang, Carter, Feng Lan, and the others followed the original route back and left immediately.


Inside the area at the center of the lake.

Ye Feng was still intoxicated in the dreamlike fairyland.

The colors emitted from this place were simply too pleasing to the eye.

The environment here was extremely beautiful.

The air was clear and moist, making people intoxicated.

Moreover, the surroundings were filled with the rich aura emitted by the Sea Soul Grass, making people unable to stop smelling it.

This made Ye Feng feel very comfortable.

‘There are so many Sea Soul Grass.

Its not too much for me to swallow some! Ye Feng beamed with joy.

With a wave of his hand, dozens of Slime subsidiary bodies were thrown out and pounced toward the Sea Soul Grass in a wisp of smoke.

As countless Slimes fell into the lake like raindrops, a series of sounds were produced.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

As the Slimes collided, the lake water stirred up waves of ripples.

For a moment, the entire surface of the lake began to boil.

In the middle of the lake, there were even billowing waves of heat, like a pot that had been boiled.

“Haha! Awesome! This is really awesome!” At this moment, a system notification suddenly sounded in Ye Fengs mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, for devouring the Sea Soul Grass! You have obtained a large amount of spiritual power enhancement!]

[Ding! Due to the higher quality of the Sea Soul Grass you obtained in this area, you have obtained the Sea Soul Grass characteristic: Strengthened Body Resistance!]

Ye Fengs eyes lit up, and he immediately checked his own attributes.

[Ye Feng ]

[Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime]

[Body Size: 50%]

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[Subsidiary Bodies: 70]

[Attributes: Strength 380, Agility 430, Vitality 600, Spirit 760, Resistance 100]

[Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk, Viscosity, Sharpness, Water Element (Lord of the Lake)]

[Sequences: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Analysis]

[Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Ultimate Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leaders Oppression, Ultimate Spiderweb, Sharp Blade, Starfire Meditation, Exploding Spirit Shark]

[Water Element Ability: Water Breaking Arrow, Water Binding, Tidal Surge]

[Evolution Progress: 85%]

[Current Level: C]

“As expected of the Sea Soul Grass!” Ye Fengs face was full of excitement.

Although he did not know what resistance was, it was definitely not bad.

Moreover, this was the first time Ye Feng had seen such an attribute.

[Ding! Resistance is the hosts immunity to external damage!] The system immediately replied.

‘Oh Theres such a thing! Ye Feng was extremely excited.

This was definitely good news.

After all, Ye Feng now had an invulnerability and a strong constitution.

As long as this resistance existed, then not to mention guns, even if a missile hit him, Ye Feng would still be safe and sound.

Moreover, as the resistance increased, Ye Feng could also be immune to even more damage!

This ability could be said to be excellent.

Although this kind of resistance was not omnipotent, for Ye Feng, it was enough!

This attribute was absolutely heaven-defying!

Ye Feng tasted the sweetness and immediately summoned more Slime subsidiary bodies.

They crazily rushed toward the surrounding Sea Soul Grass and began to devour it!

Ye Feng stood at the side and quietly admired it.

He did not intervene.

He believed that this group of Slimes could eat all of these Sea Soul Grass.

After all, their bodies were not small.

Even if they ate all of the Sea Soul Grass in the lake, it would be enough.

However, there was so many Sea Soul Grass that it would be impossible to devour all of them.

Even if he could summon 100 Slimes at the same time, it would still take him ten days and ten nights.

Only then would it be possible to devour all of the Sea Soul Grass in this area!

Ye Feng did not have that much time to stay here.

He still had more things to do.

Moreover, he was not sure what kind of creatures were around here.

If there was a water creature hiding at the bottom of the lake and suddenly attacked him, then it wouldnt be fun anymore!

Now, Ye Feng was only doing his best to devour.

Although the devouring process and actions didnt need Ye Feng to do, he wasnt idle either.

He fully released his senses.

He couldnt see the shore in all directions.

Ye Feng kept feeling that something was wrong with this lake.

Every region had its own dangers and opportunities.

However, Ye Feng did not find any creatures when he came here.

Logically speaking, it should not be like this.

Even if there were fewer creatures, he would still see one or two!

Ye Feng did not see anything.

Moreover, his perception range was limited, so he could not find any traces of any creatures.

There were also 20 water element Slime subsidiary bodies that he had released previously.

He used them to explore the map, but until now, he had not found anything.

‘I keep feeling that there is some kind of great danger approaching… Ye Feng was a little uneasy, but he could not tell where he was feeling uneasy.

This place was really too quiet…

It was so quiet that it was too terrifying!

“Eh!” Suddenly, Ye Feng was surprised to find that the originally calm surface of the lake suddenly stirred up waves.

Just as Ye Feng was puzzled, his perception suddenly caught onto something!


At this moment, a deafening beast roar was suddenly heard, and the sound wave directly attacked Ye Feng.

This beast roar seemed to be the roar of a giant beast from ancient times.

Hearing this voice, Ye Fengs face immediately became extremely serious.

He could feel this terrifying energy and couldnt help but frown.

‘Could there really be a great danger approaching me Ye Fengs heart was somewhat uneasy.

A huge sharp claw suddenly drilled out from the depths of the lake.

In an instant, it grabbed a Slime subsidiary body and directly crushed it!

This sharp claw was thick, like a dinosaur beast.

Ye Feng even suspected that this could only come from some kind of fish, or a monster that lived underwater!

But Ye Feng immediately reacted.

This was not the claw of a fish or an animal, but the claw of a real beast!

“F*ck!! This, f*ck…”

Ye Feng was shocked.

He did not expect that such a beast was hiding at the bottom of the lake! This claw was a few meters long and covered in scales.

It looked very sturdy!

Was this a dragon!

This was the first time such a situation had occurred.

After all, in this lake, other than the Sea Soul Grass, no other large-scale creature had appeared.

But Ye Feng also knew that this creature was definitely not simple.

Ye Feng immediately dodged to the side.

The fierce beast had yet to appear, so Ye Feng did not dare to make any rash movements.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder rumbled!

A huge figure that was more than ten meters long suddenly jumped out of the lake, and the entire surface of the lake instantly became extremely turbulent.

This scene was not inferior to the sudden storm on the surface of the sea!

Ye Fengs perception instantly caught it, and he also clearly saw the other partys identity!

In the heavy mist, Ye Feng saw a body that was more than ten meters long, like a water snake, continuously twisting and twisting.

Moreover, wings grew on its back, and it could freely fly in the air!

Two long antennae grew on the head of the giant beast.

Its body was also very huge.

Scales flickered all over its body, and its eyes were also very large, emitting a terrifying light.

The aura of this giant beast was very fierce, and the aura it emitted was very terrifying.

Its cultivation seemed to have reached B grade!

‘What is this thing Ye Feng was puzzled.


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