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Such a majestic aura and the spiritual energy contained within it were also sensed by Ye Feng.

Its cultivation level was also at the level of a super expert of the human race!

Generally speaking, creatures at this level already possessed the intelligence of humans and possessed the consciousness of humans.

They could freely control their own bodies and were not afraid of any form of attack.

In this way, the attack power of creatures was also very powerful, even reaching the level of human super experts.

Divine beasts, this race was very rare.

Humans had only seen this kind of creature in some ancient records, and now, they actually encountered it again.

‘Could it be the legendary Dragon race Ye Feng guessed.

His imagination was quite rich, but he also knew that this was absolutely impossible.

After all, the Dragon race had long been extinct, and even their bloodline had almost been cut off.

However, under the background of the recovery of spiritual energy, anything was possible.

Perhaps the big secret hidden in it was discovered by Ye Feng!

‘Its actually a Flood Dragon!!! Ye Feng was shocked and immediately urged his spiritual energy, ready to attack at any time.

Ye Feng did not expect that a Flood Dragon would appear at the bottom of this lake.

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After all, Flood Dragons were subspecies of Dragons.

Moreover, most Flood Dragons lived in the water, or they were also called aquatic subspecies.

In China, Flood Dragons were one of the most ferocious wild divine beasts.

Moreover, they were extremely powerful.

This was a subspecies of Dragons.

Even if it was the most inferior subspecies, it was not a level that human symbiotes could compare to.

Moreover, once one was targeted by the Flood Dragon, there was basically only death!

In Ye Fengs knowledge, in human history, there was really no record of humans completely defeating the Dragon race!

Although Ye Fengs strength was not weak, compared to the Flood Dragon, he still did not have much difficulty.

Therefore, Ye Feng had to prepare for the worst and be prepared to escape at any time!


The Flood Dragon roared, bringing with it a monstrous wave.


At this moment, the Flood Dragon turned into a white stream of light and charged directly at Ye Feng.

Its speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, the Flood Dragon had already charged in front of Ye Feng!

In the audience stands, seeing such a scene appear in Ye Fengs live broadcast, everyone was dumbfounded.

They did not even scream out loud.

After all, it was not the first time they saw such an exciting scene in Ye Fengs livestream.

On the contrary, they were not surprised by these scenes at all!

However, there were still quite a number of people who could not control themselves and directly shouted out loud!

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, why is God Fengs livestream so exciting! He just didnt look at it at all, how did he suddenly encounter a… Dragon!!! F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!!!”

“Awesome, this is actually a Flood Dragon! God Feng this time is simply to die, but also in the center of the lake area, Im afraid he is doomed!!!”

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“If he were on land, with God Fengs speed, he could at least run some distance, right He might be able to survive if he met some companions, but hes on the surface of the lake.

Im afraid hes going to die here…”

“Are you stupid This is a Flood Dragon! Its the same on land.

Hell die! Do you think a Flood Dragon is an ordinary creature This is a subspecies of the Dragon race!!!”


In the judges seats, Teacher Andy was seriously watching Ye Fengs live broadcast.

His expression also changed slightly.

This was not a danger that an ordinary person could encounter.

This was a Dragon.

To these old things, it was naturally nothing.

After all, this was only a Flood Dragon and not a true Dragon race!

If it was a true Dragon race, these old things, even Andy, one of the Human Ceilings, would find it difficult to deal with a complete true Dragon.

But this was a Flood Dragon.

It was more than simple enough for them.

But to a newcomer like Ye Feng, that was not a simple matter.

This was a great danger!

After all, they were only freshmen.

Logically speaking, such a difficulty should not appear in their freshmen assessment.

Such a sudden appearance also made their Board of Education somewhat surprised.

“Dean, this… how do we solve this!” Professor Lei was the first to ask.

Ye Feng was his precious student.

If he were to fight here, he would suffer to death.

“Before setting up the training hall, didnt we confirm that the creatures B grade and above were already asleep!” One of the old men was already stunned.

The Flood Dragon that Ye Feng was facing had a cultivation level of B grade!

If it was an ordinary person, they would have long been suppressed to death by the pressure.

However, Ye Fengs foundation was clearly good after all, so he actually did not suffer too much pressure.

This was also what surprised these elders.

“That is indeed the case.

Before the test began, I carried out the last inspection and still confirmed that these creatures are still in a sleeping state…” The elder who was in charge of this inspection spoke with a solemn expression.

When everyone heard what he said, they immediately frowned.

Professor Leis expression was solemn.

He thought for a moment and then said, “Could it be that Ye Feng used an ability that absorbed too much of this Sea Soul Grass and triggered the Flood Dragon underground guarding this place!”

Normally, once a creature of this level entered a deep sleep state, very few things could forcefully wake it up.

It was also precisely because of this that Chinas Symbiote Organization could easily hunt down those sleeping divine beast-level beasts.

However, Ye Fengs current encounter also indicated that Ye Feng had already alerted the Flood Dragon living in the lake.

Fortunately, only this one was triggered.

But no matter what, the difference in strength between Ye Feng and the Flood Dragon was still very huge.

“The appearance of such a creature has already threatened the safety of the students.

Moreover, it does not match the level of their freshmen assessment.

I propose to shorten the time of the freshmen assessment and end it now!” Professor Lei said.

The proposal he mentioned… Also met the requirements of the freshmen assessment.

After all, this was only the freshmen assessment.

A creature far stronger than them had appeared.

If it was not suspended immediately, then the only outcome would be death!

“If we want to suspend it before the standard assessment time, we need the Deans approval…”

Andy heard this and pondered for a moment.

He raised his head and said, “Im more interested to see how Ye Fengs performance will be in such a dangerous situation.”

Andys suggestion received the support of the elders.

They also felt that suspending the freshmen assessment was a little too childs play.

Moreover, the appearance of this Flood Dragon was too strange.

No one knew why it was awakened.

One had to know that if a slumbering Dragon was forcefully awakened, unless it triggered some magical event, it would be awakened by some kind of power that was even stronger than it.

The elders naturally knew that Andy valued talent too.

If Ye Feng was killed just like that, it would be a waste of the future decades of Chinas great genius!

Therefore, even if Ye Fengs life was in danger, everyone felt that Teacher Andy would definitely make a move to save him.

After all, the entire training hall was filled with Teacher Andys air surveillance eyes.

These were not something that could be formed simply by spiritual energy.

These surveillance eyes had a small enchantment set up by Andy on top of each of them.

Moreover, they carried the wind element ability.

If anything happened to Ye Feng, these surveillance eyes would immediately cover Ye Feng.

In Ye Fengs live broadcast, the Flood Dragon was swimming rapidly while Ye Feng clenched his fists and stared at it.


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