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The Flood Dragon roared angrily.

A sharp claw slashed out, directly covering a large group of small Slimes, instantly tearing them apart!

However, these small Slimes stuck to the sharp claws and did not stop.

After rapidly transforming, they looked and continued to surge towards the Flood Dragon.

“Dont waste your breath.

You cant hurt me,”Ye Feng said with a faint smile.

He was indeed consciously controlling the small Slimes to attack the weaknesses of the Flood Dragon.

As long as the small Slime hit, even if the Flood Dragons defense was strong, it would eventually fall.


The Flood Dragon roared, opening its mouth to bite over, but Ye Feng had already noticed.

He disappeared in a flash.

When it saw Ye Feng again, he was already holding an incomparably sharp trident in his hand, flickering with endless light.

Seeing this scene, the Flood Dragons heart was filled with terror.

It knew that it had encountered an expert this time!

But now, it was already too late.


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The Flood Dragon suddenly saw a figure flying over from afar.

His speed was frighteningly fast, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of it.

Ye Feng clenched his right hand tightly, and the trident shot out!

The lightning parted the lake water and constantly whistled, bringing with it a series of air-piercing sounds.

It was like a cannonball that ruthlessly bombarded the Flood Dragons head.

The Flood Dragons head immediately exploded, and minced meat splattered out!

This scene looked incomparably bloody!

“AO! AO!”

The Flood Dragon roared in pain, and its body also rapidly collapsed and shrunk.

“Humph, thats all!” Ye Feng laughed.

At the same time, he also felt how awesome the Sea Stone Trident was.

Moreover, during the period of time Ye Feng was continuously going deeper, the Sea Stone Trident had also recovered some of its strength.

That was why it was able to kill the Flood Dragon instantly.

One had to know that the Flood Dragon was a B grade creature.

However, it was able to kill the Flood Dragon in one hit.

He was a little in disbelief.

Although Ye Feng had used up some of the energy in the early stages, the power of this trident the first time Ye Feng used it was indeed not bad!

“Looks like I have to keep this trident well in the future.

I cant take it out unless its necessary.

Otherwise, it will always cause trouble!” Ye Feng muttered to himself.

He was afraid that others would see this trident in his hand through the live broadcast, and hence cause some people to covet it.

In the world of symbiotes, the strong were always respected.

Hence, it would also cause everyone to be troubled over how to advance to the Transcendent level.

If some factions discovered that Ye Feng had such a divine artifact in his hands, he would definitely be targeted!

Even if Ye Feng successfully entered the Academy, he would only be studying in the Academy for a few years.

After he came out, he would still be contacted by the various large factions.

If a super expert came personally to inquire about Ye Fengs trident, then the development of the situation would not be what Ye Feng wanted to see.

Therefore, to avoid many disputes in the future, Ye Feng still planned to keep a low profile!

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At the same time, the countless viewers who were staring at Ye Fengs live broadcast screen had their minds completely blank at this moment.

What kind of situation was this!

A Flood Dragon, that was a Flood Dragon, a B grade creature!!!

Moreover, it was a Sea Soul Grass guardian beast.

With such a powerful Flood Dragon, even if it was a symbiote of the same level, they would still be suppressed when fighting a Flood Dragon of the same level.

After all, a Flood Dragon would always be one level higher than a human in the same level!

This was the suppression of bloodline!

But in the face of Ye Feng, unexpectedly so vulnerable!

“F**k ah, God Feng can actually defeat a Dragon!!! That is a B grade creature ah! God Feng killed it in an instant!”

“666! Unexpectedly, once God Feng came out from the Murloc tribe, his strength has become even more awesome!”

“I thought the last move of God Feng was to summon his Murloc underlings, but I didnt expect it to be solved by one person.

As expected of the top god, God Feng is really powerful!”

“Now God Feng is really stable.

Who among the batch of students participating in this freshmen assessment can kill a Flood Dragon alone! No one! Ye Feng is the first!!!”

In the judges seats, the eyes of the elders were no longer separated, but focused on Ye Fengs live broadcast because the content of Ye Fengs live broadcast was too exciting!

It was to the extent that the judges, who were supposed to constantly scan the entire live broadcast, no longer paid attention to the performance of others.

Instead, they were focused on watching Ye Fengs live broadcast.

After all, this place was truly shocking!

Who would have thought that this was the freshmen assessment The appearance of the Flood Dragon was already their fault.

They had even thought that if they acted at any time, they could at least save Ye Fengs life.

But under the circumstances that no one had thought of, Ye Feng actually succeeded in turning the tables!

This was simply the most shocking thing that had happened in this years Cloud Mist Academys enrollment!

And what made them even more shocked was that Ye Feng was actually able to use the Sea Stone Trident!

What kind of divine weapon was this No one could understand it better than this group of old geezers, especially Andy.

He already felt that Ye Feng was an extremely outstanding candidate!

He already had the impulse to give him the deans scholarship, but now, this scholarship already belonged to Ye Feng!

It had been many years since Cloud Mist Academy had produced an earth-shattering talent.

Moreover, in the history of Cloud Mist Academy, almost two-thirds of Chinas powerhouses had come from Cloud Mist Academy!

However, ever since Andy took over the Academy and became the dean, there had never been a talent that could shake the world.

It was not that Andy had a management problem.

Moreover, Andys requirements were too high.

Almost no one could meet his strict requirements.

Naturally, no one could obtain the deans scholarship from him.

Andy had not given out this scholarship for decades.

But today, he finally met someone who could make him slightly satisfied.

It was Ye Feng.

Andy nodded slightly and revealed a trace of a smile.

Under the circumstances where no one knew, he had almost doubled the number of Air Detection Eyes around Ye Feng.

After all, who would want such a genius student to die prematurely in the training hall for the freshmen assessment

Moreover, since the Flood Dragon had awakened, then the other fierce beasts in the training hall would also awaken.

This was also one of Andys considerations, so he also held back for Ye Feng, just in case.

“I told you, this kid will definitely be able to do it!” Professor Lei was extremely proud.

He stared at the live broadcast screen, and the corners of his mouth kept on twitching.

Who wouldnt love such a student!

Being able to use the Sea Stone Trident also directly showed that Ye Fengs strength was extraordinary.

If he successfully passed the freshmen assessment, he would definitely become the freshman with the most potential this year!

“Hes indeed not bad.

Ye Feng, right If he goes to my machine tool class in the future, I will definitely take good care of him!” The old man by the side also revealed a knowing smile.

This was the judges seat.

This was where all the core figures of the entire Cloud Mist Academy gathered.

If any one of them were to be singled out, their reputation would be resounding throughout China!

Many times, they would have different opinions when facing many things.

However, after seeing Ye Fengs performance, they all looked over at the same time.

Not only did they praise him, they were also very optimistic about him!

“Haha, Ill remember this name.

If he comes to my actual combat simulation class later, Ill have to see his power up close!”


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