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“Brother Gang… That guy… really killed the Flood Dragon…”

A trembling voice sounded, and the groups expressions were incomparably solemn.

Originally, they had planned to take advantage of Ye Feng and the Flood Dragons exhaustion and then reap the benefits.

However, they did not expect that Ye Feng could actually single-handedly take on a Flood Dragon.

Most importantly, he actually won!

This was simply not something that an ordinary person could do!

Even at their level, not to mention being instantly killed when they got close to the Flood Dragon, they could not even summon the Flood Dragon!

They could only use the method of explosion to forcefully awaken the Flood Dragon, but they did not have the ability to fight with it!

They still planned to fight on the shore, but they did not expect Ye Feng to actually be above the surface of the lake, in the Flood Dragons territory, and completely kill it!

“That guy is worthy of being ranked number one.

His strength is actually so terrifying!” Feng Lans eyes widened, and her entire body could not help but tremble.

The impact of todays incident was too great for her!

Who would have thought that one person could take on the entire Flood Dragon alone!

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The difference in strength between people was too great!!!

“Fortunately, we did not act rashly.

Otherwise, we would have definitely become the spirits of the dead!” Liang Gang sucked in a breath of cold air, and his entire person was in a bad mood.

Li Sans face was very gloomy.

He glanced at the crowd and said with a trembling voice, “Then what should we do next!”

“I suggest that we continue to lurk.

Such a large corpse, Ye Feng definitely cant take it all away.

Dragon blood is a very precious thing.

As long as theres one drop left, well be earning!” Carter said at this time.

He turned around and glanced at the incomparably large corpse.

At this time, it was lying on the surface of the lake in an ice-cold manner.

“Thats right! Didnt we come all this way for the Dragons blood With such a huge body, even if we hang Ye Feng out to dry, he wont be able to take all of it.

Well continue to crouch and wait for him to leave before we take action!”

Everyone in the bushes nodded their heads one after another.

On this side, Ye Feng stood on the surface of the lake.

The battle just now had already caused him to expend a large amount of spiritual energy.

As expected, if he did not recover at this moment, it would be a big deal if he was ambushed by someone else.

Ye Feng circulated his spiritual power to repair his body while releasing a large amount of small Slime subsidiary bodies to devour!

After all, it would be a pity if he did not devour a Flood Dragon of such size!

[Ding! Devouring Flood Dragon, Spirit 10!]

[Ding! Devouring Flood Dragon, Vitality 10!]

[Ding! Devouring Flood Dragon, Strength 10!]

[Ding, devouring Flood Dragon, Resistance 20!]


[Ding, devouring Flood Dragon, Dragon Seed obtained! [Dragon Seed (0.1%)]]

[Ding, devouring Flood Dragon, Dragon Seed obtained! [Dragon Seed (0.2%)]]


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[Ding, devouring Flood Dragon, Dragon Seed obtained! [Dragon Seed (1%)]]

A series of notifications stunned Ye Feng!

As the Dragon Seed was absorbed, Ye Fengs entire body seemed to become extremely hot!

Wisps of water elemental energy continuously emerged from his body and were continuously absorbed before finally being refined.

Moreover, his figure also underwent an earth-shaking transformation, becoming taller and stronger!

His skin also turned a faint golden color, as if it was plated with a layer of gold powder!

His figure was not inferior to the Murlocs he had seen in the Murloc Palace!

His current strength had increased by four times!

With a thought, Ye Feng summoned his attribute panel.

[Ye Feng]

[Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime]

[Body Size: 60%]

[Subsidiary Bodies: 100]

[Attributes: Strength 970, Agility 670, Vitality 700, Spirit 860, Resistance 400]

[Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk, Viscosity, Sharpness, Water Element (Lord of the Lake)]

[Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Analysis]

[Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Perfect Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leaders Oppression, Ultimate Spiderweb, Sharp Blade, Starfire Meditation, Spirit Exploding Shark]

[Water Elemental Ability: Water Breaking Arrow, Water Binding, Tidal Surge]

[Evolution Progress: 90%]

[Dragon Seed: 1%]

[Current Level: C]

‘Not bad, the change in power that the Dragon Seed has brought me is simply too great! Ye Feng was very happy.

He also had some understanding of the Dragon Seed.

After all, as a top student in his class in high school, the knowledge he had learned was simply too much!

Now that he thought about it, it was simply too useful!

‘Unfortunately, the Flood Dragon isnt a real Dragon.

If it was a real Dragon, its blood would definitely be extremely pure Dragon blood, and the Dragon Seed born from it would also be very pure! Ye Feng looked at the corpse of the Flood Dragon that was constantly being devoured.

He still sighed.

Even if it was a Flood Dragon of such a level, its strength was still far from the real thing.

If a real Dragon appeared, his ending would also be very miserable.

After all, fighting this Flood Dragon had consumed almost all of his spiritual power, and he still couldnt gain the upper hand.

If he hadnt used the Sea Stone Trident, the ending of the story wouldnt have been so perfect!

But fortunately, the final victor was still him, and he had received so many power buffs, especially the Dragon Seed.

This was something that could only be encountered by chance but not sought after!

This was something that only existed in the body of a Dragon.

Once it was absorbed, it would bring about an incomparably huge change to the host!

Ye Feng could already feel it at this moment.

The only flaw was that the purity of this Dragon Seed was still insufficient, so Ye Feng could only obtain 1% of the Dragon Seed.

But just this little Dragon Seed could bring about an earth-shaking change to Ye Feng!

“If the Flood Dragon was a little stronger, then the energy of the Dragon Seed in its body would be even higher!” Ye Feng said in a low voice, “And the Dragon Seed is also the Dragon gene.

If there are more genes, then doesnt that mean that I can obtain the power of a Dragon!”

Ye Feng was shocked by his own guess.

Obtain the power of a Dragon!

Ye Feng looked at the number of Dragon Seed he had: 1%.

Although it was only 1% now, the change it brought to Ye Feng was already so great.

If he could completely collect 100% of the Dragon Seed, wouldnt he be even more invincible!

Would it allow Ye Feng to evolve from the current Murloc mode to the Giant Dragon mode!!!

If there was a Giant Dragon attribute added to the Slime attribute, wouldnt it be heaven-defying!

Of course, these were just guesses.

The most important thing now was how to obtain more Dragon blood!

And Ye Fengs Dragon Seed also needed to continuously devour the Flood Dragon in order to completely devour its blood and increase the Dragon Seeds attribute!

Ye Feng stood on the spot at this moment.

His body was emitting a golden radiance, as if he was a golden god of war, filled with a tyrannical and domineering aura!

This was the aura of a Dragon!

Although there was only a trace of it, this power was enough to make him a terrifying god of war!

No one could snatch the position of first place from Ye Fengs hands.

Ye Feng took the opportunity to take a look at the bracelet while he was recovering.

If the points were refreshed this time, it would have pushed him to an unprecedented height.

Ranking 1: Ye Feng, 450 points!

In comparison, Huang Haoyu, who was ranked second, only gained 10 points, 354 points!

Ye Feng smiled and stopped looking at the wristband.

These kinds of points had lost their meaning to him.

‘I wonder if there is any special existence in this lake Maybe I should give it a try and go to the depths of the lake to search! Ye Feng thought to himself.

After all, how could there only be one Flood Dragon in such a large lake

Moreover, according to Ye Fengs understanding, Flood Dragons also lived in groups.

If one was discovered, there would definitely be other Flood Dragons nearby.

If that was the case, Ye Feng also had to maintain extreme vigilance.

Although he was able to kill a Flood Dragon, it was still a fluke.

If he was faced with a group of Flood Dragons, then it would be a little difficult to deal with!

However, the thirst for power forced Ye Feng to go and take a look!

“Quickly clean up the traces here!” Ye Feng ordered a group of small Slimes, and then swam into the distance.

His speed was very fast, like a swimming fish, swimming in the lake!

Although his speed was very fast, in this super lake, it seemed a little small.

After all, the size of the lake was simply impossible to measure with the naked eye.

Ye Feng searched in the vast sea for a period of time and suddenly discovered something.

The corners of his mouth curved into a smile.


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