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In this level of confrontation, it was very easy to cause a huge explosion, and the entire valley could collapse because of it!

Not only that, the power of these explosions was extremely great, even reaching the level of an A- grade powerhouses attack!

This power was enough to annihilate mountains and rivers!

Ye Feng stood at his original spot and did not dare to move, watching these battles with his eyes wide open.


One huge rock after another was shaken off, and even the entire mountain peak began to shake, as if it was about to collapse!

Ye Feng looked at the scene in front of him, and his heart was somewhat aghast.

The strength of this Blue Drake had exceeded his expectations!

Ye Feng did not dare to take such an attack head-on because his physical body could not withstand such an attack at all.

At this moment, Ye Feng realized that the five blue guards had also tangled with the Blue Drake.

Although they were not weak, the Blue Drake was not to be trifled with either.

In fact, its attacks were even sharper than theirs.

The scene of the battle between the two sides was very chaotic!

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For a time, the entire water area was stirred up into changes.

Endless huge waves whistled and swept over, as if the end of the world was coming!

For a time, Ye Feng watched with his mouth agape.

His heart was shocked, and he even felt a sense of suffocation.

In this kind of battle, Ye Feng could only see that the two balls of blue were constantly entangled.

Countless powers were tilting at each other.

Explosions sounded one after another, as if the entire lake was shaking!

In the middle of the lake, the water within a radius of a few kilometers was boiling!

Further away, at the shore, Ye Feng did not know that the trees and plants near the edge of the lake had all been destroyed!

Some curious contestants wanted to come over to watch the show, but they did not expect that the moment they got close, they would instantly turn into dust!

This wave of power scared off countless people.

Many people had noticed this side.

After all, with such a huge commotion, even if you were at the edge of this Water Training Hall, you would still be able to sense it.

If you had not noticed it, then it was because you were not strong enough.

In such a dangerous environment, those who were not strong enough had already been eliminated.

Countless pairs of eyes looked over at the same time.

Their hearts were filled with doubt and a trace of trepidation.

After all, this was the first time they had encountered such a great danger.

At the edge of the lake, a group of people with tattered clothes were huddled under a small hill in an extremely miserable manner.

From their looks, they knew that they had just experienced an extremely dangerous encounter.

“Its all thanks to Carter.

Otherwise, we would all die here today!” Li San said resentfully.

His clothes were already very tattered.

After the violent impact just now, he was now completely naked!

The expressions of the people around him were not very good.

“That power just now was really too strong!” Liang Gang said in a deep voice.

“If we didnt dodge in time, we would really have become cold!”

“But theres another good thing, that Ye Feng.

Before we left, he headed toward the center of the lake.

According to my perception, that power erupted from the center of the lake!”

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“Humph, lets see how he lives this time! So what if he has a Dragon Seed! Its all for nothing!”

After Liang Gang finished speaking, he turned his head to look at the center of the lake.

In that direction, countless steam was rising up.

It was a sign that it had been burned by an intense force!

Thus, even Liang Gang, who had been severely injured by the impact, could not help but smile.

“I think we should leave this place quickly! Otherwise, if that creature in the lake comes out, well all die here,” Feng Lan suggested, as the only woman in the team, she seemed to be more rational than the other boys.

“No! We cant leave.

In the face of great danger, it also means great opportunities.

Think about it.

Were participating in the freshmen assessment now, so its impossible for us to be in danger that is greater than our own strength.

At least, it cant be much more than that!” Liang Gang suddenly said.

Looking around, he was full of vigor as he continued speaking.

“And even if there is, the Academy will definitely have management and real-time monitoring.

They wont sit idly by and do nothing.

They will definitely take action! After you understand this point, will you still give up on the great opportunity!” Liang Gang said.

He smiled confidently.

After all, he was convinced by his own guess.

Hearing that… Carter nodded in agreement.

“I think it makes sense.

Maybe this is the biggest level of creature in the entire assessment.

Since Ye Feng has already entered, he must have encountered something.

We cant just do nothing!”

Seeing that the military counselor was sure of his idea, Liang Gang felt that his idea was perfect and laughed even more arrogantly.


At this moment, everyone in the audience was shocked.

A battle of this scale was indeed rare!

It was reasonable for the contestants who were participating in the freshmen assessment to not be able to distinguish right from wrong.

However, the audience who were watching the battle were all slightly famous symbiotes.

Naturally, they knew of the danger involved.

“A Blue Drake actually appeared.

Moreover, its about to break through.

This threat is too great.

For the safety of the contestants, its better to quickly stop the assessment!”

After a voice came out, there were many voices that echoed.

“Thats right, the administrator is at the scene, right Hurry up and make your move! The Air Detection Eye predicted that the Blue Drakes level wont be lower than B grade, and this is a conservative estimate.

If we were to go any higher, not to mention this bunch of little brats, even if all of us were to go up, we wont be able to withstand a single blow from it!”

“The terrifying thing is that Ye Feng was actually able to remain unscathed in the center of the explosion! Although he is very powerful and has great potential, this is still too dangerous.

I also suggest that the Academy temporarily suspend the assessment for the sake of the students safety.”

“Agreed!! Administrator, quickly take action!!!”


In the judges seats, all the elders looked at Teacher Andy in unison.

Under such a major situation, they did not want to suspend the assessment.

After all, this was a rare assessment for such an outstanding genius.

If they stopped the assessment, who knew when the next one would start

Therefore, everyone was silent, waiting for Teacher Andy to make a decision.

However, not stopping was too selfish.

After all, this concerned the safety of the dozens of students who had been promoted.

Seeing that everyone was silent… Professor Lei was the first to speak, “The appearance of the Blue Drake is already beyond the scope of the assessment.

This not only threatens the safety of the assessment students, but if the Blue Drake awakens into a true Dragon, it will pose a threat to all of China!”

“So I also suggest that we pause for now…”

Professor Siman moved his mouth and was the first to object to Professor Leis idea, “No, beyond the level of the assessment, it is a better test of the candidates ability to fight on the spot.

This is very beneficial to our assessment…”

“Are you crazy Taking the candidates safety to satisfy your desire for the assessment!” Professor Lei was so angry that he shouted on the spot.

He glared at Professor Siman, his face flushed red.

Professor Siman seemed to be annoyed by him as well.

He immediately refuted, “Youre just worried about Ye Feng! Havent you seen what kind of strength he has!”

“He has the water element spiritual power.

Moreover, he has the mutated Slime attribute in his body.

Encountering such a danger is a great challenge for him.

At the same time, its also a great opportunity!”


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