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Ye Feng flashed to a safe place and looked at the Blue Drake, his expression still very calm.

Through the probing just now, Ye Feng had basically grasped some of the basic states of this Flood Dragon.

And just now, the little Slimes that he had set up earlier had already formed an encirclement around the Blue Drake.

The water element Slimes aura was water element, and it was also in a liquid form, so it naturally did not attract the attention of the Blue Drake.

As a result, it did not know that it was surrounded.

‘If I want to kill this Flood Dragon, my strength alone is far from enough. Ye Fengs gaze was somewhat complicated.

He continued to mutter,If I inject the water element spiritual power in my body into the trident, does that mean that I can fully unleash the strength of the trident

The reason why the Sea Stone Trident could be so powerful was not only because of its material, but also because it was made of extremely rare metals.

Most importantly, it contained extremely powerful water elemental energy.

This was what made it extremely powerful.

Now that the energy contained in it had been completely devoured by Ye Feng, it naturally did not have the power to split open a mountain.

‘Looks like I can only try, Ye Feng thought to himself.

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Just now, when he was dealing with the Blue Drake, he had already tried several times.

But the result was the same.

Regardless of whether it was the water elemental power or the symbiotic bodys ability, they could not harm the Blue Drake in the slightest.

This made him frown and feel very depressed in his heart.

Because he realized that the Blue Drake was much stronger than he had imagined.

It was simply impossible to kill it in a short period of time.

Even his speed and explosive power could not be compared to the Blue Drake.

He would only be at a disadvantage!

Moreover, Ye Fengs current physique was only one-third of its initial state, and his strength had not recovered to its peak state.

It was simply impossible to defeat the Blue Drake.

‘But if I cant infuse spiritual energy, then I can only think of another way.

Even if I cant kill this Drake, I have to bring the guards out. Ye Feng had already made up his mind.

What he needed to do now… Was to find a suitable opportunity!

Infuse spiritual energy into the trident and then strike again!

This kind of crazy idea was something Ye Feng had never done before.

Moreover, Ye Feng hadnt used the trident for long and had only obtained it recently.

‘Ill go all out! Ye Feng clenched his teeth and thought to himself.

Although it was risky, it was the only way to obtain victory.

Therefore, no matter what, Ye Feng had to take a gamble.

He wanted to test the power of this move of his.

At this time, many people had already gathered outside the arena.

After all, they were naïve and thought that this was just an opportunity arranged by the school.

They firmly agreed with one thing in their hearts, that they were participating in the freshmen assessment, and not some kind of life-and-death battle!

So, they did not have the sense of crisis they had at the beginning.

They all felt that whoever was bold enough would get more rewards!

In a short while, the contestants in the lake area gathered together.

There were more than twenty people.

Among them, Su Fei was one of them.

As the first person to appear here, many people surrounded her and asked her about what had happened.

“Sister, do you know where the big explosion just now came from” the man with two knives in his back asked politely.

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The people around here were very respectful to Su Fei.

After All, Su Fei was ranked third on the list, and her cultivation level was not low.

If she were to fight, she could easily kill them all.

Su Fei was speechless.

She did not know how many waves of people had come to ask her these questions.

She was also confused and did not find anything.

“In the middle of the lake…” Su Fei answered.

She had been observing for so long and only knew about this clue.

She shook her head and walked to the other side.

When the man with the twin blades heard this, he looked at the crowd in shock.

“Everyone, we have a major discovery.

The area where the big explosion happened is in the middle of the lake!”

“Tch, whats the use of knowing where the explosion was!” A rough voice was heard.

Everyone looked at the source of the voice and Liang Gang stood up.

“Our team has been observing this place for a long time!” Liang Gang had a piece of dog tail grass in his mouth.

His expression was very arrogant, as if he knew some secrets that they did not know.

When everyone heard this, they quickly surrounded him.

They all wanted to know if there was a big treasure here.

The twin-bladed mans eyes also lit up.

He asked excitedly, “Is that so! Brother, can you share some information that you know”

Liang Gang shook his head when he heard that.

“Its not that easy to get information from me.”

“Then what do you need I have… only these two knives that are valuable…” The twin-bladed man saw this and pointed at the two short knives on his back with a bitter smile.

Although he did not pull them out, from the looks of them, he knew that these two short knives were not ordinary items.

However, because the storage bag that contained these two short knives were too ordinary, some people thought that they were just ordinary weapons.

“Tsk, who cares about your broken knives I want this!” As he said this, Liang Gang rubbed his fingers and made a money gesture.

When everyone saw this, they shook their heads.

What kind of dream was this It was just a simple exchange of information between classmates.

To talk about money was simply a daydream!

Moreover, they did not know what the information was about.

If it was just something that everyone knew, wouldnt it be a waste of money

Who knew that the twin-bladed man would appear to be very excited.

He immediately said, “So you want money! Of course, you can tell me.

Ill pay however much you want!”

Liang Gang was stunned when he saw this.

He did not expect that there would really be people who wanted to spend money to buy information!

Looking at his teammates, Liang Gang thought for a moment, soon, he gave a number.

“10,000! I only need 10,000, and I will tell you everything I know.

Of course, if you dont want them to know, I can only tell you!”

“No problem.

The money has been transferred to you.

You can open the bracelet and take a look!” the twin-bladed man said with a smile and pointed at the bracelet on his wrist.

Every contestant who participated in the assessment had a wristband.

This was the only communication device that could be carried into the Water Training Hall.

Not only did it have a personal account, but it also had some detailed information about the contestants.

It was just to confirm the information of the dead students more quickly after they died.

There were also some basic functions, such as being able to see the points rankings and their current location.

Basically, it was a bracelet that had some basic functions.

However, it allowed them to log into their personal accounts.

This also provided them with an opportunity to trade.

However, they were unable to purchase any items and could only carry out simple monetary transactions.

Liang Gang paused.

The other party was too straightforward! Following the mans guidance, Liang Gang opened the bracelet and took a look.

As expected, there was an additional 10,000 yuan in his personal account!

Although Liang Gang did not know how the man did it, he made a promise and said regretfully, “Alright, the information in my brain now belongs to you.

Do you want to make it public or…”

“Make it public and share the information.

Only then will we have a greater chance of finding the treasure!” Before he could finish his sentence, the man with the twin blades answered with a grinning expression that made everyone admire him!


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