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After all, who wouldnt love a nouveau riche like this!

In comparison, Liang Gangs actions were quite disgusting.

Under everyones gaze, Liang Gang grinned and said, “There are three clues.

The first one is that we were already here when you guys rushed over.

Theres a Flood Dragon that appears in this area!”

Everyone immediately frowned when they heard this.

They did not have any idea what other powerful creatures were.

However, they knew very well what kind of creature a Flood Dragon was.

After all, it was a subspecies of the Dragon race.

It was an existence that could destroy the world!

“A… Flood Dragon Then where is it now!” The expression of the twin-bladed man turned pale.

It was impossible for them to be a match for a Flood Dragon at their level.

Even a Flood Dragon of the lowest level was not something an ordinary person could deal with.

Hence, their expressions became extremely complicated.

For a moment, they did not know whether to advance or retreat.

Was this a great opportunity!

If they were to be accompanied by such a high risk, they would naturally not continue.

After all, they only had one life!

However, if they missed this opportunity, they would be able to meet it again!

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If their lives were gone, then they really were gone!

Everyone knew which was more important.

Someone immediately hissed, “Tsk, I thought it was some kind of explosive.

Weve already seen the Flood Dragon, who would still dare to go!”

“No, no, no.

If you only know that theres a Flood Dragon and dont give up, then that would be too shallow.

Do you know the first ranker Ye Feng, he has already killed that Flood Dragon! And hes currently in the center of the lake!”

“Thats right.

That explosion point is right in the center of the lake.

If theres an opportunity in the center of the lake, then its the most likely!”

After saying that, Liang Gang smiled.

He had gotten the upper hand.

He patted his butt and prepared to leave.

Leaving behind a group of people, their faces were filled with confusion.

“Just now, that guy said that the first ranker, Ye Feng, killed that Flood Dragon!”

“F*ck, as expected of the big brother at first rank.

Ye Feng is so strong…”

“Hes more than strong.

Dont forget what kind of existence a Flood Dragon is.

That guys level is at least above C grade.

That good guy Ye Feng directly killed it!”

“What are you thinking about Even the weakest Flood Dragons cultivation level is above B- grade, and even at C grade… Have you read too many novels!”


Everyones thoughts were running wild, but they were still confused.

If that was the case, then should they continue to wait here

Or should they join the exploration team and head to the depths of the lake

According to the calculation of the time of the explosion, such a large-scale explosion must have happened after Ye Feng killed the Flood Dragon.

This also meant that there was an even greater danger hidden in the depths of the lake!

In addition, these people were basically landlubbers.

The symbiotes were all land-based creatures, so they basically could not stay in the water for long periods of time.

Moreover, Huang Haoyu, who was now ranked second on the list, was a Giant-Toothed Shark.

However, he was not in the lake region, and he chose to explore the deep sea area.

However, people did not know how his situation was.

If there was such a strong person to support them, he would definitely be in charge.

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Unfortunately, his points had not moved for a few days.

It was like a kite with a broken string, and there was no reply.

Looking at the crowd, Su Fei, who was sitting on a hill in the distance, heard their conversation.

She was pleasantly surprised and muttered to herself, “Its actually Ye Feng Ive finally found you!”

Ever since she entered the Water Training Hall, she had not met the partner she had joined.

But now, he had made such a big commotion.

It would be difficult for him not to be found!

At this time, the man with the twin blades in the distance walked over with a smile.

He was also a handsome young man.

Moreover, from the transaction just now, it could be seen that he was quite rich.

Those who were selected to enter Cloud Mist Academy for the freshmen assessment were all outstanding individuals from all over China.

They could also be considered outstanding individuals of their own age.

Some things did not completely depend on ones talent.

Even if ones clan had money, they could still become very strong.

They could completely pass the later stages and take all sorts of high-level medicine to recuperate.

This way, they could also reach a very strong realm.

Moreover, as long as the clans strength was strong, they would also hire private teachers to conduct one-on-one tutoring.

Unless they were mentally retarded, otherwise, they would basically have twice the attributes of an ordinary person.

This resulted in such a situation.

The majority of the students who were selected for Cloud Mist Academys freshmen assessment were from wealthy families.

There were very few people like Ye Feng who did not have money in their family and had completely relied on talent to surpass their peers.

Ordinary people could only be geniuses.

Only then would they have the qualifications to compete with the various large families.

Otherwise, they could only think of themselves as high and mighty, and would be ordinary people for the rest of their lives.

Although this was a cruel fact, along with the recovery of spiritual energy, it allowed ordinary people to obtain more opportunities.

The twin-bladed man came over and grinned as he said, “Big Sister, you must be Su Fei, right”

“Uh huh What do you need” Su Fei lightly replied.

She was somewhat curious as to why he had come over.

“Oh, Ive long heard of the name of the third place.

I didnt expect to meet you here.

Its my honor.

My name is Li Yao.

Im currently ranked 12th on the leaderboard.

Im an assassin who specializes in close combat,” Li Yao said.

He could not help but look excited.

After all, Su Feis looks could be said to be that of a fairy descending to the mortal world.

She had to have a figure and a face.

The two big white rabbits were especially attractive at this moment.

“Yes, yes,” Su Fei replied and then asked, “What do you want to do”

“Actually, what I want to say is, why dont we form a team and go to the center of the lake After all, there must be some secrets there.

With our strength, we can be more secure.

What do you think” Li Yao asked politely.

After all, it was impossible for him to go to the center of the lake alone and escape unscathed.

Most importantly, there might be some great danger hidden in there!

“Okay, lets go now!” Su Fei agreed readily.

She was quite worried about Ye Feng.

If he was still down there, he might need some help.

If she arrived in time, she could still provide some help.

“So fast” Before Li Yao could react, Su Fei had already arrived at the lakeside.

She turned to Li Yao and asked, “Hows your swimming ability”

Li Yao nodded.

“Its not bad.

I have the Fish Gills Potion.

I can give you a bottle!”

As he spoke, Li Yao walked forward at an abnormally fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Su Fei.

‘As expected of a close-combat assassin.

His speed is indeed fast, Su Fei exclaimed in her heart.

Although his speed was not as fast as hers, it was the first time she had seen such speed.

She felt that it was a little strange.

Su Fei took the Fish Gills Potion that Li Yao handed over and drank it.

It seemed that there were no changes in her body.

Su Fei looked at Li Yao in confusion.

“Look, after drinking the potion, it will adhere to every part of your body.

When it meets water, it will turn into a bubble.” As he spoke, Li Yao jumped into the water with a splash.

As expected, a layer of air membrane formed around his body.

Although this layer of air membrane looked very thin, it could also be isolated from water, forming a perfect water repellent effect, allowing people to breathe freely in the water.

Li Yao then looked at Su Fei.

“But the effect of the potion is very short, only one hour, so we have to finish this quickly.

Lets go to the center of the lake to see whats going on, and then well make plans, right”

Su Fei nodded and replied with an “Okay.”

Then the two quickly disappeared from everyones sight.


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