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No matter what, this Great Wizard was an extremely powerful existence.

Therefore, Ye Feng was also somewhat surprised.

“Little Brother, just now you said that the freshmen assessment that you participated in, what is it” Yi opened his mouth to ask.

This term, to them, was quite a novel one.

“Is it the same as some kind of Ancient Sealing spell You throw a person to a certain place and then use some kind of extremely cruel method to torture the person who it is cast on to achieve a certain goal!” one of the Water Elemental Guards said.

His tone contained hate, as if he was the one who was personally in this situation.

When Ye Feng heard this, he immediately didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This seemed to be the same way.

Throw their students into a place and let all kinds of creatures torture them.

Whoever survived would be the winner.

Moreover, Ye Feng had some understanding of the termAncient Sealing spell.

This was a very ancient forbidden spell.

As one of the strongest sealing spells, it was also very rare.

Even in the era that Ye Feng lived in, this kind of Ancient Sealing spell was rare.

Only some super powerful creatures, those that were above A grade, would use it.

However, Ye Feng only saw this kind of report in the major news media.

As for the specific details, he definitely did not know or know.

“Uh, more or less.

You can think of it that way.” Ye Feng thought for a while and did not know what to say, so he gave a random answer.

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After all, what Ye Feng did not know was that as the Water Elemental Guards, they were definitely old antiques that had lived for a long time, so they were naturally not familiar with these things.

“Oh, if thats the case, then you are indeed a little miserable.

But it doesnt matter.

You saved us.

We will do our best to help you break and let you escape this seal.” After Yi finished speaking, he thought for a moment.

He continued, “Actually, the seal is not without a way to escape.

Its just that its a little troublesome.

The ancient seal is no exception.

I know the way to break it…”

Ye Feng was in disbelief when he heard that.

The Ancient Sealing spell was one of the top ten forbidden techniques.

Furthermore, it was one of the top three sealing techniques on the ranking list of sealing techniques.

There was actually a way to break it!

This matter was extremely important.

One had to know that the other party was a Water Elemental Guard and had lived for more than a hundred years.

After all, their bodies were indestructible and were truly eternal.

The things that they had seen would definitely be much more than what Ye Feng had seen.

If the escape method of the Ancient Sealing spell was broken, it also meant that those super monsters above A grade that had been sealed by the Ancient Sealing spell had a chance to escape the seal!

Moreover, the fierce beasts that had been sealed also had a chance to escape!

Ye Feng knew that he was being broadcasted live.

If the guard revealed this secret, it would definitely be known by everyone.

This was a top-secret item.

Once it was exposed, the impact on China and even the world would be very great!

Ye Feng thought about it again and again and decided not to let Yi reveal this secret for now.

“Senior Yi, I appreciate your kindness.

Actually, the seal technique Im currently in is one that can be broken.

As long as I accumulate enough points, or when the time is up, I can leave,” Ye Feng smiled respectfully.

“Oh Its good that you have a way to break it.

If you need help, you can tell us anytime!” Yi also smiled and spoke.

Although they were still somewhat puzzled by Ye Fengs sudden appearance, he was the one who had saved them, after all.

They would not neglect their benefactor.

“Senior Yi, can you tell us more about your master, that Great Wizard” Ye Feng asked curiously.

After all, these were the things that he was interested in.

Just what kind of Great Wizard could summon such a guard!

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Moreover, what he chose now was the magic conducting path.

He still did not have a deep grasp of the Magic Slimes ability.

If he could get the guidance of a great senior, he might be able to achieve even greater progress

“Our master, Walter, was actually a Dragon-Slaying Wizard before.

He was one of the Human Ceilings, a water-type symbiote.” Yi began to speak.

Towards their master, his words suddenly became unceasing.

When Ye Feng heard this, his expression immediately changed.

‘Water-type symbiote, and one of the Human Ceilings! Ye Feng thought to himself.

What kind of existence was this!

It was actually one of the Human Battle Ceilings!

But how could he not remember this name Of the Five Great Human Ceilings, Ye Feng had always been someone he worshipped since he was young.

Their stories were even more memorized by Ye Feng.

Moreover, it was not just the Human Ceilings of this generation.

Ye Feng also knew quite a bit about the Ceilings of the previous generations.

Among them, his favorite was the wind-type Human Ceiling, Andy.

Ye Feng still had some understanding of the other Human Ceiling stories.

But now, the water-type Human Ceilings guards were right in front of him, but he could not remember the name of this ceiling!

It was indeed somewhat awkward!

If that was the case, why werent these Water Elemental Guards guarding their masters side!

“We are actually in one of the battlefields between the Dragon-Slaying Wizard and the Water Elemental Dragon King.

But now, both the Great Wizard and the Dragon have disappeared without a trace,” Yi continued after a pause, but it was clear that his expression had become very complicated.

It was as if their master, the Great Wizard Walter, had disappeared into thin air.

“In other words, your master has already disappeared” Although Ye Feng knew that this was the case, he still could not help but ask.

After all, they were Water Elemental Guards.

As guards summoned by the Great Wizard, they naturally had the ability to resonate with their masters.

If the guards could not find their master, then what on earth had happened!

If that was the case, then this matter seemed to be out of control.

Think about it, that was one of the Human Ceilings of combat power, the supreme water elemental symbiote!

If the disappearance was caused by fighting with the Water Elemental Dragon King, then what did that mean The Water Elemental Dragon King had almost the same combat power as the Water Elemental Ceiling!

As something that even the Human Ceiling of combat power could not handle, if this great danger appeared in a human city, then the disaster it would bring would be devastating!

This was not a joke.

As Yi spoke, Ye Feng looked left and right as if he was looking for something.

In fact, Ye Feng was also gambling.

He was betting that those old geezers from the Board of Education at the judges seats would see what was happening to him right now.

After all, he could not leave the freshmen assessment right now.

He could only use the live broadcast method to spread the news that he knew.

Although there might be enemies among them, there was nothing he could do.

The only way he could spread the news to the outside world was through this!

Even if he did not know what to do, at least he could tell them this kind of news.

What he should do was their business.

Ye Feng could not do anything.

At most, he could only do this much.

What Ye Feng did not know was that at this moment, his live broadcast was the focus of almost everyones attention.

When Ye Feng heard this information, almost the entire audience exploded.


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