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Furthermore, they were all Water Elemental Guards.

Their levels were all around B- grade.

What kind of concept was this!

800 B- grade Water Elemental Guards.

This power was enough to destroy any country in the world!

Even the whole worlds symbiote organizations would have a hard time fighting against them!

This terrifying power was unleashed from the Human Ceiling of combat power.

Even though he knew that these Ceilings were very powerful and could easily influence the direction of the world, and the battleground was outer space and all sorts of harsh environments… They had the highest combat power of humans.

But hearing this number, Ye Feng was still shocked.

Was this still an ability that humans could summon!

Ye Feng was extremely shocked.

To be able to use magic to such an extreme extent, if he were to see him in person, how shocking would that be!

This senior would definitely be an extremely awesome existence.

Not only was he the Human Ceiling of combat strength, from certain actions, Ye Feng also felt that he was a person worth learning from.

An awe-inspiring spirit gradually spread in the depths of Ye Fengs mind.

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This was simply an idol-like existence!

The audience, like Ye Feng, were all shocked.

After all, they could only get their understanding of the Human Ceilings from various media or books on a daily basis.

Such a mysterious organization, and it was also a top-notch human existence.

How could they have the opportunity to come into contact with it on the spot

Through Ye Fengs live broadcast, it was almost everyones first time learning about the existence of Dragon-Slaying Wizard Walter from such a distance.

Of course, there was an old friend on the scene, and that was Andy.

But Andy had not seen his old friend for a long time.

Although they were both members of the Human Ceilings of combat power, and it was only a four-person organization, they did not have much contact with each other.

After all, these Ceilings were mysterious existences.

No one could stop them from moving forward.

Moreover, they usually received extremely important missions from various officials, which made it even more difficult for them to appear in everyones sight.

After all, these missions were not to organize some kind of mysterious experiment in outer space, they would either go to the polar region to kill the fierce beasts that had just awakened and so on.

Sometimes, their disappearance would be calculated by the year.

After all, as the elemental envoys, they had basically achieved immortality with the elements.

The only way to make them lose their elemental power was to die.

After all, such a powerful elemental power was one of the strongest powers, and it was basically impossible for anyone to be stronger than them.

That was why they were rated as one of the Human Ceilings of combat power.

However, their missions were often accompanied by great danger.

After all, they were also a humans ceiling.

With the recovery of spiritual energy, all kinds of creatures ran amok.

The number of existences that were stronger than humans was terrifying.

Therefore, just like Walter, they would be sealed by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

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Although it was a mistake, it also indirectly showed that there were many existences that were stronger than humans.

In fact, from a certain point of view, there were more powerful beings than humans!

However, most of these fierce beasts were acting behind the scenes, ordering low-level creatures to destroy and preparing some kind of mysterious ritual to summon even more powerful creatures to come into the world!

“Holy sh*t, how powerful are 800 Water Elemental Guards Do we have a boss to explain it to me”

“Brother, you dont know.

800 Water Elemental Guards, not to mention the ability to use water elemental power, just their cultivation level, B- grade, is the ultimate goal that we ordinary people can pursue in our lifetime.

A Human Ceiling of combat power can summon 800 of them.

Think about how terrifying it is!”

“Brother, you still havent explained it properly.

Let me explain it to you.

A few years ago, a fierce beast attacked a city.

Youve heard of it, right At that time, the government had mobilized almost all the A- grade symbiotes in China.

There were almost 100 of them, and it took them a whole week to stop the development of the situation.

At that time, they only invested half of the power level here!”

Everyones jaws dropped when they heard the explanation.

In other words, the Water Elemental Guards summoned by Dragon-Slaying Wizard Walter, were already twice as powerful as an A- grade powerhouse from China!

According to this explanation, everyone was more familiar with the difference in combat strength.

On the other side, Andy, who was standing on a high position, had a mysterious look in his eyes.

After all, they were both the guardians of the Four Great Elements.

From a certain point of view, they were closer to each other than anyone else.

When the resonance with Walter was cut off, Andy realized that something was wrong.

However, it was impossible to track the tracks on the Ceiling.

Andy was also hesitant and had been paying attention to Walters movements.

However, after so many years, he finally found Walters tracks.

He did not expect to come across it in the freshmen assessment.

What a joke.

Andy did not make any moves.

After all, he knew that the Chinese authorities would definitely have some arrangements.

He only needed to continue to pay attention to the development of the situation.

Seeing that there were only five people left, Ye Feng sighed.

After all, he had already tried out a sub-Dragons strength.

Naturally, he knew that the other party was extremely difficult to deal with.

And these 800 Water Elemental Guards, although their strength was roughly the same, to be able to defend for so many years, not to mention their willpower, just their tenacity alone was already extremely powerful.

‘As expected of a Great Wizard.

The guards summoned can also be sworn to follow you to the death, Ye Feng thought to himself.

After all, he knew that the guards summoned also had a time limit.

However, this guard summoned from the Ceiling clearly broke this rule.

Ye Feng did not dare to imagine how powerful this senior was.

‘Speaking of which, the name Walter seems to be somewhat familiar Ye Feng seemed to have suddenly remembered something and scratched his head.

After thinking for a moment, Ye Feng took out a notebook and kept flipping the pages, as if he was trying to find something.

Finally, Ye Feng stopped at a page and said in surprise, “Its here!”

Everyone looked over and found that the page that Ye Feng was pointing at was a landscape painting that Great Wizard Walter had personally copied.

And in the entire notebook, there was only one signature under this painting, and the signature was Walter.

However, this font was too avant-garde.

Ye Feng could not recognize it even after looking at it a few times.

Even if there was an [Analysis] sequence, this place had never been analyzed.

This was also a piece of information that Ye Feng felt was unnecessary to resolve.

It was just a name.

But now, it seemed that this name gave him an answer.

That was this book.

It was written by Walter from the Water Element Human Ceiling of combat power!

And the subsequent reaction of the Water Elemental Guards also confirmed Ye Fengs idea.


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