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“Those evil creatures that breed in the darkness are not as simple as you think.

The creatures that can be found all over the world are actually small fry.

The real fierce beasts are storing their strength and will launch a counterattack at any time!”

Hearing Yis words, Ye Feng actually knew it too.

In a world where spiritual energy was recovering, anything could happen.

Today, your cultivation level might be C grade and you might break through to C grade at any time, but unfortunately, you havent been able to find a way to break through, you were at a bottleneck in your advancement.

But when you woke up, you found that you had already entered C grade.

This was a world where spiritual energy was prevalent.

Spiritual energy would explode at any moment.

Moreover, creatures that received spiritual energy would undergo an extremely powerful evolution.

As such, he could often see this scene.

In the wild zoo, he was looking at wild horses.

However, in the next moment, these wild horses suddenly awakened and began to attack humans like crazy!

Even so, the China government took action in a timely manner.

Usually, it would not cause any effect.

Ye Feng shook his head and said firmly, “I wont run.

Since I chose to come here, Im here to help you.

Moreover, Senior Walter is still trapped down there.

How can I turn a blind eye”

“No matter what, I will choose to give it a try.

Until the last moment, I will not give up!”

Ye Fengs eyes were filled with determination.

After all, he was someone who had slaughtered two sub-Dragons.

He also had some experience in slaughtering sub-Dragons.

Moreover, as his body evolved, he also received the support of the super powerful genes of the Dragon species.

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Ye Feng had also obtained quite a lot of combat abilities.

This was especially so for his recovery abilities.

Basically, the moment he was injured, he would be able to recover immediately, not to mention the fact that Ye Feng had his own symbiotic bodys strength and also had the super divine artifacts, the three-piece Sea Stone Set!

If he just gave it a try, Ye Feng might be able to do so.

Moreover, he would be able to obtain even more rewards, such as higher purity Dragon Seed genes or the treasures of the sub-Dragons.

If it was successful, he could also rescue Walter, the water-type Human Ceiling of combat strength.

At that time, he could still learn a few moves from Walter!

After all, all of his current water elemental skills were learned from Walters Water Element Secret Manual.

If not for Walters secret manual, Ye Feng would not have obtained the water element Slime and water elemental skills at all!

‘As long as I kill enough sub-Dragon species and devour them, I will definitely be able to obtain higher purity Dragon genes! Ye Feng thought to himself, his expression also very confident.

‘If it goes well, not to mention obtaining higher purity Dragon genes, I might even be able to activate the [Evolution] sequence and directly awaken as a Dragon!

“But…” The Water Elemental Guard knew the danger and wanted to stop Ye Feng, but he was immediately interrupted by Ye Feng.

“There are no buts.

Dont you seniors want to save Senior Walter Moreover, your cultivation levels are all stronger than mine.

In terms of strength, Im inferior to you.

Even so, I still want to give it a try!”

Seeing that they could not persuade Ye Feng, they gave up.

They might as well let him stay and plan for the future!

Yis expression changed and he said in surprise, “Are you really willing to stay”

“Of course.

I will definitely take revenge for Senior Walter.

But before that, I want to go to the territory of the Dragon race and see what the situation is like,” Ye Feng said with a smile.

He had already made all the preparations.

After all, the battle would definitely start in the end.

Moreover, Ye Feng knew that he would be fighting sub-Dragons because entering the barrier at the back required high-purity Dragon genes.

And the simplest and most brutal way to obtain Dragon genes was to continuously kill sub-Dragons!

By continuously obtaining Dragon Seed genes, not only would he be able to purify them, he would also be able to obtain over 50% of the Dragon Seed in the end.

However, even if they were to fight, Ye Feng would not panic.

After all, with his strength, he could kill a Blue Drake.

As for the other sub-Dragons, Ye Feng could also kill them!

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“Go to the Dragon races territory Thats too dangerous.

Although your current strength is not weak, Im afraid its still not enough for the breath of a second-generation sub-Dragon! Not to mention going in, if you go in, you will only be sending yourself to your death!” Yi said with a frown, his tone filled with intense worry.

However, Yi did not know that Ye Feng had the three-piece Sea Stone Set, so no matter when, he had a very powerful defensive ability.

In addition, he had devoured and absorbed the Dragon Seed.

Not to mention his current cultivation level, in the Dragon race… He was definitely a powerful sub-Dragon.

“Hehe, dont worry about this.

Not only will I not die, I will also cause them great losses!” Ye Feng said with a smile, “At the very least, I will give them a taste of pain in a short period of time.

Also, I will let those sub-Dragons that are entrenched in the surroundings know how powerful we humans are!”

“Oh Do you really have such confidence” Yi asked in disbelief.

Before this, although humans could fight against creatures, they were far inferior to the real Dragons.

They were not on the same level at all, let alone fighting.

Although this was a sub-Dragon, most of them were not much different from the real Dragons.

Now, human technology was also developing more and more, and there were many high-tech products, but they were still not enough.

This was the reason for the Dragon genes.

“En!” Ye Feng nodded.

His expression was also very serious, making it impossible for people to doubt the authenticity of what he said.

Yi also took a deep breath.

Now, he was also unable to determine whether what Ye Feng said was true or false.

But regardless of whether it was true or false, Ye Fengs current strength was already very heaven-defying.

Even if he encountered a fourth-generation of sub-Dragon… He would probably be able to deal with them.

“Alright then.

Since youve already decided, I wont stop you.

I only hope that when the time comes, you can come back alive!” The Water Elemental Guard, Yi, sighed and looked at Ye Feng.

His face revealed a trace of solemnity, as if he was very worried about Ye Fengs safety.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely come back safely.

This time, I wont act together with you guys.

After I return, well discuss how to rescue them.

After all, those high-level sub-Dragons arent easy to deal with!” Ye Feng said.

“Yeah, thats true.

You go!” Yi nodded, expressing his agreement.

After all, the Water Elemental Guards had just experienced a great battle and their bodies had suffered heavy injuries.

It wasnt something that could be recovered in a short period of time.

In addition, they had consumed too much spiritual energy, so they needed a lot of time to re-condense and replenish.

Moreover, Ye Feng was only going to observe the situation this time.

He wasnt really going to fight.

Of course, if he encountered danger, Ye Feng did not mind fighting.

After all, he had just fused with the Dragon Seed in his body.

He still wanted to try out its power.

Although it might not be effective so quickly, the Dragon genes would not let him down!

After Ye Feng left, the Water Elemental Guards left.

After all, this place was not that safe.

A fierce battle had just happened.

If they continued to stay here, there might be another disaster.

They had to find a new habitat.

However, the habitat would not be far from here.

After all, this was the only place.

There was a shortcut to the depths of the lake.

It was a passage that could avoid most of the sub-Dragons.


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