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“Moreover, since there are sub-Dragons guarding the barrier everywhere, it must mean that there might be something in the barrier.

Perhaps it is very important to some people,” Su Fei analyzed.

She glanced at Ye Feng.

Su Fei continued, “The composition of the barrier must be something that we cannot break through.

Perhaps we should find another way to enter the barrier.

Perhaps the great opportunity is inside! However, in our current situation, this kind of thinking is too dangerous.”

It had to be said that the Angels meticulous analytical ability was vividly displayed on Su Fei.

Ye Feng shook his head and said, “Theres no need to continue.

Since youve already found this place and met me, then theres nothing here.”

“As for that enchantment, the thing inside is too powerful.

Its not something that you and I can compete with.

I cant tell you this secret yet, but you must remember that the danger inside is very great.

Its already far beyond the scope of our freshmen assessment!”

Su Fei and Li Yao nodded when they heard this, but they still looked at Ye Feng with respect.

They were able to learn so much information from Ye Feng.

This was definitely extraordinary.

However, they also knew that since Ye Feng said so, it meant that he was ready.

“Then, Big Brother, do you plan to leave” Li Yao asked.

Hearing this, Ye Feng shook his head and said, “I cant leave yet.

The matter of the enchantment is of great importance, and it even concerns the structure of our entire world, so I have to do something.”

Ye Feng saw that the two of them wanted to say something but hesitated, so he asked, “What are you going to do Arent you going to leave”

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“Well stay here and wait for you to come back.

I also want to see whats in the depths of the lake.

Maybe we can help,” said Su Fei.

Hearing this, Ye Feng shook his head and said, “No need.

I dont need your help because you cant help me.”

“But, youre going down alone Didnt you say that there are many sub-Dragons down there that you cant handle alone What if you encounter a huge sub-Dragon Li Yao and I will go down with you!” Su Fei said.

Hearing that, Ye Feng waved his hand and said, “No need.

I have the ability to protect myself down there.

If you go down, youll be holding me back! I dont want my teammates to hold me back!”

“No, we wont hold you back!” Su Fei said.

Seeing that Ye Feng still insisted on not letting them go down with him, she said resolutely, “Then Ill wait here for you to come back!”

“Me too!” Li Yao also said.

Hearing this, Ye Feng couldnt help but frown.

He originally wanted Su Fei to go down with him, but he didnt expect that Li Yao was also unwilling to leave.

After all, if there was really something good, he could share it with Su Fei.

After all, the two of them had already agreed to be teammates before the assessment.

Now, it was just what they wanted.

However, it was really dangerous down there.

Ye Feng was very clear about this, so he actually did not want them to go down together.

Moreover, the barrier was sealed with the Human Ceiling of combat power.

The Water Elemental Dragon King could appear at any time.

When that time came, he would not even be able to take care of himself, let alone the two of them following him!

In this way, there were really two more burdens.

However, when Ye Feng saw the stubborn faces of Li Yao and Su Fei, he felt helpless.

“No, I cant let you take the risk this time.

Its really dangerous this time.

You guys wait for my news by the shore,” Ye Feng said firmly, not giving them a chance to refute.

When the two heard this, they immediately lowered their heads and nodded slightly, as if they were children who had just been reprimanded.

‘I didnt expect this skill to be as useful as before! Ye Feng thought in his heart.

He knew that these two guys would definitely think of ways to track him, so he simply released [Leaders Oppression].

He directly suppressed them with his imposing manner, using the tone of an order to make them return to the shore and wait for his return obediently.

Moreover, this skill worked very quickly.

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“Dont worry.

We will wait for your news at the shore.

If you need help, call for help loudly and we will immediately fly over!” Li Yao said solemnly.

Ye Feng nodded and then turned to Su Fei.

He scratched his head and said with a bitter smile, “I believe that we will be able to meet again very soon.

Im sorry to have to part ways with you temporarily.”

After instructing Li Yao to take care of Su Fei, Ye Feng leaped and disappeared in an instant.

As for what would happen to them, Ye Feng was not worried at all.

After all, under the influence of the [Leaders Oppression], those whose cultivation level was lower than his would be obedient.

Of course, unless their cultivation level was higher than Ye Fengs, which was obviously impossible.


Ye Feng directly returned to the station.

When Yi saw Ye Feng return, he immediately walked out and asked anxiously, “Brother Ye, how is it!”

“Just now, we sensed a huge fluctuation of power.

Was it caused by you”

Ye Feng nodded.


Just now, on the way to scout, I encountered an eighth-generation sub-Dragon that was preparing to attack my classmates.

However, it wasnt a big problem.

That eighth-generation sub-Dragon was eliminated by me.”

“Its good that it was eliminated.

Generally speaking, the sub-Dragons that go out to patrol are of lower hierarchy.

As long as we finish the battle quickly, we will be able to collect enough Dragon genes.” Yi nodded.

Looking at Ye Feng who was unharmed, he couldnt help but exclaim in his heart.

To be able to kill an eighth-generation sub-Dragon with one hand was truly remarkable.

Although the eighth-generation sub-Dragon wasnt as good as the Blue Drake that they encountered earlier, they had to consider that not long after killing the Blue Drake, he encountered another eighth-generation sub-Dragon.

This was a continuous battle, and Ye Feng was still able to win.

This meant that he was extremely powerful!

With the help of this human friend, they might really be able to save Walter!

“What did you say Your classmates!” Yi finally reacted and hurriedly asked.

The Water Elemental Guard at the side was confused.

He walked over and looked at Yi in confusion.

He asked in a low voice, “What is a classmate Is it a human occupation”

Yi turned around and explained, “Yes, but classmates are more commonly used as a form of address.

They are usually companions that humans learn together.”

The Water Elemental Guard seemed to not understand.

“Does that mean that there are other companions who are inside the seal with Brother Ye”

Yi scratched his head.

He was stumped by this question, so both pairs of inquisitive eyes looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng nodded.

“They are my companions, but it doesnt matter.

Ill ask them to return to the shore.”

Everyone nodded.

Ye Feng continued, “Now, we still need a large amount of Dragon genes.

And in the next few days, Ill continue to look for the sub-Dragons wandering around.”

“Seniors, just rest assured and recover here!”

After saying that, Ye Feng bid farewell to the few Water Elemental Guards, and his figure disappeared into the vast night once again.


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