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Ye Fengs next purpose was also very clear.

That was to explore the surrounding environment while killing some sub-Dragons at the same time!

It would be best if it was like the seventh or eighth generation sub-Dragons.

The purity of the Dragon Seed that could be obtained would logically be higher.

Ye Feng walked forward and released his perception ability to constantly explore his surroundings.

He could actually release a Slime to explore the map, but the Slime was easy to find, after all.

Ye Feng still wanted to use stealth to detect those sub-Dragons.

Because these sub-Dragons all existed in groups, if one of them sensed Ye Fengs existence, a group of sub-Dragons would rush over.

Even if Ye Feng could kill a sub-Dragon below eighth generation without injury, if it was a group of them, it would be very difficult.

It was best to be careful.

And at this moment, the audience was watching Ye Fengs live broadcast as if they were watching mosaics.

Because this was the bottom of the lake, and this was a super lake.

The area itself was large, and the bottom of the lake was still very far from the surface of the lake.

It was impossible for light to reach the bottom of the lake, so the bottom of the lake was naturally pitch black.

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Moreover, the contestants participating in the freshmen assessment were all tracked and filmed by Teacher Andys Air Detection Eye.

Firstly, there was not much oxygen at the bottom of the lake, and secondly, there was not enough light, so Ye Feng, who had entered the area at the bottom of the lake from the very beginning… The live broadcast was often interrupted.

Now that they had arrived at the area at the bottom of the lake, where the Water Elemental Guards were stationed, the signal was completely cut off.

This also caused countless viewers to be distressed.

Among all the live broadcast images, Ye Fengs live broadcast image was the most exciting and the most shocking.

Moreover, he had encountered many awesome things along the way.

Compared to the other contestants, they were either paddling or living in seclusion, completely unable to attract the attention of the viewers.

However, the interruption of Ye Fengs live broadcast caused the audience to have no choice but to focus their attention on other live broadcasts.

After all, this was a freshmen assessment, not a one-on-one assessment for Ye Feng.

Ye Feng walked forward.

With the blessing of [Omniscient Perception], a radius of five to six kilometers was like daylight to him!

Such a view naturally allowed him to see many strange things.

Not only were there large-scale creatures, water creatures, and even all kinds of small-scale fish, he could also see them.

The lake itself was a large-scale ecosystem.

Dont look at how calm the surface of the lake was without a single ripple.

In fact, at the bottom of the lake, was where countless aquatic creatures lived.

All kinds of fish wandered around Ye Feng.

“I dont know how it tastes.

Speaking of which, it seems like I havent eaten fish meat for a long time.” Ye Feng swallowed his saliva.

Countless images of grilled fish and fried fish appeared in his mind.

However, his stomach was not hungry.

It was just a simple craving.

After all, after he devoured and absorbed the sub-Dragons that he killed, a large portion of the energy was converted to his main body through the Slimes.

Therefore, Ye Feng had not eaten for a long time and did not need it at all.

In such a dark and depressing environment, Ye Feng could only use association to ease his emotions.

Although Ye Feng could see everything around him at a glance, this was the bottom of the lake.

Other than the piercing lake water, there was almost nothing that could let Ye Feng know what his environment was like.

The feeling of loneliness and boredom also filled his heart like the rising tide.

For a moment, Ye Feng hoped that Su Fei could come and accompany him.

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At least, he would not be bored on the road.

Now, Ye Feng was bored to death.

He could not wait to find a sub-Dragon and then think of a way to kill it.

Not only would he be satisfied, he would also be able to obtain a Dragon Seed with a high purity!

It was killing two birds with one stone.

At this time, Ye Feng finally discovered the traces of a sub-Dragon!

He immediately released his Slime and let the Slime scout the way first.

At the same time, Ye Feng also concealed his own aura.

At this time, a huge sub-Dragon flew out from the side.

This sub-Dragon was ten meters long and covered in hard scales.

There were two huge Dragon horns on its head and sharp teeth on its mouth.

‘Its a giant sub-Dragon!

‘This aura is actually stronger than the previous eighth-generation.

It should be a seventh-generation sub-Dragon!

Ye Feng thought to himself.

His meticulous thoughts were like a machine.

Although he was in an extremely oppressive environment, he could still maintain his rational thinking.

The seventh-generation was more than just a little stronger than the eighth-generation.

This was how the generations of sub-Dragons were divided.

Each generation of sub-Dragons had a huge difference in strength.

The strength of seventh-generation was equivalent to the strength of two eighth-generation sub-Dragons!

Of course, Ye Feng could choose to go head-on, but he would also receive a huge impact.

This kind of action was not worth it.

Ye Feng thought again and again.

He would definitely find a good opportunity to make a move again.

First, he had to confirm if there were other sub-Dragons around.

Then, he had to assess the difference in strength between him and the sub-Dragon.

After doing all these things, Ye Feng would take action.

Otherwise, everything would be too dangerous for him!

This was not a joke.

If he died, he would really die!

The Slime wandered around the surroundings but did not find anything unusual.

“Eh Whats going on Am I seeing things That shouldnt be.

I clearly saw a sub-Dragon swimming not far ahead,” Ye Feng muttered to himself.

He did not know why such a situation would occur.

He did see a sub-Dragon swimming not far away, but did not find it.

Ye Feng was unwilling to give up.

He decided to continue forward and observe carefully again.

Ye Fengs Slime kept swimming around, looking for the appearance of the sub-Dragon, but he found nothing.

‘Looks like my eyes are really blurred.

It should only be a small sub-Dragon. Ye Feng sighed inwardly.

But at this time, Ye Feng suddenly heard the sound of water waves shaking.


It was as if the entire water area was shaking.

It was as if a behemoth was about to appear!

He immediately held his breath and listened carefully.

At this moment, his acute hearing and sense of smell were both activated, and he caught the source of the sound transmission.

In a puddle at the bottom of the lake not far away, a huge creature with a body of nearly 30 meters appeared, and it was slowly swimming toward Ye Feng.

Ye Fengs eyes narrowed slightly.

The appearance of this huge creature seemed to be that of a sub-Dragon!

This sub-Dragon was covered in green scales.

It had a pair of huge wings on its back and a pair of powerful Dragon horns on its head.

This creature was clearly a sub-Dragon!

And it was the seventh-generation sub-Dragon that Ye Feng had just discovered!

The body of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon was extremely strong and contained powerful energy.

Once it exploded, it could tear everything apart.

Perhaps this area was the active area of this seventh-generation sub-Dragon.

That was why it was wandering here!


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