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Ye Feng was also very careful.

In the face of a sub-Dragon of a higher generation, the first thing he had to do was not to expose himself.

He had to make a pre-emptive strike.

At least, he had to strike first and gain an advantage!

If he waited for his opponent to strike first, he would immediately fall into a passive situation.

In a fight with a sub-Dragon, especially a sub-Dragon with a higher gene purity, once he fell into a passive situation, the outcome would often be very tragic.

Ye Feng hid behind the seventh-generation sub-Dragons and crazily urged the spiritual power in his body.

Under the support of the Dragon Seed, Ye Feng almost instantly had a powerful explosive force.

If this force was completely unleashed, even if the opponent was a seventh-generation sub-Dragon, it would still be severely injured!

Not only was it a bloodline suppression, but it was also a powerful force brought about by a higher purity sub-Dragon!

‘The opponent is a seventh-generation sub-Dragon.

I have to take it down! Ye Feng thought to himself.

The main reason was that there were no other sub-Dragons around this seventh-generation sub-Dragon, so Ye Feng felt that he could fight.

Moreover, the opponent was also a seventh-generation sub-Dragon, so the purity of the Dragon Seed contained in its body was relatively higher.

‘Its still the same.

Ill first use [Split] to summon more Slimes to distract the opponent, then use a binding skill, a few water elemental skills to bind some more, and finally use an attack skill.

If the opponent is still not seriously injured, then Ill directly use the trident! Ye Feng smiled, a plan was born in his mind.

“Come on!”

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Before Ye Feng could finish his sentence, he activated his spiritual energy crazily.

Countless little Slimes suddenly appeared in all directions of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon.

Now, Ye Feng could summon 120 subsidiary bodies of Slimes at the maximum.

In other words, he could summon 120 little Slimes in an instant, so he could appear in one direction as long as he was not too far away from his position.

This ability did not look like much, but when the Slime subsidiary bodies were attached with a special attribute, it was different!

These little Slimes could completely make 120 invisible super hidden weapons!

“Roar–!!!” The seventh-generation sub-Dragon opened its bloody mouth and let out a roar, shooting water arrows at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was shocked.

So many little Slimes appeared, but it didnt attack them.

Instead, it directly found him!

As expected, a seventh-generation sub-Dragon was much stronger than the eighth-generation sub-Dragon!

Ye Feng was secretly shocked, but at the same time, he became serious.

Since he was discovered ahead of time, lets do it!

Who was afraid of who Ye Fengs defensive ability was almost full.

If he took the attack without any defense, he would be completely fine, not to mention that he had the support of the three-piece Sea Stone Set.

From the looks of it, Ye Feng was a walking shield because his defense was simply insane.

The water arrow flew over quickly.

The tail of the arrow carried a super strong momentum.

The damage of this water arrow might not be very strong, but that momentum could turn an elephant into a pile of minced meat!

Ye Fengs body swayed and dodged the water arrow.

The momentum could not hit him because he had already disappeared on the spot!

The speed was so fast that the seventh-generation sub-Dragon thought that it had seen wrongly and looked around in panic.

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There were only small Slimes scattered everywhere.

The damage of these small Slimes was nothing to it, so the seventh-generation sub-Dragon ignored them.

A deep gaze with a sharp killing intent was observing this seventh-generation sub-Dragon in the dark.

Ye Feng already knew the opponents attack pattern from the previous attack.

The opponent was a seventh-generation sub-Dragon that was good at using water element attacks!

‘That water arrow just now was indeed powerful, but unfortunately, it met me! Ye Feng revealed a smile.

He had a lot of experience playing with water!

As he spoke, a water arrow quietly condensed beside Ye Feng.

‘Then lets see whose water control is better! Ye Feng thought.

In the next moment, a huge aura condensed and then was released!

“[Water Breaking Arrow]!”

That water arrow was released at this moment!


Along the way, a scratch appeared wherever the [Water Breaking Arrow] passed.

The powerful aura directly faced the seventh-generation sub-Dragon!

Ye Feng was also slightly surprised when he saw the scratch.

After all, only a powerful force could make the [Water Breaking Arrow] reach a certain level of impact to reach such a level.

In other words, the [Water Breaking Arrow] that Ye Feng released now was no longer the same as before.

It had completely increased by several levels!


The [Water Breaking Arrow] was extremely fast, and the seventh-generation sub-Dragon reacted quickly as well.

As its body twitched, afterimages even appeared.

However, the speed of the [Water Breaking Arrow] was even faster.

It directly bombarded the body of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon, and a huge wave of water ripples instantly attacked in all directions!

Wherever the water ripples passed, mountains and rivers were shattered!

This powerful wave of power made Ye Feng extremely pleasantly surprised.

Such a powerful force was completely swallowed by this seventh-generation sub-Dragon, and the damage it would cause would definitely be even greater!

The water wave dissipated, and the seventh-generation sub-Dragon met it with a bang.

A large piece of its scales was torn open, and fresh red blood splattered everywhere.

“Roar——!!” The seventh-generation sub-Dragon roared in pain, and the aura on its body was no longer as strong as before!

This attack successfully injured its opponent!

“Is this the power brought by the Dragon Seed in my body” Ye Feng felt that it was very powerful.

This was only a skill that was casually released.

If it was released at full strength, the power it produced would be even more powerful!

“The [Lord of the Lake] awakened from the water element Slime seems to have a very powerful blessing!” Ye Feng felt a natural resonance with the water element.

It was as if he was water, freely flowing between each of his cells.

This feeling was very strange, and he would only notice this feeling when he was fighting.

This was most likely the [Lord of the Lake]s buff!

“Humph, you lost 5% of your life force with just one attack.

I see how you can take it!” Ye Feng snorted lightly.

With the support of the powerful Dragon Seed, Ye Feng took his opponents life with one attack.

But at the same time, his opponents wounds were healing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“…Its a waste of time to be happy.

Every sub-Dragon has a different constitution!” Ye Feng didnt have time to be shocked, but the opponent immediately reacted.


The seventh-generation sub-Dragon let out an angry roar.

It swung its tail and fiercely attacked Ye Feng.

At this moment, Ye Fengs body also moved quickly and grabbed the tail of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon!

“Awoo!” The seventh-generation sub-Dragon was stopped and could not help but let out an angry howl.

Its tail continuously struggled.

On Ye Fengs arm, a ray of golden light flashed.

Immediately after, he punched the head of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon.

With a muffled sound, the scales on the head of the seventh-generation sub-Dragon shattered, and blood flowed.

It cried out in pain, and its tail stopped for a moment.


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