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With this thought in mind, a wave of energy surged through his body, and all sorts of attributes were activated at full power!

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining an upgrade and comprehending a new water-type skill!]

Hearing this, Ye Feng was shocked.

It was actually a new skill!

“Theres finally a new skill.

Let me see what it is.”

Following Ye Fengs curiosity, the systems voice sounded once again.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the Water Element Defensive Skill, [Turtle Shell Shield]!]

[Hosts defensive attributes have been greatly increased!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the Water Element Movement Skill, [Riding the Wind and Breaking Waves]!]

[Hosts speed attributes have been greatly increased!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the Water Element Healing Skill [Water Gods Protection]!]

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Hearing the series of system notifications, Ye Feng went crazy with joy.

He had actually obtained three new skills in one go!

“Thats great! Now that I have gathered all three skills, I already have three water-element offensive skills.

Adding the three defensive skills now, it should be enough!” Ye Feng muttered.

Then, he looked around.

After confirming that there was no one around, he planned to try out his new skills.

After all, if he didnt try out his new skills, how would he know what use it was!

Thinking of this, Ye Feng immediately began to use his own skill!

“[Riding the Wind and Breaking Waves!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Feng suddenly felt as light as a swallow.

This kind of lightness was unprecedented.

Moreover, Ye Feng was still in the middle of a lake.

Speed and so on would all be greatly affected.

However, after activating the skill, Ye Feng was practically unimpeded.

Any resistance instantly turned into zero.

Ye Fengs figure was like a gust of violent wind as he quickly shuttled through.

In front of him, a withered tree root was broken through the middle!

‘What a strong impact force! Ye Feng narrowed his eyes and thought to himself.

Such a strong impact also represented an extremely strong speed.

Moreover, considering that this was a water environment, Ye Feng roughly understood 70-80% of this skill.

After fighting with the Yalong, Ye Feng was not worried that his speed would be surpassed.

After all, this skill was basically equivalent to a cyclist being surpassed by a motorcyclist.

This kind of pleasure was something that others could not experience.

‘I wonder what use is the [Turtle Shell Shield] Thinking of this, Ye Feng immediately released the water element defensive skill, [Turtle Shell Shield].

This shield was like an inscription that lingered around Ye Feng, like a turtle shell formed by water currents.

It looked very powerful, but it was a pity that there was no battle now.

Otherwise, he could test out his defensive ability.

But he could feel that his water element defensive skill was very powerful.

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As long as it was not fatal, it was almost useless against him.

Even the water shield he released was more powerful than a normal metal wall.

He immediately calmed down.

He knew that this [Turtle Shell Shield] was very suitable for him to use and also for defense!

Moreover, the most important thing was that under such circumstances, he did not need to worry about being attacked.

Under such circumstances, it was equivalent to an absolutely safe state.

Even if danger came… He did not need to worry about losing his ability to fight!

‘I cant experience the remaining healing skill for the time being.

Lets talk about it later! Ye Feng was satisfied.

He glanced at the seventh-generation sub-Dragon that had fallen and was also completely devoured by the little Slime.

Just as Ye Feng was about to leave, another wave of system notifications sounded in his mind!

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have received a large increase in spiritual power!]

[You have three chances to advance! Please choose the sequence to evolve!]

Ye Feng was overjoyed when he heard this.

‘I finally have a chance to evolve to another sequence!

Ye Feng did not expect that this seventh-generation sub-Dragon could give him so many surprises.

But unfortunately, this sub-Dragon could only harvest 5% of the Dragon Seed, and what Ye Feng needed the most was to collect enough Dragon Seed purity as soon as possible.

But to be able to bring him so many evolutions, Ye Feng was also somewhat happy.

But he had awakened quite a number of Slime sequences, so how could he distribute them well Fortunately, he had obtained quite a number of evolutions this time, a total of three times!

This was also one of the great evolutions that Ye Feng had obtained after killing three sub-Dragons.

Now, Ye Feng had to make good use of this opportunity to improve his abilities.

Otherwise, if his abilities were too weak in battles later on, it would not be a good outcome.

‘Right now, there is only the water element in the attack-type sequences.

I should not need to evolve any more.

I should replenish my logistics first. Ye Feng thought for a moment and felt that since he did not primarily attack, his current water element ability… It was enough.

After all, he was not a warrior now.

Moreover, the Magic Conductors path and the water element ability were both magic attacks.

However, Ye Feng still felt that he needed to upgrade his defensive or comprehensive sequence.

Right now, Ye Feng relied on his powerful defensive ability to fight against almost all seventh generations and below.

He could remain unharmed because of his powerful defense.

Although his attack power wasnt very outstanding, it was enough.

If his defense was insufficient…

The outcome of Ye Fengs battle with the seventh-generation sub-Dragon wouldnt be so easy.

Moreover, the seventh-generation sub-Dragon had even launched two fatal attacks at Ye Feng.

Both of them were enough to take Ye Fengs life.

However, Ye Feng had full defense, so it wasnt a big problem for him.

‘My defense-type sequences are only [Perception], [Regeneration], and [Mimicry].

My [Perception] sequence has been upgraded before, so Ill ignore it for now.

[Regeneration] or [Mimicry].

Ill consider one out of the two. Ye Feng scratched his head and thought about it again and again.

[Regeneration] and [Mimicry] were two sequences that Ye Feng often used.

Back when he was with the Murlocs, if he did not have [Mimicry], he would have long gone cold.

[Regeneration] was also useful in almost every battle.

‘System, analyze this.

Which of these two sequences is better for me to evolve

Ye Feng did not want to think about it anymore, so he directly called the system out to help him deduce.

[Ding, deduction in progress…]

[Ding! It is recommended that the host raise the [Regeneration] sequence, which can greatly strengthen ones physique and give a new awakening to ones defensive abilities.

Currently, it is what the host needs the most.]

The systems analysis was quickly transmitted into Ye Fengs mind.

‘[Regeneration]… Alright! Ye Feng made up his mind.

With a thought, his body instantly had a powerful reaction.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, [Regeneration] sequence has evolved!]

[You have obtained two sequence abilities: [Regeneration and Restoration] and [Nerve Regeneration!]

[Regeneration and Restoration] could heal any damaged part.

And [Nerve Regeneration] could allow Ye Feng to recover from his injuries to a certain extent and at the same time, speed up his recovery.

The characteristic of these two abilities was that they could quickly heal ones injuries.


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