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Ye Feng listened to the systems introduction and smiled.

“Not bad.

Now, my defense can be comparable to the seventh-generation sub-Dragon, or even better!”

Ye Feng really needed the ability [Regeneration and Restoration] because his body had already reached its limit.

If he suffered any more damage, then Ye Feng might not even have a chance to live.

Ye Feng was very satisfied with the sequence of [Regeneration and Restoration].

Moreover, there was another point.

The effects of these abilities could greatly increase his ability to survive.

Ye Feng felt the changes in his body and was very satisfied.

Now he still had two more chances.

Which sequence should he evolve next This gave Ye Feng a headache.

If he could, it would be the best if he could increase all the sequences.

However, there were many skills following each sequence.

If he could evolve all of them, the amount of spiritual energy consumed would be unimaginable for Ye Feng.

The system gave him three chances.

It was also an opportunity provided by Ye Feng killing the three sub-Dragons and devouring their spiritual energy in the end.

Therefore, Ye Feng treasured such an opportunity very much.

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‘I should upgrade the [Mimicry] sequence as well! Theres only one last chance.

I can consider keeping it for now, or I can use it again in the future, Ye Feng thought to himself.

Then, with a thought, the water nearby suddenly flickered.

Then, a huge golden ball appeared, and runes began to slowly appear within the ball.


The runes flashed and disappeared.

‘The [Mimicry] sequence has evolved to this extent Ye Feng looked at the golden ball and was somewhat surprised.

The [Mimicry] sequence was already the sequence that Ye Feng had upgraded the most, which was why it evolved to such a scene.

If it continued to evolve, it was very likely that it would reach its limit.

Ye Feng did not know anything about the concept of limits.

Under the control of Ye Fengs will, the appearance of the entire golden sphere began to change.

Many patterns began to appear and eventually, it turned into a round egg-shaped object!

‘This should be edible, right Ye Feng looked at the duck-egg-sized object hesitantly.


The golden ball cracked and all the energy inside was released.

Waves after waves of golden light covered Ye Fengs body.

Almost in an instant, Ye Fengs body underwent a great change.

Crack! Crack–!

A great change was emitted from Ye Fengs body.

It was as if there was a force controlling him, causing him to not only make all kinds of actions, but also look very strange.

There were many actions that were not something that humans could do.

The moment his consciousness blurred, Ye Feng completely felt an unknown force and also felt the exuberance of life.

Almost all the species on Earth were mimicked by Ye Feng at this moment.

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It was as if this was a dream, but it made Ye Feng feel very real, because this was indeed not a dream!

‘Is this the backtrack of a species Ye Feng regained his consciousness.

While he was puzzled, the systems voice appeared.

[Ding! [Mimicry] sequence evolution successful!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, [Mimicry] sequence has entered a new mode.

You have obtained a new ability, [Gene Retrofit]!] The systems notification sounded in Ye Fengs ears.

[Your abilities, [Camouflage] and [Super Simulation] have been combined and upgraded to [Ultimate Replication]!]

[Your ability [Ultimate Spiderweb] has evolved to [Spiderweb Punishment]!]

In an instant, the feeling that the new ability gave ye Feng was an extremely strong reaction!

‘It actually upgraded the entire sequence of abilities! Ye Feng was shocked and his heart was already blooming with joy.

Furthermore, the system said that the [Mimicry] sequence had entered a brand new mode.

Although there was no explanation, Ye Feng could feel a brand new power surging within his body!

‘I didnt expect that after raising my defense sequence, I would actually be able to gain some attack attributes as well.

This is truly great!

Ye Feng retracted his ability.

Although he had obtained a new ability, [Gene Retrofit], he still needed a target before he could release it.

Since he was temporarily unable to conduct experiments here, Ye Feng decided to give up.

‘I should save the remaining opportunity for later! Later, Ill continue searching for sub-Dragons to battle.

This way, Ill be able to know more directly which aspect of my strength I need to raise! Ye Feng thought to himself.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly felt a shocking power erupting in front of him.


Ye Feng looked in the direction of the explosion and immediately frowned.

He wondered, “Why is there a big explosion for no reason Whats going on in that place!”

At this moment, Ye Feng was a little confused.

His body moved and he immediately flew in that direction.

As he got closer and closer to the point of the explosion…

Suddenly, Ye Feng felt an unprecedented powerful feeling!

“This aura Its a sub-Dragon!” Ye Feng was shocked.

This aura was definitely not something that a low-level sub-Dragon could release!

According to algebra estimates, this aura was close to a fourth-generation!

“There seems to be someone there”

Under the situation where Ye Fengs perception was completely released, the situation of the surrounding sounds were all clearly seen by Ye Feng.

He could clearly see that there was an incomparably huge sub-Dragon that was confronting the people below!

And that sub-Dragon was the fourth-generation sub-Dragon that appeared in Ye Fengs perception!

‘Not good, its the Water Elemental Guards!

Ye Feng was shocked.

His figure flashed and he instantly arrived at the nearby area.

With the powerful strength that he had just evolved, Ye Feng would not directly charge forward.

After all, everything had to be stable, and he did not know what situation the other party was in.

Ye Feng would not even make a move.

Of course, if this situation was very critical, after all, the five Water Elemental Guards seemed to have been suppressed by the fourth-generation sub-Dragon!

Moreover, the explosion just now seemed to be the impact released by the sub-Dragon.

The aura of the fourth-generation sub-Dragon burst out, and waves of water elemental power burst out from its body.

Wherever that aura went, it could cause great damage to almost everything, especially the infiltration attack from the spirit!

This was somewhat related to the bloodline suppression.

The bloodline suppression was more about the suppression of strength.

However, if the gap between the opponent and the sub-Dragon was too big, then this suppression could be all-encompassing!

One could see that the five Water Elemental Guards were suppressed by this fourth-generation sub-Dragon to the point that they couldnt even move!

As for the sub-Dragon, the water ball in its mouth had already been released once.

The bodies of the Water Elemental Guards were extremely powerful, and it was also made up of water elements.

Although they had completely withstood the attack of the fourth-generation sub-Dragons water ball, they had received a heavy injury.

Their bodies were slightly shattered, but their consciousness and spirit were still intact.

If this injury had been inflicted on a human, they would have been long gone.

However, the Water Elemental Guards were different.

After they recovered to their peak, their bodys recovery ability was also very strong.

Moreover, they were still B- grade!


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