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“Roar!” The fourth-generation let out an angry roar as an incomparably powerful water ball condensed once again from its mouth.

Ye Feng frowned and also clenched his fists.

In this situation, he had no choice but to make a move at any time.

After all, this was a fourth-generation sub-Dragon, and its level completely crushed him.

Just now, fighting against the seventh-generation sub-Dragon required a lot of time, and they were evenly matched.

Now that the opponent was a fourth-generation sub-Dragon, it was completely incomparable to the seventh-generation sub-Dragon.

Whether it was in terms of size, strength, and various attributes, the seventh-generation sub-Dragon was completely incomparable.

For example, if the seventh-generation sub-Dragon was a piranha, then the fourth-generation sub-Dragon was a shark.

Between the two, no matter how they compared, the piranha could not have the strength of a shark.

‘The fourth-generations strength is far above mine.

I must not act rashly.

If it attacks those senior guards, then I can only bite the bullet! Ye Fengs eyes revealed a look of responsibility.

‘If I cant beat it, then run! Ye Feng thought.

He knew that his strength was not a match for the fourth-generation sub-Dragon, but if it was necessary, he would definitely make a move.

After all, these senior Water Elemental Guards were the only clues to save Walter.

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A water ball flew out, and in an instant, it shattered space-time!

This terrifying and boundless power made Ye Feng feel incredulous.

If the fourth-generation sub-Dragon was defined by this kind of strength, then wouldnt the third and second generation be even more terrifying existences

Moreover, it was at a terrifying level!

“Roar!” the fourth-generation sub-Dragon roared furiously.

The water ball suddenly smashed towards the few senior Water Elemental Guards.

At this moment, it had fused all of its water attribute special abilities together.

Its power was ten times or a hundred times more terrifying than usual.

Even a single water ball was enough to destroy the entire mountain range.

An incomparably powerful aura was quietly released.

Behind the water ball was a terrifying trail, a light blue shockwave!

What gave Ye Feng the greatest headache was that this water ball was still continuously breaking apart!

Originally, there was only one water ball, but as it was released with a loud bang, it was instantly split into multiple parts.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten water ball traces flew over!

These water balls were all formed from the fourth-generation sub-Dragons special abilities.

They could be said to be incomparably terrifying.

Boom, boom, boom…

A few deafening explosions sounded.

The entire mountain range at the bottom of the lake seemed to have been razed to the ground, and the surrounding boulders flew about.

“Lets go!” Ye Feng shouted in a low voice.

If he did not go now, those seniors might die on the spot!

His footsteps moved slightly, and his figure flashed rapidly like a ghost.

His movement technique was fully displayed.

This was also the passive effect of [Riding the Wind and Breaking Waves].

It allowed Ye Fengs speed in the water to increase exponentially.

As long as he maintained the increase in movement speed, then Ye Fengs speed would also become faster and faster, even surpassing the speed of sound in one move!

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Of course, it was impossible to do it now, but the upper limit of [Riding the Wind and Breaking Waves] was very high!


Waves of violent collision sounds continued to be heard.

The water balls of the fourth-generation sub-Dragon grew denser and denser, and the four water pillars continuously smashed out.

It directly caused the surface of the lake to churn and water to splash in all directions, as if the end of the world had arrived.

The bottom of the lake was originally incomparably dark, and the audience in the live broadcast room was still wondering what had happened to Ye Feng.

Now, in an instant, Ye Fengs streaming screen turned white.

The viewers who had been paying attention to Ye Feng were dumbfounded.

“Good god, the screen was black for a long time, and I thought it had recovered.

I didnt expect it to turn white now!”

“Brothers, God Feng seems to be fighting! Look at the streaming screen carefully.

Its not pure white, but there are many screen flashes!”

“Awesome! God Feng actually keeps fighting when we cant watch his live stream.

No wonder his points keep rising!”


At this time, Ye Feng had already rushed hundreds of meters away, and was very close to those senior guards.

Ye Fengs face was solemn, and a blue trident appeared in his hand.

He jumped up, and the trident slashed straight forward, splitting the closest water ball into two!


The instant the water ball was split open, a violent force overflowed in all directions.

In an instant, the surrounding area was completely destroyed!

That scene was something that could not even be described with words!

After a long while, everyone woke up from the shock.

Yi was the first to open his eyes and look around.

He discovered that he was wrapped in an indescribable liquid.

It was precisely the protection of this liquid that allowed them to avoid the huge force that erupted just now.

Otherwise, they would have already been heavily injured.

If they were to suffer such a level of damage again, they would be half dead even if they did not die.

Although their bodies were completely made of elements, it was impossible for them to withstand such damage.

“Brother Ye Feng! Why are you here!” Yi was the first to see Ye Feng, who was not far away, and his face was immediately filled with joy.

Ye Feng had actually suddenly charged out to save them.

This was something Yi had not expected.

After all, in front of such a powerful sub-Dragon, appearing rashly in a situation where he was completely unable to fight against it was tantamount to courting death.

“Senior Yi, I sensed the terrifying aura here from afar, so I rushed over to take a look.

I didnt expect to run into you guys,” Ye Feng explained, and the aura on his body grew stronger.

After all, what he was going to face next was this extremely terrifying sub-Dragon in front of him!

“Brother Ye Feng, this sub-Dragon is extremely terrifying.

Its name is [Sea Monster], and its algebra has reached the third generation.

We are no match for it.

Youd better leave quickly!” Yi explained, his expression extremely complicated.

The surrounding Water Elemental Guards also had unusually grave expressions.

When Ye Feng heard this, he immediately frowned.

‘I thought it was a fourth-generation sub-Dragon, but I didnt expect it to be a third-generation sub-Dragon.

Furthermore, it has a codename.

One look and I can tell that it is an old rival of the Water Elemental Guards! Ye Feng thought to himself.

He also had an ominous premonition.

Originally, the gap between him and a fourth-generation sub-Dragon was already huge.

Now that the bloodline of [Sea Monster] had even reached the third generation, this gave Ye Feng quite a bit of pressure.

In the previous battles, Ye Feng would never take the initiative to use the Sea Stone Trident.

But just now, in order to save the senior Water Elemental Guards, he directly used it.

The effect was still acceptable.

This point had been verified by Ye Feng, so he planned to use the trident to test Sea Monster again next.

If the other partys strength was really several times stronger than his, then Ye Feng could only give up.

In terms of speed, Ye Feng was still slightly superior.

There was still a chance for him to escape with the five senior Water Elemental Guards.

But Ye Feng did not want to give up on this delicious food.

Not to mention the third generation, Ye Feng had only fought a seventh-generation Dragon Seed before.

Three seeds were the difference between three generations.

If he could really defeat him, Ye Feng would definitely be able to harvest a lot of purity for the Dragon Seed!

Perhaps after this time, the purity of Ye Fengs Dragon Seed would accumulate enough!


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