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“Seniors, take advantage of the gap to leave this place!” Ye Feng said in a low voice.

His voice was not loud, but it could accurately enter the ears of the Water Elemental Guards.

Everyone nodded and became faster.

Soon, they disappeared from Ye Fengs sight.

“Come on! Lets see what you can do!” Ye Feng shouted coldly, and his figure also soared.

Sea Monster saw that the Water Elemental Guards were escaping under Ye Fengs cover, and it suddenly became extremely furious.

Its cold scarlet eyes swept over.

A sense of fear that came from the bottom of Ye Fengs heart continuously spread!

‘Not good, this is a spiritual attack! Ye Feng cried in his heart and hurriedly circulated his spiritual energy to resist the spiritual attack.

“Roar!” Sea Monster let out an angry roar.

The aura it emitted became more and more powerful, as if it wanted to tear everything apart, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

Ye Feng was greatly shocked.

He already knew that this Sea Monsters strength was already many times stronger than his own.

Moreover, this level was the true sub-Dragon.

Compared to the eighth or seventh generations Ye Feng had encountered before, it was simply like playing house!

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Moreover, this was only the spiritual suppression of this Sea Monster.

It possessed extremely terrifying spiritual power.

Once he was penetrated by a spiritual attack, the consequences would definitely be very serious.

Ye Feng did not have time to hesitate.

He immediately mobilized the power in his body and continuously urged [Starfire Meditation].

A large amount of magic power flowed out and condensed into a defensive barrier, enveloping himself within it to resist the attack of the spiritual power.

Waves of sharp and ear-piercing sounds rang out.

Those spiritual attacks were all blocked by the barrier condensed outside Ye Fengs body.

They could not harm Ye Feng at all.

Ye Fengs heart relaxed.

Fortunately, he only needed to block the spiritual attacks and there was no need to worry about any danger.


Sea Monster roared once again.

Its eyes were scarlet red as if blood was about to drip out.

Its body suddenly grew taller and instantly became a 30-meter-tall giant sea monster.

Its entire body was covered in black scales, emitting a faint green glow.

The fangs at the corner of its mouth were ferocious and sharp, like blades.

‘So terrifying! Ye Feng exclaimed.

He now knew why this third-generation sub-Dragon was codenamed Sea Monster!


Sea Monster continued to roar.

A violent fluctuation came from the surrounding space, as if the space was about to be torn apart.

‘Its really difficult to deal with! Ye Fengs expression changed slightly, and he was also secretly shocked.


The ground beneath Ye Fengs feet suddenly began to tremble violently.

Mountain peaks continued to collapse, and cracks crisscrossed across the ground like a spider web.

‘Oh no! Ye Feng secretly cried out in his heart, and immediately flew into the distance.


The ground suddenly exploded, and a huge mushroom cloud soared into the sky.

Countless dust filled the air, obscuring ones vision.

Sea Monster was still roaring, and Ye Fengs speed was also extremely fast.

Before Sea Monster could react, he had already dodged and left this place.

‘Dodging like this wont solve any problems at all! Ye Feng thought to himself.

Looking at the incomparably violent Sea Monster in front of him, Ye Feng frowned.

‘I have to think of something.

I have to make it shed a layer of skin!

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After receiving a few moves just now, Ye Feng could basically determine what type of sub-Dragon the other party was.

It was more of a spiritual spell type, a powerful third-generation sub-Dragon!

“Since this guys spiritual spell attack is so powerful, I dont believe that your defensive ability is also so powerful!” Ye Feng said coldly.

His body flashed to the side, and his crazy spiritual power was continuously activated.

With the blessing of the Dragon Seed, Ye Fengs spiritual power was almost several times more than before.

With just the skills that Ye Feng now had, he could basically use them at any level.

Of course, if it was a high consumption, then even if he had super much spiritual power, it would still be a waste.

But Ye Feng was not that kind of person.

‘[Spiderweb Punishment]!

‘[Water Breaking Arrow]!

Two skills were released at the same time, and Ye Fengs figure changed again and again.

After all, he had to visually confuse Sea Monster first.

The appearance of the spiderweb could basically make it appear quietly beside the opponent, and he could freely attack the enemy.

As for [Water Breaking Arrow], after Ye Feng changed his figure and released it from different discoveries, he could confuse the opponent and achieve an instant attack that caught the enemy off guard.

If he was lucky, Ye Feng could at least break through one of the more than ten directions.

Once it was broken, Ye Feng could immediately control the spiderweb and crazily attack that part!

Moreover, Ye Feng could still continue to summon other skills.

He only needed to continuously attack that part and that would be enough.

At the very least, he could cripple the opponent!

However, things were often not as good as he imagined!

After Ye Fengs [Water Breaking Arrows] were fired from more than a dozen directions at the same time, they carried a powerful force as they shot toward Sea Monster.

But when they hit Sea Monster, Sea Monster did not react at all!

‘What the h*ll is this! Ye Feng stared at Sea Monster in shock, and Sea Monsters scarlet eyes were also staring at Ye Feng at the same time.

The spiritual penetration did not stop for a moment.

As long as it stared at Ye Feng, a wave of fear that came from the bottom of his heart would naturally arise.

To be honest, this fear greatly affected Ye Fengs performance.

However, what made Ye Feng even angrier was that the other party was actually unharmed in the face of more than a dozen of his [Water Breaking Arrows]!

This was fine, but the other party did not seem to realize that it had been attacked!

“This skin is too thick!” Ye Feng said helplessly.

He did not believe it and continued to control the spiderweb, launching a second round of attack.

More than ten spiderwebs suddenly appeared around Sea Monster, but two-thirds of the number was broken by the aura emitted by Sea Monster, leaving only a few spiderwebs.

Under Ye Fengs full control, one of the spiderwebs came to Sea Monsters abdomen.

Under Ye Fengs full-strength spiritual power injection, that spiderweb transformed into countless spiderwebs, and in an instant, it attacked Sea Monsters abdomen!

The abdomen of sub-Dragons was supposed to be the weakest part of the sub-Dragons.

Ye Feng also thought that he was going to succeed.

If the spiderwebs pierced into Sea Monsters abdomen, then Ye Feng could follow it and inject more power into it.

After a large wave of upgrades, Ye Fengs spiderweb not only became stronger, but it could also disintegrate into countless strands with just one strand of spiderweb!

The [Spiderweb Punishment] skill was not only divided into [Mimicry] sequence, but also contained a part of the ability of the [Devouring] sequence!

It was supposed to be the weakness of Sea Monster that Ye Feng had noticed, but just when Ye Feng thought that he had succeeded, the spiderwebs were directly annihilated after it touched Sea Monster!

‘Whats going on! Ye Feng was shocked.

This powerful force seemed to have never been detected on a sub-Dragons body before.

But now, it suddenly appeared!

‘Could it be a special force of the third generation! Ye Feng released his perception and continued to permeate the other party, but it was fruitless.

In terms of spiritual power, how could Ye Feng be Sea Monsters opponent!


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