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‘I cant go on like this, or Ill die of exhaustion sooner or later! Ye Fengs eyes flashed with a cold light as he thought to himself.

However, there was no way for him to escape now.

If he ran away rashly… Sea Monster would definitely chase after him.

At that time, he might even harm the Water Elemental Guards, so he had to be very careful with every step he took.


Sea Monster let out a roar once again and pounced at Ye Feng again.

Its huge tail ruthlessly struck the ground, shattering the hard rock layer, and a huge pit appeared on the ground.

Ye Feng frowned and moved quickly to avoid Sea Monsters attack.

However, Sea Monster was too fast.

After dodging a few times, Ye Fengs shoulder was still hit by Sea Monster, and his shoulder blade was almost broken.

“Humph!” Ye Feng snorted and did not hesitate anymore.

He took out the Sea Stone Trident and stabbed it at Sea Monster.


Sea Monster roared and golden light burst out from its body.

The powerful force pushed Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident away.

Ye Feng was surprised that this golden light was so strong and dazzling!

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This was the power of a Dragon Seed.

All Dragons were like this.

If they burned their Dragon Seeds and activated the supreme and domineering Dragon power, they would definitely burst out with golden light.

Moreover, the golden light in this Sea Monsters body was actually so strong.

That must mean that this Sea Monsters body must contain a large amount of purity of the Dragon Seed!

It was definitely not common for this power to erupt from other sub-Dragons, but this was Sea Monster, a third-generation sub-Dragon!

Although Ye Feng had long been mentally prepared, he could not help but exclaim in surprise.


The Sea Stone Trident collided with Sea Monsters huge claws, emitting a muffled sound.

Ye Fengs expression changed slightly.

He did not expect Sea Monsters skin defense to be so strong.

He had no way to cut off its claws!

However, this was only temporary.

As long as he could find the weakness to destroy its claws, he could completely defeat this Sea Monster.

“Roar!” Sea Monster let out a low roar.

Its body shook and Ye Feng was sent flying, spitting out blood.

However, this little injury was nothing to Ye Feng.

He quickly adjusted his body condition and continued to fight with Sea Monster.

This Sea Monster was really too difficult to deal with.

However, all of this was nothing to Ye Feng.

As long as he continued to use the Sea Stone Trident, he could slowly wear down its vitality.

Sea Monster roared and attacked again.

A golden pillar of light rose from the bottom of the sea and attacked Ye Feng!

“Humph! Small tricks!” Ye Feng snorted and dodged the golden pillar of light in a flash.


Another collision sound rang and Ye Feng was forced back again.

Ye Feng knew that this light pillar had a limit.

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However, he was not in a hurry.

He took out the Sea Stone Trident again and rushed toward that light pillar.


The lake water churned again and the huge body of Sea Monster appeared in front of Ye Fengs eyes once again.


Sea Monster let out a furious roar and attacked again.

Ye Feng dodged again, holding the Sea Stone Trident in his hand, and rushed toward Sea Monster again and again.

Sea Monster shot out beams of golden light one after another, forcing Ye Feng to retreat step by step.

However, all of this was in vain.

Ye Feng continued to approach Sea Monster.

On the far shore.


“Something seems to be happening!”

“I can sense it too!”

“Whats going on Is there any danger here”


The people who were cultivating had already gotten used to seeing the lake boiling and thinking that there was a new explosion.

When they heard the loud noise in the distance again, they were still frightened.

One by one, they opened their eyes and looked into the distance, trying to figure out what was happening.

However, with their strength, they could not step into the lake.

They could only watch quietly from the shore.

To them, this was a great danger and also a great opportunity.

No one was willing to leave.

When they saw Su Fei and Li Yao, who were closer to the shore, they became even more convinced of their inner choice.

After all, they were ranked 3rd and 12th on the list.

They were both standing by the shore, unwilling to leave.

What did this mean It meant that there must be a great opportunity!

They were all waiting for an opportunity to enter!


At this moment, Ye Feng had already rushed to Sea Monsters side.

His repeated attacks had beaten Sea Monster until it was covered in wounds and blood flowed down.

‘Its finally working.

Looks like I still have to use physical attacks to make this guy suffer! Ye Feng thought to himself.

At this moment, he had already used up a large amount of strength, but he was still able to continue fighting with Sea Monster.


Sea Monsters anger was once again stimulated.

Its body suddenly shook and sent Ye Feng flying.

Its huge claws clawed at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng hurriedly dodged.

His body swayed and once again landed on Sea Monsters back.

He launched another attack on Sea Monsters back.


Sea Monster was cut by Ye Fengs trident.

A piece of flesh was torn off, revealing its white ribs.

The pain caused it to let out a blood-curdling scream.

At the same time, it let out an angry roar.

It could not believe that Ye Feng had really injured it.

Although this Sea Monster was a three-generation sub-Dragon, its combat strength was extremely strong, it had never met an opponent.

There were very few opponents among its kind, let alone humans!

The innate Dragon race bloodline was stronger than humans.

Although the sub-Dragon was not a true Dragon race, it was still a side issue!

No matter what, the Dragon Seed and Dragon genes in the body all existed, but the purity was not that high!

However, Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident not only possessed the sharpness of the Sea Stone Trident, it also possessed Ye Fengs terrifying strength.

This was the change brought about by the Sea Stone Trident.

Ye Feng took this opportunity to charge at Sea Monster again.

The Sea Stone Trident in his hand waved repeatedly, and a terrifying aura shot out.

Sea Monster was beaten up by Ye Feng and was unable to attack Ye Feng for a moment.

At this moment, Ye Feng suddenly saw Sea Monsters body tremble.

A tentacle quickly extended and stabbed toward Sea Monsters abdomen!

Ye Feng immediately understood what was going on.

This tentacle was Sea Monsters weakness.

Perhaps it was a tentacle used to repair itself.

As long as the tentacle was cut off, Sea Monster would be dead.


Sea Monster roared in pain.

Its body struggled crazily, trying to get rid of Ye Fengs restraint.

However, Ye Feng would not let this Sea Monster get what it wanted.

His body swayed and rushed toward Sea Monster again.

Streams of terrifying aura kept slashing out.

Sea Monsters body was split open and blood kept spraying out.

However, although the power of this attack was great, it was not enough to kill Sea Monster.

This attack only gave Ye Feng a chance to rest.

Ye Feng calmed himself down, stood up, and ran toward Sea Monster again.

Sea Monsters attack came again.

What surprised Ye Feng was that Sea Monster could react immediately and charge over despite being heavily injured!

This simply refreshed Ye Fengs knowledge once again.

He had heard that the Dragon race was extremely powerful, but he had never heard that the Dragon race did not care about their lives!

This time, Ye Feng did not dodge.

Instead, he brandished the Sea Stone Trident and launched a fierce attack at Sea Monster.

For a time, Sea Monster was continuously injured.

Ferocious wounds appeared on its body.

Fresh blood dripped down, making it look exceptionally frightening.

Not far away, seeing Ye Feng and Sea Monsters battle, the Water Elemental Guards expressions froze.

They looked extremely shocked.

They did not expect Ye Fengs combat strength to be so strong that even the third-generation Sea Monster could not harm him!

Wasnt this too exaggerated!


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