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Under the constant exploration of Ye Fengs [Perception] sequence, he discovered a small hill not far away from the enchantment.

There seemed to be a book made of paper.

Although it was said to be a book, it was actually not.

This book only had half of it, and it looked more like a remnant scroll.

He did not expect that there would be such a remnant scroll in the depths of the lake.

Although he did not know what was recorded in it, this environment was enough to accentuate the mysteriousness of this remnant scroll.

“Could this be a great opportunity in the lake Some kind of ancient secret manual!” The more Ye Feng thought about it, the more excited he became.

He released the Slime sub-body and planned to take it over and slowly analyze it.

Yi looked over.

He shook his head.

“This remnant scroll is probably some unimportant thing.

After all, before we appeared here, there was nothing here.

It was only slowly evolving and developing before this became a lake that you can see now.”

“Theres no harm in taking a look.

It might be some kind of big treasure!” Ye Feng had already used his perception to penetrate it and found a familiar feeling, but he could not remember it for a while.

When the incomplete scroll was in Ye Fengs hands, everyones eyes widened almost at the same time.

“This is Masters aura!” Yi was the first to shout, and even the remaining four people were stunned.

Looking at this incomplete scroll, their eyes revealed a trace of disbelief.

“This is… the second half of the Water Element Secret Manual!” Ye Feng said in surprise, his face also full of surprise.

“Brother Ye Feng, in this way, you will have the entire Water Element Secret Manual.

There are powerful skills recorded in it, and you will be able to use it!” Yi exclaimed, and then said, “Masters secret manual contains many powerful skills.

If you can completely master them, then you will definitely become a water-type powerhouse.

Unfortunately, it is…”

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Ye Feng heard the sigh and looked over in confusion.

“Whats a pity Now that the Water Element Secret Manual is in my hands, isnt it a simple thing to learn Could it be that there are some mysterious restrictions”

Yi shook his head.

With a bitter smile, he said, “There are no mysterious restrictions.

Its just that every time you learn a water-type skill, its a huge challenge.

Not to mention the time it takes to learn it, the least of which is a powerful innate ability, its possible that you wont be able to master one of these skills in a few years…”

“Now that rescuing Master is imminent and a battle may happen at any time, how could you have so much time to cultivate”

Seeing Yis worry, Ye Feng laughed out loud.

“If Senior Yi is worried about this, you can rest assured.

My learning is quite good.

I only need a day to completely master it!”

Hearing this, everyone revealed shocked expressions.

They knew that Ye Feng was very strong, but if he said that, their first reaction would be that it was impossible.

After all, their master was not a low-level existence.

Walter was the Water Element Human Ceiling with the highest level of combat power!

In the entire Earth, there were only four super experts of the human race, and their master was one of them.

How could anyone be able to comprehend his secret manual And it only took one day!

If that was really the case, then Ye Fengs potential was simply boundless!

Ye Feng laughed.

He knew that they did not believe him, so he directly found a relatively safe place.

“Next, this younger generation needs a period of time to finish comprehending this Water Element Secret Manual.

Moreover, theres nothing to do now.

While thinking of a countermeasure, I also have to trouble the seniors to protect this younger generations cultivation!”

After Ye Feng finished speaking, he sat down cross-legged and took out two incomplete scrolls in his hands, merging them into one.

A faint light was emitted.

Ye Feng closed his eyes and a gush of spiritual power immediately emanated from his body.

When everyone saw that Ye Feng had entered a cultivation state, they surrounded him.

After all, Ye Feng was not only their junior now, but also the subject that these Water Elemental Guards swore to protect!

This was also equivalent to their second master.

If there was any danger, they would definitely charge forward at the first moment.

Five B- grade existences attacking together could release a considerable amount of power, enough to kill an existence below the sixth generation!

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When Yi and the others saw Ye Feng close his eyes and focus, they all retreated.

Ye Feng cultivating at this time was the best time.

If someone disturbed him, he would definitely suffer a backlash.

They did not wish for such a situation to occur.

Yi and the others retreated to the side.

Looking at Ye Fengs condition, they began to think about what to do.

Ye Fengs aura fused with the surrounding aura, forming a special energy fluctuation that slowly spread out.

‘This fluctuation is actually perfectly compatible with the aura in my body… When Yi saw this scene, a trace of shock appeared on his face.

He could feel that this aura was definitely purer than his own.

Ye Fengs attainments in the water element were far beyond his comprehension.

The other three also saw it and shock flashed across their faces.

“Brother Ye Feng is indeed extraordinary.

Looks like we underestimated him! To be able to immerse himself in cultivation in such an environment, one has to know that this was a powerful barrier.

At this moment, Brother Ye Feng is no different from lighting a fire next to a super bomb.

If it is light, he would self-immolate; if it is heavy, he will perish!”

Yi kept glancing at Ye Feng in amazement.

Although this kind of thing was extremely easy to go wrong and akin to playing with fire, and no one would do it, Ye Feng was extremely stable at this time.

It was as if he was dancing on the tip of a knife, but nothing happened.

While Ye Feng was comprehending the Water Element Secret Manual, the corners of his mouth kept rising.

For him, it was not a problem at all to fully understand this secret manual, and he could even master it!

With the support of the system and the [Analysis] sequence, Ye Fengs cultivation speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Feng was already able to master the usage laws of the water element.

Waves after waves of aura leaked out, and each wave was enough to shock the surrounding guards!

Yi and the others did not dare to continue disturbing him.

They could only watch silently, not daring to disturb ye Feng.

A day passed in the blink of an eye.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Water Element Ultimate Skill, Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet!]

[This skill is an offensive skill that accumulates power.

It can cause even greater damage to Dragon-type creatures.

It is one of the skills that Walter has comprehended!]


After hearing the systems reminder, Ye Feng immediately opened his eyes.

Golden Light gradually appeared all over his body, and white light overflowed from his eyes.

He looked like a god of war that had just appeared.

“Phew, Ive finally completed my cultivation!” Ye Feng let out a long breath and looked around.

He was now able to control the water element, and his mastery of the water element had reached an extremely high level.


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