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Yi and the others kept looking at it in shock.

Ye Fengs aura was completely different from before, as if he had advanced to a new level.

But to be able to obtain such a huge improvement in such a short period of time, no one could have imagined it!

‘My current strength is already at perfect C grade.

Im just one step away from breaking through to B- grade.

If I have enough water elements to absorb, my strength will increase once again! Ye Feng calculated in his heart, his face filled with excitement.

He could clearly feel that if he unleashed his full strength now, he could completely insta-kill an ordinary B- grade expert.

Ye Feng appeared very calm on the surface, but in reality, his heart was surging incomparably.

This was because he knew that in the coming period of time, he would have to face many things.

The matter at hand was very troublesome.

If he did not handle it well, it was very likely that he would die on the spot.

Moreover, this was a battle with the Water Elemental Dragon King.

If even the slightest mistake was made, their lives would be lost!

Now, he did not have so much time to experiment with this new skill.

In short, this wave of improvement gave Ye Feng a brand new feeling.

If it were in normal times, Ye Feng could spend more time to comprehend it, and the improvement he obtained would be even greater than now.

But the situation now was different.

They were at risk of being killed at any time, and they were still at the border of the enchantment.

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It was very likely that they would be discovered by the sub-Dragons that were watching over them.

“Brother Ye Feng, we should leave.

If we are discovered by those sub-Dragons, it wont be good.

There are many high-level sub-Dragons near the enchantment!” Yi could not help but remind him.

“Alright, then lets go.” Ye Feng nodded and his expression became serious again.

Then, he followed Yi and the others and headed closer to the enchantment.

When they passed by a pothole, he suddenly stopped.

“Whats wrong, Brother Ye Feng The area in front is the weakest part of the enchantment.

You can go there and see if your Dragon Seed works!” Yi saw Ye Feng suddenly stop and thought there was some danger, so he quickly spoke.

This was the idea they had thought of while Ye Feng was cultivating.

As guards, they had to rush up when they encountered danger.

Yi was afraid that when danger appeared, it would rush up and they would not be able to tell Ye Feng in time.

If they died, Ye Feng would have to think of a new way.

“This… is the place where Senior Walter fought…” Ye Feng paused and looked at the gray soil under his feet in a daze.

These gray things were all traces left behind from their battle years ago.

Only after experiencing an incomparably powerful impact could such a large gray area be formed.

It directly formed a large ecological environment.

This was also the last place that Walter fought on.

Because even if a hundred years had passed here, Ye Feng could sense the bloody smell and the aura of various battles.

It was as if the great battle from a hundred years ago had reappeared before his eyes.

The suffocating feeling, the impact, the flying fireworks, everything seemed to have disappeared and returned to peace…

“Yes, this is the last place where Master fought.

Later, due to his heavy injuries, the Water Elemental Dragon King released his last bit of power and sealed him in this place,” Yi answered after a pause.

He did not expect Ye Fengs perceptive ability to be so strong that it could even trace back to a hundred years ago.

Even an old thing like him had almost forgotten about this place after a hundred years.

“We must quickly rescue Senior Walter.

We cant let him continue to be sealed here!” Ye Feng said firmly.

The visual impact here was really too shocking.

It was hard for him to imagine a collision between the top strength of the Dragon race and the top strength of the human race.

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Now it was clear that this unprecedented battle had left a deep and indelible impression in his mind.

“The plan that Senior mentioned, lets give it a try!” Ye Feng looked at the barrier not far away and quickly dashed over.

Ye Fengs speed was not fast, but this could reduce the risk.

When he just arrived at the boundary of the barrier, he immediately activated the Dragon Seed in his body and a huge energy instantly surged into Ye Fengs arm.

As the power of this Dragon Seed surged in, a layer of faint golden light instantly appeared on the surface of Ye Fengs body, enveloping him within it.

This layer of light was formed by Ye Feng using a special material fused with the Dragon gene.

Although it did not have any defensive function, it possessed a very strong defensive power, and it could also isolate sound.

Only with this kind of defense could Ye Feng release his Dragon Seed with ease.


Ye Fengs palm instantly imprinted itself on the boundary of the barrier.

Instantly, a violent vibration was transmitted.

This vibration was extremely violent.

Even the entire space trembled, as if it was about to collapse.

Fortunately, this was the outer boundary of the barrier.

This kind of impact did not pose much of a threat, and Ye Fengs Dragon Seed did not suffer too much damage.

Outside, Ye Feng could hear a muffled sound.

As the muffled sound of thunder rang out, the barriers defense instantly weakened.

Moreover, the sound seemed to have a penetrating power as it continued to spread out.

“So strong” Ye Feng was shocked.

This sound could practically penetrate anything.

If it was an enemys attack, they would have long attacked his barrier.

As expected of the Dragon races barrier, it was indeed not easy to deal with!


Another sound came.

This sound was much stronger than before.

It was as if there were tens of thousands of war horses galloping and roaring.

Ye Fengs expression immediately changed because the power contained in this sound was too powerful.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Another few muffled thunderclaps sounded.

The only difference was that this time, the muffled thunderclaps seemed to carry anger and also seemed to carry a roar.

These few muffled thunderclaps had a power that was not lower than B .

Moreover, they sounded several times consecutively.

It could be seen that the number of these muffled thunderclaps was definitely not just one!

‘Oh no, could it be that they are here to seek revenge Ye Feng cried out in his heart.

His expression immediately became extremely ugly.

The expressions of Yi and the others also changed.

If they were really here for revenge, then it would be troublesome.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Muffled thunderclaps sounded once again.

This time, the sounds became denser and denser.

Moreover, they were accompanied by waves of Dragon roars, as if they wanted to devour everything.

Ye Feng felt somewhat depressed, and a faint ominous premonition appeared in his heart.

Yi and the others were also extremely nervous and had a trace of worry in their hearts.

Ye Fengs expression was extremely unsightly.

There were so many Dragon roars.

If he rashly approached them, he was afraid that he would be torn apart by the Dragon roars.


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