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Under the thin and small body, there was a pair of lifeless eyes.

And the heartbeat had long stopped…

“Found him…” Ye Feng paused for a moment and muttered in disbelief.

Hearing this, everyone hurriedly came up.

When they saw their master lying on the ground, they were instantly stunned.

It was as if their entire person was cut off.

“This… How is this possible!” Yis loud shout completely broke the silence.

“How could Master have fallen! He possesses the strongest elemental power.

How could he have fallen at the hands of the Water Elemental Dragon King! How is this possible!”

“Master has been strong throughout his life.

He has fought with the Water Elemental Dragon King no less than a hundred times.

I really didnt expect that he would fall like this…”


The Water Elemental Guards sighed.

This man before them was the person they had spent a hundred years searching for.

They didnt expect to find him in the end, but the result was something that they couldnt accept.

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Their master wasnt an ordinary person.

However, he was an ultimate expert of the water element.

All those who used the water element abilities worshipped him as their ancestor, a supreme existence!

But… he actually died in the battle with the enemy he was most familiar with.

This was the scene they were most unwilling to see in the past hundred years.

They also did not dare to believe that their master would really die…

“Senior Walter, take care…” Ye Feng said and sighed.

Ye Feng wanted to walk in to take a look, but he found that there was an invisible cage beside Walter.

“Theres actually a cage that imprisons Senior at all times…” Ye Feng already knew at this moment why Walter did not have the ability to break through from the inside.

This cage was simply a small-scale seal!

It resonated with the enchantment outside.

As an extremely powerful form of seal, if it forcefully landed on Walters body, even a god might not be able to escape!

At this point, they could not do anything.

‘Senior Walter has fallen.

Should I inform the professors of Cloud Mist Academy about this news Once this news is spread, it will definitely cause a huge uproar on the entire Earth!

‘However, its not a matter of peace anymore.

Instead, its the matter of when the Water Elemental Dragon King attacked the humans!

Not to mention the top combat strength of the Dragon race, even a single Dragon could turn the entire human society upside down!

Not to mention what level of powerful existence the Water Elemental Dragon King was!

“No matter what, we must move Masters body out of this place! He is not only our master, but also a hero of the human race.

We cant let him stay here alone for endless years!” Yis expression was very complicated.

The grief of losing his master was no less than losing their most important person.

As soon as Yi finished speaking, there was suddenly a loud bang.

The earth shook and the mountains shook, and the entire area began to tremble.

This vibration almost caused Ye Feng and the others to fall.

Even with their powerful physical bodies, they could not withstand such a violent vibration.

At this moment, a huge dark blue sub-Dragon appeared in their sight.

This dark blue sub-Dragon was more than 30 meters long, tall, and covered in scales.

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It had a huge Dragon head on its head, and its body was covered in scarlet scales.

Its eyes were emitting a deep blue light, and its mouth was wide open, exuding a thick smell of blood.

Its entire body was exuding a terrifying pressure that made people fearful.

“What… What is this thing!” After Ye Feng saw the dark blue sub-Dragon, his expression immediately changed.

Yi frowned as well.

He felt uneasy as if something big was going to happen.

Otherwise, this sub-Dragon would not be alarmed.

The dark blue sub-Dragon turned its gaze to Ye Feng.

Its eyes were filled with ferocity and ruthlessness.

It was like a hungry wolf looking at its prey.

The prey could not help but be terrified.

The dark blue sub-Dragon suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a ball of blue water.

It pounced toward Ye Feng and the others.

In the dark blue water, there was an endless amount of water that covered the entire space.

“Be careful…” Yi cried out in alarm and hurriedly used a defensive spell to protect Ye Feng and the others in his domain.

Although Ye Feng and the others had extraordinary strength, facing such a huge sea, they could only temporarily avoid the attack and dodge this attack.

However, even so, Ye Feng was still hit by this violent water domain.

His body was unstable, and he was almost submerged by this dark blue water domain.

‘What a powerful water elemental energy.

The power of this attack is already far stronger than the third-generation sub-Dragon.

In other words, this guy is even more powerful than Sea Monster! Ye Feng was secretly shocked.

As expected of an ultimate expert.

The power of this attack was already not something he could contend against.

“Bug, not bad.

You can actually withstand my attack!” The dark blue sub-Dragon laughed wildly.

Its huge body was overflowing with blue light.

An incomparably violent and powerful spiritual power was attacking from all directions!

“You can actually talk!” Ye Feng was somewhat surprised.

Although he had met many sub-Dragons before and they could talk, their spiritual intelligence was far inferior to this sub-Dragon in front of him!

This also meant that this blue sub-Dragon was definitely not an ordinary creature!

To be able to appear in the barrier, it must have been born to protect the barrier.

It was also to intercept the reinforcements that came to save Walter.

Now, it seemed like there was no need to worry about this.

After all, Walter had already fallen!

“Senior Yi, do you know this guys background!” Ye Feng asked in confusion.

This sub-Dragon before him was far stronger than all the previous sub-Dragons.

Ye Feng had to deal with it very carefully.

“This is a Dragon, a sub-Dragon! It is a top-grade sub-Dragon, and its strength is very powerful.

It is a second-generation sub-Dragon called [Dragonscale Thorn Beast].

Not only is it the strongest sub-Dragon, but it is also the king of the sub-Dragons.

It is an extremely powerful existence!” Yi shouted loudly, and his face became very serious, as if he was facing a great enemy.

“This is the second time Ive seen it.

A long time ago, the first time I saw it was when Master was fighting with the Water Elemental Dragon King.

At that time, it led countless sub-Dragons to fight with our guards.”

“The result is self-evident.

They won.”

Yi sighed.

His eyes regained their firmness, but there was a hint of fierce killing intent in them.

Since they had failed a hundred years ago, they had to seize this opportunity no matter what.

“Humph, you stinking insects, I knew you would come back to save your master!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast snorted, and its aura became more and more powerful.

“All these years, Ive been hiding here.

Since the first time I fought with you stinking elves, weve been at a disadvantage, and that grudge has been formed!”

“I didnt expect you to appear again.

Humph, at least Ive been hiding in the deepest part of the world waiting for you all these years, and its not a waste of time!”

“Back then, there were 800 guards, and the strength of their formation was also considered extraordinary.

But now, you only have 6… 5 guards.

Lets see how you can beat me! So what if you brought a human Humph, a trash Slime, not even worth mentioning!”


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