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Another violent explosion sounded.

Ye Feng was smashed to the ground by the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts punch.

The ground was cracked open and dust flew everywhere.

“Humph, this bug actually used his body to withstand my punch.

I really dont know how he cultivated to such a realm.

He even has so many treasures on him and a Dragon Seed in his body… Could it be that he relied on devouring my kind to increase his strength”

This Dragonscale Thorn Beast was also a monstrous existence.

It could also devour the strength of its own kind to increase its strength.

Therefore, after sensing the abnormality in Ye Fengs body, it felt incredulous.

However, it could only rely on the powerful strength of the Dragon Seed in its body.

It could infinitely approach the purity of a true Dragons Dragon Seed, but it could not transform into the appearance of a true Dragon like a true Dragon.

Bang, bang, bang…

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast slapped Ye Fengs head with its claw, but every time it slapped Ye Feng, it could only hit a corner of Ye Fengs clothes.

It could not harm Ye Feng at all, which made the Dragonscale Thorn Beast very angry.

However, the more Ye Feng fought, the braver he became.

The more he fought, the crazier he became.

The more he attacked, the angrier the Dragonscale Thorn Beast became.

The more it fought, the fiercer it became.

Even Ye Feng felt that he could not bear it anymore.

Although Ye Fengs strength was much stronger than the Dragonscale Thorn Beast, his speed and agility were too far apart.

Therefore, Ye Feng could only be forced to retreat step by step.

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This time, cracks finally appeared on the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body.

A sinister smile appeared on the corner of Ye Fengs mouth.

He struck while the iron was hot and struck the Dragonscale Thorn Beast with his trident again.

Immediately, fresh blood gushed out.

This time, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was injured, but it did not die.

Instead, it became even crazier.

This time, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast did not block Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident again.

Instead, it chose to clash head-on!

The body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was like a diamond.

When Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident struck its body, it only left a white mark, but it did not cause any substantial damage to it.


Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident finally smashed onto the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

A powerful energy exploded and overturned the entire space.

Countless waves surged in all directions.

Ye Feng felt this power and hurriedly retreated.

A mountain peak at the bottom of a lake not far away was directly crushed by the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts power.

Ye Feng stood firm.

Seeing that the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was still intact, he was secretly shocked.

“Bug, its my turn now.

I want to tear your body inch by Inch!” the Dragonscale Thorn Beast roared, and a huge figure rapidly pounced over.


Ye Feng waved the Sea Stone Trident in his hand as terrifying energy spread out in all directions.


The Dragonscale Thorn Beasts huge sharp claws fiercely slapped onto Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident, knocking it away.

At the same time, a huge claw slapped toward Ye Feng.

This huge claw was like a long spear, directly piercing through the void, as if wanting to pierce through Ye Fengs entire body.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast was indeed worthy of being the peak of the sub-Dragon race.

The power of this palm was simply beyond imagination.

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“Hmph!” Ye Feng coldly snorted and spread out his arms.

The Sea Stone Trident drew an arc in the air and struck toward the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts claw.


This Sea Stone Trident fiercely collided with the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts claw, emitting a muffled sound.

Ye Fengs body staggered and was forced back several steps by this powerful force.

Ye Feng felt the meridians in his body and found that many of the meridians in his body were ruptured.

Ye Feng secretly exclaimed that he was lucky.

The attack of this Dragonscale Thorn Beast was indeed very powerful.

Ye Feng was almost heavily injured.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast was also forced back several steps by Ye Fengs attack and did not dare to underestimate Ye Feng.

‘So powerful! Ye Feng secretly praised in his heart.

He did not expect that it could display such an effect in the hands of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

“Boy, your defense really surprises me.

How did you do it Your strength is only C , right How can you have such a powerful defense Could it be that you are wearing some kind of defensive treasure” As the Dragonscale Thorn Beast spoke, it pounced toward Ye Feng.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast roared angrily once more and wanted to attack Ye Feng again.

Ye Feng hurriedly activated the Sea Stone Trident.

Waves of the Sea Stone Tridents power condensed and continuously attacked the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

However, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast had a powerful defense and it was unable to harm it at all!

With such a ferocious beast pouncing over, anyone would have to call out for their mother.

Ye Fengs attacks were not weak, but they hardly caused damage to the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

Even though the Dragonscale Thorn Beast struggled continuously, it was unable to escape.

Although Ye Feng was confident that he could defeat this Dragonscale Thorn Beast, it was not an easy task to kill it.

Not only did the Dragonscale Thorn Beast have an extremely hard outer shell, even the scales on the Dragonscale Thorn Beast seemed to be extremely hard.

Ye Feng was completely unable to use the Sea Stone Trident to pierce through the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

Ye Feng could not help but feel a little depressed.

He had the Sea Stone Trident, but he was still unable to kill this Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

Wasnt this Dragonscale Thorn Beasts defense a little heaven-defying

“Bug, lets see how you fight with me! I want to tear off your flesh inch by inch, destroy all your bones, and let you die in pain!” the Dragonscale Thorn Beast roared repeatedly.

Its huge Dragon tail continuously waved, continuously whipping Ye Fengs body.

Ye Fengs expression was very calm.

His body was also rapidly strengthening and constantly expanding.

Very soon, Ye Fengs body had doubled in size.

This was all thanks to the essence of the Slime, which allowed Ye Feng to greatly increase his combat ability.

Although the Slime itself did not cause any damage, it was able to have a highly sensitive ability to distinguish between battles.

It knew what to do and what not to do.

And now that Ye Feng was in imminent danger, it had to use all its strength to support him.

Otherwise, if it was careless and died, their symbiotic body would be turned into ashes on the spot!


Ye Fengs fist landed on the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast, and a loud sound was heard.

Ye Fengs fist left a deep fist mark on the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast, and the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was also sent flying by Ye Fengs fist.

“This…” Yis eyes widened as he watched.

He did not expect Ye Feng to really be able to contend with the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

It seemed that Ye Feng was at a disadvantage and could not attack for a long time, and every attack of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was effective against Ye Feng.

On the contrary, Ye Fengs attack seemed to not penetrate the flesh of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast at all.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast opened its mouth and directly spat out a water ball.


The water ball fiercely collided with the tip of the Sea Stone Trident, causing waves of ripples and shooting out countless amounts of energy.

Ye Fengs expression did not change.

He turned his body and held the Sea Stone Trident in his hand as he charged toward the Dragonscale Thorn Beast once again.

Ye Feng knew that if this continued, he would definitely be exhausted to death.

This Dragonscale Thorn Beast was extremely powerful and he could not do anything to it at all.

Ye Feng charged straight toward the head of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast saw that this bug actually didnt dodge and continued to charge toward it.

It was instantly enraged and once again spat out a terrifying ball of water, ruthlessly smashing toward Ye Feng.

Bang! Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident and the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts ball of water collided once again.

Bang! A huge energy ripple instantly rippled out, and Ye Feng was once again pushed away by this force.


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