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Ye Feng was sent flying.

After stabilizing his body, Yi and the others quickly surrounded him.

“Brother Ye Feng, are you alright!” Yi asked with concern.

When the Water Elemental Guards saw this kind of battle scene, they could only be anxious because the magnitude of this battle was not something they could deal with at all.

Moreover, the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts pressure was already enough to make them choke.

If Ye Feng did not have the Sea Stone Crown and avoided the attack of this pressure, he would also be suppressed to the passive side!

Even if he had the ability of a Slime, it was still useless.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beasts pressure was enough to suppress existences below the second-generation.

It was self-evident how powerful it was!

“Im fine.

This Dragonscale Thorn Beast is too strong.

I cant hit it at all…” Ye Fengs expression did not look too good.

Although the injuries on his body were enhanced by powerful healing abilities, the pain could not be eliminated.

Ye Feng endured the pain and supported himself to stand up.

“The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] should be able to cause damage to that guy, but…”

When the Water Elemental Guards heard this, they asked, “But what Is there any difficulty We will do our best to help you!”

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When Ye Feng heard this, he hesitated for a moment, but he still said, “The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] needs time to accumulate power, and the Dragonscaled Thorn Beasts attack speed is very fast.

When I accumulate power, it will certainly launch an attack.

I have no time to react.”

“You will become very dangerous when you go up.

The power of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast may not be what you can imagine.

How long can you delay it”

Yi heard it, after a pause, he said, “Dont worry.

We have also faced this fierce beast before, and we know how to avoid his attack.

Brother Ye Feng, prepare the energy-accumulating [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] now.

Leave the rest to us brothers to deal with!”

“Thats good!” Ye Feng nodded.

“I just need a short period of time to control it.

After I finish condensing the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet], Ill call for you guys to retreat immediately!”

Everyone nodded.

The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] was something that Ye Feng had learned from the Water Element Secret Manual.

It could be said to be one of the top existences in water element magic.

However, it was not an easy thing to control such power.

After all, this kind of skill was a skill that consumed a lot of energy and could only be accumulated over time.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not want to waste the energy of the Water Elemental Guards.

Ye Feng circulated his spiritual energy and an extremely cold power quietly appeared all around him.

On the ground where Ye Feng was standing, a chill immediately came from him and the blood in Ye Fengs body seemed to boil.

Traces of cold air emerged from Ye Fengs body and flowed into Ye Fengs body through his four limbs.

The cold air flowed along Ye Fengs meridians.

Ye Fengs muscles, bones, and even his pores felt this kind of cold.

And this cold was far colder than the extremely cold air released by the previous seventh-generation sub-Dragon!

A sharp pain came from his skin.

Ye Feng gritted his teeth and endured it forcefully.

Not only was it physically painful, but the mental pain was also very intense.

The excruciating pain almost made Ye Feng cry out.

‘The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] needs to be condensed first, then transformed, and finally released.

Now that Im in the second part of transformation, I must concentrate! Ye Feng closed his eyes.

His mind was controlling this powerful force.

His hands continued to condense, and a stream of water gradually solidified into the shape of a Dragon head.

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At the same time, a bone-chilling cold air traveled from Ye Fengs hands to his heart, and waves of stinging pain spread throughout his body.

Ye Fengs forehead was full of sweat.

Bean-sized sweat slid down his cheeks and dripped onto the ground, instantly creating ice.

Yi and the others looked at each other and released their skills.

“Brothers, Brother Ye Feng is gathering strength.

During this period, we must protect him and not let the Dragonscale Thorn Beast get even half a step closer to him!” Yi shouted loudly, and an incomparably majestic water elemental power surged from his body.

“Yes!” the guards shouted in unison.

“Right now, relying on the strength of the five of us, if we clash head-on, we are absolutely no match for it!” Yi said in a deep voice, and a complicated expression appeared in his eyes.

“Big Brother, looks like we can only use that spell…”

“Are you talking about the pentagram formation! But…”

Hearing this, Yi nodded his head heavily.

“Brothers, we have been guarding Master for countless years.

Ever since Master was sealed here, we have never given up on searching for a way to rescue him.

Unfortunately, our speed was still too slow!”

“Since Master has fallen, our contract has also been invalidated.

In other words, our new master is our sworn brother, Ye Feng.

He is currently in trouble and has encountered such a powerful fellow like the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

If it was anyone else, they might not have a countermeasure against it.

However, he is very powerful and has a very good chance of getting out alive.

Lets protect him in the end! This is also the last time we will pledge our loyalty to our master!”

As Yi spoke, his body began to emit a faint glow.

Everyone looked at each other and sighed.

One after another, their bodies began to emit this glow.

The pentagram formation was a type of array that operated in a sacrificial mode.

It could form a powerful binding ability that could bind all objects within it.

No matter how powerful the opponent was, as long as the array was activated, they would definitely not be able to escape this binding.

However, there was also an extremely high price to pay, which was to sacrifice ones own life.

This also meant that these five Water Elemental Guards would eventually turn into a stream of pure elemental energy and be sacrificed to this pentagram formation.

“Roar!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast roared in anger.

Seeing that something was wrong, it opened its mouth and spat out a water pillar toward Yi and the others.


The water pillar landed on the spot where they were standing and exploded instantly.

Water mist spread out and splashed in all directions, enveloping the few of them.

It was impossible to see where they were at all.

“Haha, thats all Ill send all of you to your deaths now!” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast laughed maniacally.

Then, its body became even larger.

An extremely powerful water ball was continuously gathering in its mouth.

This power was several times stronger than the previous water balls!

Once it was released, not to mention Yi, even Ye Feng might even die on the spot!

This power not only gathered the extremely powerful power of the second-generation, but also gathered the power of the Dragon race with the circulation of the Dragon Seed.

Just a single overflow of power was enough to destroy everything here!

It could be seen that the Dragonscale Thorn Beast had to be serious.

It also wanted to finish the battle quickly.

Perhaps it had also smelled the powerful skills that Ye Feng and the others were about to release, so it had to finish the battle quickly!


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