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Professor Lei didnt finish his sentence, but Teacher Andy shook his head.

“In theory, the Air Detection Eye can penetrate everything, but the situation at the bottom of the lake has clearly exceeded my expectations.”

Hearing this, everyone could only put away their curiosity.

After all, even Teacher Andy couldnt know what was going on, so how could they know To be able to support the entire freshmen assessment live broadcast, they had to completely rely on the Air Detection Eye released by Teacher Andy.

If even his actual body couldnt detect it, then they naturally wouldnt have a chance.

Professor Lei sighed, and his gaze once again shifted to the other peoples live broadcast room, continuing to search for anomalies related to the lake.

Only in this way could Professor Lei find some traces of Ye Feng.


Water Training Hall, the center of the lake region, deep within the enchantment.

Ye Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

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He lowered his head to take a look.

A powerful force was still condensing.

This was the shape of a water dragon.

It contained an incomparably powerful force.

Even before it was released, the force produced was already overflowing.

If it was released and hit the target, not to mention the damage it would cause, it was even possible to directly annihilate the opponent!

However, the first thing Ye Feng did when he opened his eyes was not to look for traces of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast, but to look for where the Water Elemental Guards were.

But no matter how hard he searched, he could not find them.

Under the frenzied release of his perception, all searches were fruitless.

At this time, Ye Feng noticed that his surroundings seemed to have undergone a great change.

Everything before his eyes seemed to have been re-created.

The white flowing glass seemed to be a new thing.

‘This is… Ye Feng did not understand.

The process of accumulating energy did not take much time, but when he opened his eyes, he saw such a scene.

And from what Ye Feng could sense, he seemed to have become another kind of existence in this world.

An indescribable pressure enveloped this world.

A pressure that made his heart palpitate!

Could it be…

Ye Fengs heart moved, and he couldnt help but raise his head to look at the sky.

He discovered that the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was currently locked onto by a mysterious formation, unable to move!

‘Could it be that Senior Yi and the others… Just as Ye Feng was thinking in his heart, a deafening explosion resounded through the sky, and a burst of dazzling white light bloomed in the horizon.

This was the Dragonscale Thorn Beast continuously breaking free from the restriction of this array, and the waves of powerful force it emitted.

Ye Feng had already guessed it in his heart.

This array was the array that the seniors had sacrificed and summoned!

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In order to accumulate power for himself to buy more time…

Ye Fengs heart instantly tightened.

Mixed feelings surged up.

His seniors had really done it.

They had bought enough time for him.

Ye Feng did not dare to stay.

He immediately stood up and charged toward the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast was very powerful, but now it was trapped and could not move at all.

Ye Feng could feel that the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] had been successfully condensed.

He hurriedly closed his palms and circulated the spiritual energy in his body to inject it into the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet].

The condensed water element quickly merged into it and finally gathered on the fist in his hand.

He controlled the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] to attack the Dragonscale Thorn Beast!

This was Ye Fengs first time using the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet].

He was not familiar with it, but it did not affect the effect at all.

Ye Fengs eyes flashed with excitement and anticipation, and he was nervous.

‘This time, it should be enough!

Ye Feng clenched his right fist and stared at the Dragonscale Thorn Beast without blinking.

The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] was a water element spell with extremely high damage.

Ye Feng did not dare to make any mistakes, or all of his previous efforts would be in vain!

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast shifted its head slightly to dodge the moment Ye Fengs [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] hit it, but the power of Ye Fengs attack did not decrease.

Although it dodged, its back exploded with a loud bang!

The tremendous momentum caused the Dragonscale Thorn Beast to be caught off guard!


Cracks immediately covered the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts hard skin.

Fresh blood slowly flowed down its skin and dripped onto the surface of the water.

This scene shocked Ye Feng.

Every time he thought about how he couldnt beat this Dragonscale Thorn Beast with any skill, this shot of the [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] not only produced an explosive power, but it was able to heavily injure the Dragonscale Thorn Beast!

“As expected of a top-tier water spell!” Ye Feng exclaimed.

He circulated his bodys spiritual energy again.

This attack was obviously not enough for the Dragonscale Thorn Beast to eat.

He still needed to increase the firepower!

Ye Feng raised his hand and punched out.

The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] hit the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts forehead.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast immediately trembled.

“Roar–” The Dragonscale Thorn Beast let out a mournful cry, but there was no room for resistance.

This was because this mysterious array had already locked onto the Dragonscale Thorn Beast, not allowing it to escape at all.

Ye Feng charged in front of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast again, condensing and transforming once more.

The [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullet] struck out once more!


A violent sound rang out.

Ye Fengs attack sent the Dragonscale Thorn Beast flying for a hundred meters.

But under Ye Fengs attack, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was still unharmed!

‘What a powerful defense.

Looks like I need to work even harder! Ye Feng pounced again.

Although the damage to the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was not high, it was at least hurt.

As long as he continued to attack, it would not be long before the Dragonscale Thorn Beast would fall!

He made another attack, repelling the Dragonscale Thorn Beast once again.

Ye Feng raised his hand and struck again, sending the Dragonscale Thorn Beast flying again!

After more than ten consecutive [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullets] were released, the Dragonscale Thorn Beast was finally sent flying.

However, he did not have the slightest intention of stopping.

On the contrary, the more he fought, the braver he became.

Every time, he could hit the Dragonscale Thorn Beast and make it cry out in pain.

This kind of carefree feeling simply made him extremely happy!

“Werent you very arrogant before Come on!” Ye Feng released as he faced the sky and roared, “A mere little Dragon, today, its either you die or I die!”

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast also let out a furious roar.

It did not expect Ye Feng to be so powerful.

It also did not expect Ye Feng to be able to defeat it!

This was simply like a dream!

But no matter how horrible this dream was, it had to wake up.

Otherwise, its life would be in danger.

Ye Feng took a step forward and instantly crossed several hundred meters.

In an instant, he appeared in front of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

Not only did he release [Mirror Brilliance Water Dragon Bullets], Ye Feng also had to engage in close combat!

The Sea Stone Trident was immediately summoned and ruthlessly stabbed at the body of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast!


The Dragonscale Thorn Beast was sent flying.

It drew an arc in the air and crashed into a mountain peak!

This mountain peak was smashed into pieces by the Dragonscale Thorn Beast!

“Hahaha, let me see where you can run to!” Ye Feng could not help but laugh when he saw this scene.

The Dragonscale Thorn Beast flew up again, but this time it did not continue flying.

Instead, it rolled in the air and landed on the ground.

Seeing this, Ye Feng immediately rushed over.

Ye Feng arrived in front of the Dragonscale Thorn Beast.

Without waiting for the Dragonscale Thorn Beast to get up, Ye Fengs body had already approached it and ruthlessly stepped on the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts head.

Then, he raised his hand!

The Sea Stone Trident directly pierced through the Dragonscale Thorn Beasts body, leaving a few deep marks on its body.


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