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Ye Fengs body was like a bottomless pit, continuously absorbing the energy around him while at the same time rapidly increasing his strength.

“Hu hu…” Ye Feng felt the water elemental energy in his body wildly expand, as if it was about to explode.

“This energy is about three times faster than my own cultivation speed.

In other words, this energy is really incomparably powerful!” Ye Feng was extremely shocked in his heart.

Ye Feng did not continue cultivating.

Instead, he rapidly absorbed this energy and waited for the energy to be perfectly absorbed before attempting a breakthrough.

Just like that, a days time passed by in the blink of an eye.

During the period of absorbing energy, there was always a powerful force that continuously devoured Ye Feng.

Ye Feng gritted his teeth and persevered.

He forcefully endured and suppressed the terrifying force in his body, turning it into his own strength.

Ye Feng felt that his entire body was filled with strength.

It was as if a casual punch could shatter a mountain!

“Hu!” Ye Feng heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Ye Feng stood up.

After feeling the power for a while, a smile appeared on his face.

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“I actually broke through three realms in a row!” Ye Feng felt the violent power in his body.

“But I still need to stabilize it for a period of time.

Its not suitable for battle right now!”

At this moment, Ye Fengs cultivation level had already reached B grade!

What kind of concept was this

A martial artist of this level could be considered an expert in any province or city in China!

Although he had just advanced to B , with such strength, he was bound to become a powerhouse!

At this moment, Ye Feng felt his entire body filled with strength.

He was even stronger than before.

This was a qualitative leap, as if he had been reborn.

“Hahahaha!” Ye Feng could not help but laugh out loud.

His voice was filled with boundless joy and excitement.

All of this stemmed from the scene just now.

At that instant, the power erupted and directly rushed toward Ye Fengs entire body, causing his entire body to be filled with an extremely powerful power.

It was as if a god of war had been revived.

Ye Fengs entire body was emitting a dazzling light.

“I can still improve!” Ye Feng lightly snorted.

His body shone once again, and golden yellow and deep blue interweaved.

The extremely powerful Dragon Seed gene and the purest water elemental power not only fused, they also attempted to create some sort of ripple resonance!


In the judges seats.

Teacher Andy continuously frowned, because he could already feel an incomparably powerful power surging unceasingly at the bottom of the lake!

Moreover, this force was extremely similar to one of his best friends!

It could even be said that it was even stronger than that!

“Dean, you can also feel it, right The abnormality at the bottom of the lake!” An old man came closer and spoke with an anxious tone.

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At this time, everyone gathered around and looked at Teacher Andy.

They all felt this extremely powerful force at the same time, but they didnt dare to make a decision in private.

But what was certain was that this force was not only difficult for them to deal with, even Teacher Andy would have a hard time dealing with it!

Because this force was too unfathomable!

“Yes! I also felt it.

This force was very similar to that of my best friend!” Andy said in a deep voice.

He also had a solemn expression.

He had never seen such a strange thing.

This force was simply beyond his comprehension!

“Dean, why dont we hurry up and stop the competition” an old man suggested.

The other old men all expressed their agreement.

Especially Professor Lei.

He wished that he could use his feet as hands so that he could raise four hands to support this proposal.

After all, in Cloud Mist Academy, the strongest were only some A grade experts.

B grade experts had no chance to interfere at all.

It was even difficult for them to come into contact with the bottom of the lake.

“Dean, if thats the case, then quickly give the order!” the old man said anxiously.

“I also know that you are anxious, but the situation at the bottom of the lake is very dangerous now.

I dont want to give an order easily.

Lets wait and see, and make a decision after confirming the situation,” Andy said slowly after a moment of silence.

Hearing Andys words, all the old men instantly fell silent, appearing extremely dejected.

Teacher Andys words were very reasonable.

Before they had a clear understanding of the situation at the bottom of the lake, rashly giving an order might even break the balance of this power.

At that time, not to mention the entire training hall, even China might be destroyed.

It was because this power was too majestic and too violent!

“The Dean is right.

It is indeed inappropriate to act rashly at the bottom of the lake.”

“Sigh, this time, Im afraid that there will be great danger!”

“Sigh, Ye Feng, you have to hold on!”

At this moment, a series of sighs sounded.

Everyone clearly felt the power at the bottom of the lake.

Andy frowned slightly.

He did not expect that this terrifying power would actually appear at the bottom of the lake.

Logically speaking, the assessment venue for the freshmen had been inspected by the Academys Administrative Department.

There shouldnt be any problems.

Otherwise, if the danger level exceeded the assessment of the freshmen, it would be no different from sending them to their deaths.

In the audience stands, many people began to frown.

Although up until now, Ye Fengs exclusive live broadcast had not been restored.

They had learned about the situation of the lake from other peoples live broadcasts.

“F*ck, whats the situation of this lake Why is there such a powerful aura coming out all the time What exactly happened to Ye Feng down there!”

“Yeah, the live broadcast cant follow down there.

What the f*ck I wonder how God Fengs situation is With such a powerful fluctuation, perhaps its at the level of a top-tier expert.

I hope God Feng can survive!”

“D*mn it, if only I knew whats going on down there.

I hope God Feng is fine.

I heard that there are many sub-Dragons down there.

If thats the case, God Feng will be in danger.

But I still hope hes fine!”

“Pay attention.

Let me know as soon as Ye Fengs live broadcast is restored!”

More and more viewers were still paying attention to Ye Fengs situation.

After all, there was only one genius that was so shocking in all of China.

Moreover, the ability he displayed was quite good.

If he died just like that, it would be a huge loss for China!

However, there were still some restless voices.

“Haha, dont think about it anymore.

Your God Feng has long been gone! To be able to survive in such intense fluctuations, his physical fitness can be said to be a Human Ceiling!”

“I really dont know what you brainless people are bragging about Ye Feng for.

Is he very strong Pay more attention to the other contestants! Ye Feng will definitely die!”

“The entire lake area has experienced such intense fluctuations.

Moreover, only Ye Feng went down alone.

If he doesnt die, who will”


Countless spectators were saying all sorts of things.

Some supported, and some opposed.

However, most people were paying attention to what Ye Feng had experienced at the bottom of the lake!


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