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The people on the shore had long since been scared silly by these waves of fluctuations.

Everyone was discussing animatedly.

“What was that power just now”

“I dont know, it felt very powerful!”

“Could it be that a powerful sub-Dragon is about to be born”

Everyone was guessing.

The energy fluctuation began to move.

Everyone began to resist, but many people instantly broke through the defense.

Some people were even seriously injured!

This force was so strong that they had to retreat until they were out of the lake area.

Su Fei and Li Yao could not hold on any longer.

Li Yao was even sent flying far away.

Su Fei could only hide herself first.

The scene was like a super sandstorm, covering the sky and covering the earth.

There was no way out at all.

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Once they went out, they would be swept into it and then severely injured because this force was too powerful!

“Quick! Everyone stay away from the shore!”

Li Yao spun in the air and landed steadily on the ground.

Then he shouted to the people on the shore, “Get out of here quickly!”

This force was too powerful.

Even he didnt dare to step into it easily.

Once he was involved, he would definitely die.


Li Yaos reminder immediately triggered a response from everyone.

Everyone left the lake area.

Li Yao and Su Fei stayed behind.

Su Fei released her power and tried her best to control the scene to prevent the students from getting hurt.

She transmitted the situation back while paying attention to Li Yaos condition.

Although Li Yao was injured, his life was not in danger.

Li Yao only hoped to leave this place as soon as possible because the power here was too strong.

Even though he had great strength now, he was not safe under such terrifying power.

“We have to leave this place as soon as possible!” Li Yao looked at Su Fei and said, “The current situation is very unfavorable for us.

We have to leave immediately.”


Hearing Li Yaos words, Su Fei naturally had no objections.

After all, no one could survive in such an environment.

Unless they were super strong, this fluctuation could basically take the lives of many people.

Li Yao leaped toward the crowd on the shore.

His speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had reached the shore.

Seeing that Li Yao was safe, Su Fei hurriedly followed Li Yao.


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Suddenly, a loud noise came from the bottom of the lake.

The noise was earth-shaking and deafening.

It was as if an earthquake had occurred.

It lifted up countless layers of the soil at the bottom of the lake.

Huge rocks were blown into the air, forming a huge stalagmite!

Ye Feng also heard a loud noise, as if the earthquake at the bottom of the lake was about to happen.

For a moment, two extreme forms of power appeared around Ye Feng.

One was [Steam], and the other was [Ice]!

“Its actually the other two forms of water!” Ye Feng was shocked.

He didnt expect to obtain two more forms of power!

As expected of the water element, it actually had so many branches!

The two opposite attributes, [Steam] and [Ice], which represented extreme heat and extreme cold, collided, devoured, and were incompatible with each other.

The collision of the two forces produced a strong airwave.

Ye Feng, who was at the bottom of the lake, also felt the power of the two forces.

In the end, the two forces were exhausted, and the bottom of the lake returned to peace.

Ye Feng climbed up from the bottom of the lake and stood at the bottom of the lake.

One was black, and the other was white.

Two different types of energy flowed on the surface of Ye Fengs body.



The collision of the two different types of energy once again created a huge impact.

This impact almost caused the water at the bottom of the lake to rush into the sky.

The entire lake seemed to be boiling, turning into boiling red magma!

This type of energy was too terrifying.

It was almost like a disaster.

It was like a meteorite falling from the sky.

Wherever it went, it would cause a tsunami and destroy everything.

Moreover, although Ye Fengs current physical body was powerful, he would still feel intense pain under this kind of high temperature.

Ye Feng hurriedly circulated his cultivation technique and absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy, causing the pain in his physical body to be alleviated.

Only then did it become much lighter.

But at this time, Ye Feng couldnt help but feel a little fearful.

If it wasnt for his powerful physical body, he would have already been burned into ashes by this terrifying high temperature and disappeared completely!

Although Ye Fengs physical body was much stronger than that of an ordinary human, he still could not withstand the high temperature!

Fortunately, the Sea Stone Armor on Ye Fengs body could withstand the high temperature.

Otherwise, Ye Feng would have been burned to ashes and would have completely dissipated from this world.

These were all treasures, but not all treasures could withstand the high temperature.

The people who were still retreating in the distance felt chills down their spines when they saw this destructive scene.

Moreover, the current situation had already exceeded the limits of their abilities.

“Under such circumstances, Im afraid that only B experts and above can barely resist this power fluctuation.”

“I can sense that the space here is a little chaotic.

If such power were to erupt, it might be able to tear apart the void and tear us apart.”

“We must leave this place and leave the training hall.

Otherwise, we will die!”

Everyone was discussing fervently, but they could not find a way to solve the current problem.


Another huge impact sound was heard.

This time, the impact was even more intense.

This impact had already overturned the entire lake.

The water column above the lake shot up into the sky, breaking through the clouds above the lake!

The entire lake was trembling.

A gust of strong wind blew past, and the water droplets on the lakes surface scattered in all directions.


Another sound rang out, and the water column on the lakes surface spread out in all directions again.

This time, the water column was even more terrifying than the previous one.

It was almost able to pierce through a persons body.

Everyone watched with fear in their hearts.

This kind of power had already exceeded their comprehension.

No matter how high their cultivation level was, they couldnt resist this kind of high-temperature power because it came from the most primitive power in the universe.

There was no technique to speak of.

It was purely relying on brute force.

It could destroy everything!

Seeing this, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

They didnt expect that just the impact formed by an explosion at the bottom of the lake could produce such a terrifying power.

If it was really a catastrophe… Wouldnt that mean the end of the world was coming

“Phew! Ive finally completely absorbed it!” Ye Feng let out a breath of turbid air and his body shone with a boundless light.

Ye Feng did not care about the things that happened outside.

He only wanted to quickly find the next place.

“Its time to prepare for the next place!” Ye Fengs eyes looked into the distance.

Black and white light constantly flowed and a powerful aura emanated from his body, making him seem like a god of war.


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