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On the other side, Liang Gang, who had been plotting against Ye Feng ever since he entered the training hall, saw a powerful force erupting from the lake.

He immediately laughed happily.

If Ye Feng died, then he would have one less enemy, and he would be able to report to the Young Master.

If he was lucky enough to find Ye Fengs corpse, then he might even be able to obtain a lot of points!

However, all of this was still an illusion.

Liang Gang knew that Ye Feng would not die so easily.

Moreover, he was ranked number one, so his strength would definitely be very powerful.

However, Liang Gang was not worried because with his Young Master around, even if Ye Feng was really ranked number one, he would definitely not be able to escape death!

And now, all he needed to do was to find Ye Fengs figure and kill him.

Thus, Liang Gang led his team to search for Ye Fengs figure around the shores of the lake area, but they did not find any results.

However, they were not resigned and continued to search.

No matter what, they had to kill Ye Feng!

Under Liang Gangs heavy hiring, his team now had as many as ten people.

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These people would think of ways to disturb Ye Feng.

While Ye Feng was adventuring in the center of the lake, they had already occupied the offshore area because after the lake area, it would be the offshore area.

If they could take it down first and use it for the layout, Ye Feng would definitely pass through this area.

At that time, taking him down in one fell swoop would not be a difficult thing!

The coastal area was the initial landing point for many people.

It was also one of the areas where there were no creatures wreaking havoc.

This was also one of the safest areas.

It was also the novice area of the entire Water Training Hall.

However, it was often the safest place where one let down ones guard the most.

And Liang Gang was planning to use this place to occupy a place that he had to pass through and launch a surprise attack on Ye Feng!

“Brother Liang, everything here is set up.

Were just waiting for Ye Feng to fall into the net!” A lackey ran over and reported to Liang Gang.

They had set up some traps, but most of them were the support of the formation.

The main purpose was to restrict Ye Fengs movements, as well as to paralyze and stun Ye Feng.

Once Ye Feng fell into the trap, it would be impossible for him to escape!

Liang Gang glanced at his lackey and smiled.

“Not bad, do a good job.

Ill give you a large sum of money after we leave.

Itll be enough for you to live a life of glory and wealth!”

“Okay, okay.

Thank you for your care, Brother Liang.

Ill definitely do a good job!”

With that, that guy disappeared again.

For money, many people would risk their lives.

Moreover, the employment price that Liang Gang gave them was high.

It was just a job for him, not a life and death job.

Who knew how many people would fight for this kind of business

Moreover, they had not seen Ye Feng for a long time now, and they might not even see him in the future!

This job was at most a little tiring, running around everywhere, but the income was also very efficient.

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“I didnt expect that after Ye Feng, this kid, entered the center of the lake, and his points did not decrease but increased instead!” Liang Gang snorted lightly and looked at the number displayed on the bracelet in disbelief.

At this moment, Ye Feng was still firmly at the top of the leaderboard.

His points had reached a very rare 750 points!

Everyone knew how rare this score was, and it also shocked them.

Just look at the points of the second place and you would know.

The second place was still the lucky talent-type player Huang Haoyu who had a water-type symbiote.

After his points had been stagnant for a period of time, they quickly turned back, and his points had also reached 544 points!

The difference between the points of first place and second place was a full 200 points!

Who dared to believe this!

When the people who had just evacuated from the lake area saw the refreshed points list, they immediately felt miserable.

“F*ck, Ye Fengs points are ridiculous!”

“What What F*ck, how did he do it He actually has 750 points!”

“F*ck, I told you that there was a great opportunity in the center of the lake, but you guys didnt believe me.

After waiting for so long, he still ran away.

Im really…”


However, the higher Ye Fengs points were, the more excited Liang Gang was.

After all, no matter how high his points were, they would still end up in his pocket in the end!

“Hahaha, Ye Feng, youre really awesome.

Its a pity that Im not your only opponent!” Liang Gang snickered a few times and turned around to set up other binding formations.

Just in case, they had to prepare more formations to ensure that once Ye Feng appeared, they could immediately bind him tightly within this formation.

At this time, Ye Feng was at the bottom of the lake, wandering around leisurely.

There were many strange fish at the bottom of the lake, and there were even the corpses of many rare and exotic beasts, as well as many poisonous snakes and scorpions.

And these poisonous snakes and scorpions did not pose much of a threat to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was like a nimble Flood Dragon in the lake.

He shuttled through the lake without any obstruction.

After more than half an hour, Ye Feng found a place that contained lifeforce.

There were actually quite a number of living creatures nearby.

Those waves of energy fluctuations and extremely high temperatures and extremely low temperatures could not destroy them.

One could imagine how tenacious this lifeforce was.

However, it was not important.

No matter how tenacious the lifeforce was, it would still be a target for him to devour.

He stomped on the surface of the lake and used the impact of the water to rush toward this place.

At the same time, he killed all the poisonous snakes, scorpions, bees, and other creatures in the water.

During this process, he did not forget to observe his surroundings to see if any treasures had appeared so that he could take these treasures away.

This was the depths of the lake.

Whether it was the place where Walter was sealed or not, there would be many treasures that had existed since ancient times, so the prices were not cheap.

Ye Feng had to make full use of his time to get all these possible treasures back.

But Ye Feng was still disappointed.

Along the way, other than encountering some low-level creatures, he did not find any treasures at all.

“Sigh, could it be that my luck is bad” Ye Feng looked at the scene around him and could not help but shake his head, muttering somewhat gloomily.

Ye Feng was not in a hurry to return to the shore.

Instead, he began to search at the bottom of the lake.

It was because he knew that only by finding treasures could he quickly increase his strength and also save a lot of time.

Otherwise, if he encountered any powerful fierce beasts or creatures… Then his chances of winning would be much smaller.

However, Ye Feng searched for a long time but did not find any treasures.

In the end, he could only give up.

Just as he was about to return to the shore, he suddenly sensed that there was actually a ball of white light hidden above a huge tree.

This ball of white light flickered very frequently.

Ye Feng guessed that this ball of white light was very likely a bead.

However, Ye Feng did not rashly approach.

Instead, he continued to walk forward, wanting to search for it.

Very soon, Ye Feng came to the side of the giant tree.

Looking carefully at this tree, he discovered that there were actually many densely packed patterns on the bark of this tree.

Moreover, these patterns seemed to have been carved on it by someone with a knife.

The density was extremely terrifying.

“Could it be a formation left here by Senior Walter”

“As a powerful mage, not only can Senior Walter set up thousands of formations, but the power of the formations is also endless.

Its simply unimaginable!”

“Thats right.

There must be a big formation on this giant tree.

This big formation is enough to kill some powerful creatures.

Once the formation is broken, there will definitely be no way to survive.

So, I must be careful!”


Ye Feng carefully inspected the surroundings of the giant tree and found that, as expected, on a layer of bark above the giant tree, he found many densely packed patterns, which looked very frightening!


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