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He immediately released his perception, wanting to search for those densely packed patterns, but discovered that after his perception touched those patterns, it was instantly devoured, without the slightest chance to resist.

This made Ye Feng extremely surprised.

This array was truly too powerful.

Even his perception was unable to resist it!

This was also the first time Ye Feng had encountered such a powerful array.

“I think I have to quickly leave this d*mned place to avoid getting into trouble.” Ye Feng was somewhat worried.

Although he really wanted to obtain this array, it did not mean that he would risk his life.

After thinking for a while, Ye Feng decided to first leave this place and then come back to look for opportunities.

If he could not find any treasures, he would return.

There was definitely something magical in this place, but Ye Feng needed to spend a lot of time to open this place.

Right now, Ye Feng had more important things to do.

That was to kill the sealed Water Elemental Dragon King!

After that matter was settled, Ye Feng would come back here and try again.

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After all, the things inside were too tempting!

As a mage on the path of a Magic Conductor, who wouldnt want their magic power to become stronger!

After marking this place, he immediately climbed up from the bottom of the lake to the shore and quickly left this place.

Of course, at the same time as leaving the bottom of the lake, Ye Feng also devoured the corpses of the strange fish and poisonous scorpions, leaving no trace behind.

This devouring brought Ye Feng another small wave of evolution.

Seeing that his evolution progress bar was about to break through to 100%, the smile on Ye Fengs face could no longer be concealed.

No one knew what kind of changes would occur after his evolution progress bar reached 100%, but Ye Feng had a vague feeling… that this matter would not be so simple.


At this moment, there was movement in the lake area.

The originally calm lake instantly froze, and then the frost extended and spread.

The last layer of ice was actually more than ten meters thick!

The last thing that was unexpected was…

This lake actually released a large amount of steam in an instant.

It felt like the bottom of the lake was being burned, and in an instant, it became boiling again.

Then, with a bang, the surface of the lake exploded!

A cloud of steam condensed into the shape of a Dragon, and with a supreme Draconic might, rose up from the deepest part of the lake!

“Oh my god, whats going on”

“Oh my god, what did I see”

“I saw a miracle!”

At a certain place at the bottom of the lake, some warriors were all shocked when they saw the changes on Ye Fengs body.

Their mouths were open in anO shape, and their eyes were wide open.

They looked at Ye Feng as if they were looking at a monster.

“Could it be him, could it be him!”

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“Oh my god, how could it be”

“Who, who is he Who, who is he”

The contestants began to discuss.

They could see the changes that had happened to Ye Feng clearly.

All of this was beyond their imagination, even beyond the scope of human understanding, because they simply could not understand what was going on.

They all felt that they were dreaming.

In this dream, they seemed to see a huge monster!

A huge monster that was more than 200 meters tall!

The monsters entire body was covered in golden scales, and its body was covered with golden barbs.

It had two blood-red eyes, and its body was emitting a monstrous ferocity, just like a demon god!

In their hearts, Ye Feng became more and more unreachable.

The aura on Ye Fengs body became more and more terrifying.

That enormous aura even suppressed all the competitors outside the lake region, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Some of the more timid competitors even kneeled on the ground.

These competitors were all favored by the heavens.

But at this moment, such favored ones all prostrated in front of Ye Feng, not daring to raise their heads to look at Ye Fengs eyes.

Ye Fengs aura had completely crushed all the contestants present.

They could only feel that Ye Fengs strength was even more terrifying than before.

Perhaps even some veteran mages could surpass him!

In such a situation, only the legendary super genius could do it, right

But how could this be possible

Was there really such an awesome existence in this world

These contestants did not dare to believe what they saw.

They looked at Ye Feng with eyes filled with fear and shock.

In this group of contestants, a man carrying two blades on his back saw the changes that had happened to Ye Feng.

His eyes narrowed and revealed a solemn expression.

It was as if he saw a prehistoric beast and did not dare to move even half a step.

His heart also stirred up a monstrous storm.

Beside him, there was also a beautiful woman dressed in pure white.

At this moment, she was also staring at Ye Feng.

After seeing the change in Ye Feng, a shocked expression appeared on her face.

Clearly, she also saw what kind of change this was.

A monstrous storm rose in her heart.

“What happened to Ye Feng He actually has the Dragon races bloodline”


“Haha, Ye Feng, Youre dead meat this time!”

Just when everyone saw the huge commotion in the lake area, they still did not know the specific situation, but they subconsciously knew that Ye Feng was about to come out.

A wave of arrogant laughter resounded throughout the entire shallow sea area.

The person in the lead was Liang Gang!

Immediately after, they saw a few people quickly approaching the ambush point.

This place was also the place that the lake area had to pass through to reach the shallow sea area.

They were planning to carry out an ambush in this place that would definitely shock everyone!

This shock did not come from ambushing students.

The shock came from the fact that not only did their ambush succeed beyond their expectations, they were also able to kill Ye Feng in the shallow sea region and obtain a large number of points from him!

The points on Ye Fengs body, even if the ten of them split it equally, were enough for them to enter the top 20 positions on the ranking!

Moreover, according to the rules of the competition, as long as there were 100 people in the top 100 of the rankings, they would already be able to obtain the opportunity to enter Cloud Mist Academy for further studies.

However, in order to allow more people to compete for positions in the top 100, Cloud Mist Academy had set up quite a number of rewards.

The specific rewards were not publicly announced, but the higher the ranking, the better the rewards they would receive!

Behind Liang Gang were a few burly men with bulging muscles and cold expressions.

The highest level of these peoples strength had reached the terrifying C grade.

And the lowest level of the remaining people was only D strength.

This lineup could be considered an extremely powerful force formed by the entire Water Training Hall.

In their hands were long spears.

Their excited expressions clearly indicated that they did not know what had happened in the lake area.

Moreover, the remaining contestants who were still reluctant to leave the lake area were once again shocked after the shock.

The feelings of admiration and fear in their hearts interweaved.

If they knew that Liang Gang had set up an ambush… that was simply a fools dream!


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