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Cloud Mist Academy, viewing platform.

In the audience stands, countless people finally saw Ye Fengs live broadcast screen light up once again and instantly became excited.

How long they had been waiting for this moment!

From the moment Ye Feng went down to the bottom of the lake, the live broadcast screen started to become unclear from time to time.

After all, it was dark down there and with the addition of various elements, one could not see Ye Fengs live broadcast screen.

Therefore, the moment Ye Feng emerged from the lake…

Almost everyone was shouting wildly, as if a superstar had just emerged from seclusion somewhere, and a large group of paparazzi immediately surrounded and blocked him, fighting for the headlines.

“F*ck me, I can actually see God Feng.

What exactly did he experience at the bottom of the lake The aura all over his body has completely changed!”

“F*ck! My god! God Fengs cultivation level seems to have risen.

He is no longer C , but even higher!”

“He can actually control the flow of water in the shape of a Dragons head.

Did God Feng encounter some great opportunity down there and learn this skill!”

“F*ck! Doesnt that mean that God Feng will become one of the top existences among the younger generation of Chinas symbiotes in the future!”

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“Haha, I knew it.

God Feng will definitely win.

He didnt disappoint me.

He created another miracle!”

“This is a miracle that belongs to my Brother Feng.

I knew it.

He will always be the most powerful.

There is no one like him!”

Countless fans were discussing Ye Fengs current state.

Some even guessed that Ye Feng must have obtained some kind of fortuitous encounter.

But no matter what, as long as they could see Ye Fengs live broadcast, this was definitely the best news for them.

After all, this meant that Ye Feng did not die, and there was even a new breakthrough.

This was something that no one could compare to!

In the judges seats, although all the elders saw that Ye Feng was safe and sound, their brows were still tightly furrowed, as if there was something important that had been troubling them.

“Dean, why do you think Ye Feng has the aura of a Dragon on him Could it be that he killed a Dragon at the bottom of the lake” one of the white-haired elders asked in puzzlement.

After all, this kind of aura was too strange.

Amidst its power, it also carried an incomparably powerful water elemental energy.

Therefore, most of the elders silently believed that Ye Feng had killed a Water Elemental Dragon that possessed an extremely powerful water elemental energy.

However, when they thought about it, such a situation was impossible.

Firstly, the lake area was the largest lake in the entire Water Training Hall.

It was also used as one of the training grounds for the freshmen assessment.

The large-scale creatures among them, the creatures that were too dangerous, had been eliminated by their special team from the start.

Other than some of the Flood Dragons that had awoken, there were no other powerful creatures.

Secondly, if it was really a Dragon, Ye Feng alone would not be a match for it.

The Dragon race was extremely powerful.

Not to mention Ye Feng, even if it was an A grade human powerhouse, they could fight back and forth!

Therefore, all the elders shook their heads.

“This should be just a coincidence.

That Dragon race is so powerful.

Even if it was a Dragon whelp, it could easily kill all humans, or even A grade powerhouses.”

“But what if its a coincidence…” A younger elder asked, “Dean, didnt you just say that Ye Feng encountered a powerful danger at the bottom of the lake Since he encountered it, then Ye Feng should have killed it.

But now, he walked up unscathed.

If its not a coincidence, then doesnt that mean that Ye Fengs strength has already surpassed B grade and reached A grade”

And the current Ye Feng was only a new symbiote.

How could he dare to provoke the Dragon race with their super strength

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So, this thing simply couldnt happen!

But since he wasnt from the Dragon race, then how could Ye Feng have the aura of a Dragon in his body

Could it be that this kid really encountered some kind of opportunity

At this time, another black-haired and white-bearded old man suddenly frowned and then said slowly, “Somethings wrong.

This aura definitely doesnt belong to the Dragon race!”

Moreover, if it really was the Dragon race, Ye Fengs body should have the bloodline of the Dragon race.

But now, it didnt look like it at all.

Then there was only one other possibility.

This possibility was that the lake here had some mysterious and unfathomable power!

“Dean, could it be that the lake here…” The eyes of the few old men next to him immediately lit up when they heard the white-haired old mans words, and they all looked in that direction.

Andy nodded.

“I think some super powerhouse must have set up some kind of formation here.”

As soon as he said this, a loud sound came from Ye Fengs direction in the live broadcast, as if something had shattered.


Bang! Bang!

In an instant, the entire sky trembled violently.

Bolts of lightning tore through the sky and struck continuously in the sky, as if the entire sky had turned into night.

“What a powerful force…”

At this moment, everyone present also noticed the abnormal changes in the sky and immediately made a decision.

They turned around and prepared to leave.

However, at this moment, a black figure suddenly descended from the sky above them.

Everyone suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Their expressions changed drastically as they looked over in unison.

They saw Ye Feng carrying a large amount of Dragon Might as he flew toward a certain place with a loud bang!

“Ye Feng!”


None of them thought that they would be able to see a freshman flying in the sky with their own eyes!

Furthermore, he could release so much power.

It was simply the heroic bearing of an invincible expert as he appeared in front of them.

Ye Feng did not pay attention to them.

He directly controlled the powerful force in his body and flew all the way from the lake region to the shallow sea region.

When he came to the sky above the shallow sea area, his powerful perception instantly took in the situation of the entire area.

“You actually want to ambush me” Ye Feng chuckled and a powerful pressure enveloped him.


All the binding formations here were destroyed in an instant!

Liang Gang, who was below, was at a loss when he saw such a terrifying pressure descend.

He was scared silly and stood on the spot.

As for his subordinates, they were also stunned on the spot.

For a moment, they forgot to resist, and even forgot to run away.

They had never seen such a terrifying might.

This power was not inferior to the might that could be unleashed by the combined might of B grade experts!

Meanwhile, the faces of the surrounding people were also filled with fear and shock.

Some of them even nearly collapsed on the ground.

Puchi… A slightly weaker lackey spat out a mouthful of blood.

His eyes were filled with shock and despair.

“How is this possible!” Liang Gangs heart sank when he saw this person spit out blood.

This person was one of his own, and his strength was not much weaker than his.

Yet, he was actually so weak!


The others also reacted and cursed.

They looked at the person who spat out blood and exclaimed in shock.

This was because, under that powerful pressure, this person had actually fainted.

Liang Gangs heart sank, and he thought to himself that things werent looking good.

“Ah… Run!” a woman couldnt help but cry out in shock.

She hurriedly turned around and ran toward the direction of the valley.



In an instant, everyone in this area panicked and began to run frantically.

They were not Ye Fengs match at all, so they didnt even have the strength to resist!


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