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“Yeah, I also think we shouldnt provoke Ye Feng.

His current strength has already surpassed many experts.

If we provoke him, Im afraid well all be finished!” Someone nodded in agreement.

At this moment, they had to admit that Ye Fengs strength was indeed much stronger than theirs.

On the other side, Ye Feng was currently standing high in the sky, looking down disdainfully.

Ye Feng also cared about so much and directly flew across the shallow sea and the middle sea region, arriving at the most terrifying deep sea region.

“Come, I want to see what level the Water Elemental Dragon King is able to actually use a sealing spell on Senior Walter!” Ye Feng said coldly.

At this time, his body had inherited half of Walters strength and was already very powerful.

If he were to go down and meet the Water Elemental Dragon King, he would at least be able to deal with it and not be killed right away.

After saying that, Ye Feng immediately withdrew his power and let his entire body fall straight into the deep sea area.

With a plop, Ye Feng suddenly dived into the water.

The deep sea area lived up to its reputation.

This place had the most extensive water resources in the entire Water Training Hall.

Moreover, the depth of this place was not something that the depth of the lake area could compare to.

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The deepest part of the deep sea region not only had an extremely powerful deep sea pressure, but there was also an extremely cold air that was constantly seeping in.

The deep sea pressure could be seen everywhere in the deep sea region.

This was an invisible force.

As long as one dived a little lower, there would be a large change in the pressure.

At the very least, it would cause the internal organs to suffer different degrees of damage.

At the very worst, it was possible for one to die from sudden death!

This was the charm of the deep sea region.

Death was like a shadow that followed you everywhere.

It would always appear when you least expected it, and then kill you in one fell swoop, not to mention there were other deep sea super creatures.

This was also the most dangerous place in the entire Water Training Hall, and also the last place.

After all, the entire Water Training Hall was divided into five regions in total: rivers, lakes, shallow sea, middle sea, and this place, the deep sea!

If Ye Feng was able to survive in this place under normal circumstances, it would be equivalent to him passing the test directly.

But now, it was obviously not that easy.

Somewhere in this region, there was a huge Dragon hidden!

One of the legendary Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race, the Water Elemental Dragon, the Water Elemental Dragon King!

The existence of this huge Dragon meant that Ye Fengs process would not be so easy.

However, things would not be so bad.

After all, Ye Fengs body currently contained an extremely powerful strength that was enough to contend with the Water Elemental Dragon King.

However, everything had to be careful.

Otherwise, Ye Feng would not take this risk.

He directly skipped two places and arrived at the deep sea region.

Moreover, Ye Feng had to completely seal the Water Elemental Dragon King before everyone arrived at this region.

Otherwise, once other contestants were involved in this matter, they would definitely die miserably!

This was the terrifying aspect of this Water Training Hall, and also the charm of the water region!

This was also a treasure ground.

As long as ones strength was strong enough, then the cultivation resources here could be used by one.

One could even obtain spiritual herbs and spiritual medicines.

However, one had to pay a price to survive in this place.

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The creatures here were also the most powerful existences in the entire Water Training Hall.

Therefore, Ye Feng had to put in 120% of his effort.

Otherwise, if something unexpected happened, it would be too late.

Moreover, this was a brand new area to him.

If something unexpected happened, he would immediately fall into a passive position.

This place could be compared to the lair of the creatures, the home ground of the creatures.

If he fell into a passive position in the opponents territory, the outcome was needless to say.

However, Ye Feng could not run away at the last minute.

No matter how strong the creatures here were, they were only a devouring target in his eyes.

With that thought, Ye Feng continued to dive deeper.

As he continued to dive, the temperature of the surrounding water also continued to drop.

The huge pressure made it difficult for Ye Feng to breathe.

There were also some dizziness, faintness, and even hallucinations.

But these symptoms did not last long before they completely disappeared.

After all, Ye Feng had obtained the ability to breathe underwater through the water element.

Moreover, he relied on the ability of the Slime to let him pass unimpeded.

Moreover, he was wearing the Sea Stone Armor and the Sea Stone Crown.

These equipment gave him a powerful boost, allowing Ye Feng to instantly recover all his vitality.

If it was someone else who came down, it was estimated that they would not be able to hold on for more than a few minutes before all sorts of symptoms would appear in their body.

If they were not dealt with in time, they would definitely end up dying in the deep sea region.

However, Ye Feng did not panic at all.

“Although this place is vast, there are quite a lot of resources, and there are also quite a number of creatures!” Ye Feng looked around.

This place was even darker than the lake region.

This was also the reason why Ye Feng took this risk.

However, with the help of his powerful perception, Ye Feng could almost see his surroundings as if it was daytime.

It was as if there was a big light bulb on top of his head.

Wherever he looked, it would light up.

It was impossible for the Water Elemental Dragon King to be found so quickly.

He could only explore slowly.

Ye Feng saw a direction and swam toward it.

In the deep sea, Ye Feng was as free as a fish.

He did not need to worry about anything because he was in this area.

Because of the environment, it was difficult for Ye Feng to see what kind of creatures were appearing in front of him.

Perhaps, it was impossible for other creatures to appear.

Even if there were, Ye Feng could easily deal with it and would definitely not be affected in the slightest.

Everything needed to be found by oneself.

The surrounding water, the endless boundary, and the incomparably quiet water.

One had to admit that swimming freely in the deep sea region was a kind of enjoyment.

Ye Feng swam for a few thousand meters before stopping.

There was a huge Super Abyssal Zone here.

This place was incomparably huge, so much so that even Ye Fengs perceptive ability was unable to completely cover it.

Just looking at it with the naked eye, it was even more impossible to see the boundary.

Ye Feng knew that the Super Abyssal Zone that appeared in the deep sea region was usually at a depth of about 5,000 meters from the surface of the sea.

At such a depth, if it was an ordinary person, they would have long been crushed into minced meat by the powerful pressure.

‘It seems that my bodys resistance is still relatively strong. Ye Feng was secretly happy.

His bodys resistance had long broken through to 1,200.

He was able to withstand the harsh environment and the degree of resistance had long reached a terrifying realm.

After all, such a huge improvement could indeed make him happy for a long time.

But now, he had an even more arduous mission, so he did not have much time to be happy.

This ultra-deep abyss was very wide.

There were many fish and some rare creatures.

This kind of creature was so rare that at first glance, Ye Feng could tell that it was extremely rare.

It was because it was some kind of alien creature, and because its appearance was extremely ugly and rugged!


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