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These creatures all looked strange.

Some were tall and sturdy, some had graceful bodies, and some had bodies as soft as snakes.

In short, they were all very strange.

Ye Feng did not care about these fish, but carefully observed the surrounding scenery.

The surrounding plants were also quite lush, but Ye Feng did not do anything because he knew that the toxicity of these plants was not inferior to those mutated jellyfish.

Moreover, Ye Feng discovered that at the edge of the Super Abyssal Zone, there were many trees growing, and these trees also grew in strange shapes.

Some were small saplings, some were actually big trees, and some even reached hundreds of meters high, or even dozens of meters thick, as if they were towering trees.

This situation was very strange because Ye Feng had never seen it in water before.

Moreover, this was the deep sea area.

Generally speaking, only demonized creatures could adapt to the strong pressure in the deep sea area.

Otherwise, they would die.

And those plants basically could not survive because this environment was not suitable for living plants at all.

But these plants appeared before Ye Fengs eyes, and they were very strong, as if they were not affected by this place at all.

The first feeling that Ye Feng had was that these trees were the sea willows that lived in the deep sea area.

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Only these trees could adapt to the survival of the water, and they also had a strong ability to grow.

But these sea willows were not ordinary sea willows.

They seemed to have undergone some kind of mutation.

In short, it made Ye Feng feel very strange.

“Could there be something special here”

Everything here was full of doubts.

Ye Feng had to figure out why there were so many trees here, and even some tree trunks that were much thicker than ordinary tree trunks.

Perhaps the Water Elemental Dragon King was hiding in this place.

Ye Feng walked into the Super Abyssal Zone and found that the quality of the water here was also very special.

It was not a pure liquid, but a mixed substance.

This mixed substance was very tiny and could not be easily identified in the water, but Ye Feng had a powerful perception.

This mixed substance… Naturally could not hide from his sight.

For some reason, Ye Feng suddenly had an idea that there would be other creatures in the water.

As soon as this idea appeared, Ye Feng was shocked.

But he still decided to look for traces of this creature in the water.

There were more than just creatures here.

After confirming this idea, Ye Feng continued to explore the surroundings, hoping to find some clues.

Seeing that Ye Feng had entered the deep sea area, the faces of everyone in the audience changed again.

Because Andy had retrieved all of the Air Detection Eyes of the dead and injured players, and then put them back on Ye Feng, it was not difficult to improve the quality of Ye Fengs live broadcast.

In other words, even if Ye Feng was in the deep sea zone, the live broadcast could still be transmitted to the audience, which was also updated in real-time.

Since the start of the competition, Ye Feng was the first person to enter the deep sea zone, and he could directly cross two zones.

Now, everyone had acknowledged Ye Fengs prowess.

Putting aside the symbiote body, Ye Fengs talent and physique far surpassed his peers, and his peers happened to be the contestants in this competition.

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According to age, their ages were almost the same, both above 18 and below 20.

At this age, if he was particularly eye-catching, then he must be a person with great potential.

And Ye Feng completely met this expectation.

Moreover, Su Fei and Chen Hao, who had always been favored, had been losing their popularity at this time, and Ye Feng was far ahead.

For some reason, he could actually release his power and freeze both the shallow sea area and the middle sea area.

Could it be that he didnt want others to enter the deep sea area

Or perhaps there was a greater opportunity hidden in the deep sea area, and Ye Feng wanted to take it all for himself

To the audience, these were all unsolved mysteries.

Not to mention the audience, the contestants at the scene of the incident saw that the two large areas in the distance had been ruthlessly sealed by Ye Feng.

For a moment, they did not know what to say.

Originally, the higher the challenge, the more rewards and opportunities they would receive.

But Ye Feng had frozen the second and third most dangerous areas in an instant.

This also meant that the so-called opportunities that they had been pursuing all along had also disappeared in these two areas.

“The younger generation nowadays is really getting stronger and stronger.

Ye Feng has already leaped into the deep sea area to explore.

This is far ahead of others by more than half a point!”

“The last time an examinee thought of him so easily seems to have been a hundred years ago,”Professor Lei said and laughed loudly.

“Looks like I really didnt make a mistake this time.

Ye Fengs performance is really too outstanding.

Although his symbiotic body isnt much, he can always make up for his weaknesses with his strengths!”

“But even so, it doesnt mean that his symbiotic bodys ability is very weak.

Its even far stronger than our evaluation.”

At this time, Professor Siman, who was beside Professor Lei, said this.

“Unfortunately, when we explored the deep sea area previously, we confirmed that there was a powerful force.

If he really wants to search for this force, then he will definitely die there!” Professor Siman added one last sentence.

“What force How come I dont know about this…” Professor Lei was about to question him when he suddenly raised his head and his expression changed.

He stared at Ye Fengs live broadcast.

The scene that happened in Ye Fengs live broadcast caught the attention of countless people, especially the elders in the judges seats.

Their faces all turned black!

As the scene in Ye Fengs live broadcast room stretched, the audiences line of sight changed.

A few cracks suddenly appeared in the sky above the originally quiet Water Training Hall.

Suddenly, more cracks appeared.

There was something gray in the outside world that was continuously surging in!

A force from the primitive, primal chaos, the source of all things came gushing in!

“Its over!”

Professor Lei and the others faces changed greatly!

They had already seen what this thing was.

This was a spiritual energy tide, one of the most primitive powers that came from the primal chaos.

This power tore through the protection of the Water Training Hall and was continuously seeping into it!

Once this power was absorbed, then the water elements in the entire water area would become chaotic, and at that time, the water area would collapse!

This terrifying power was not something that one person could withstand.

The appearance of the spiritual energy tide also meant that it was an extremely unstable power!

This power was extremely dangerous, completely exceeding the plan of the exam!

The crack instantly spread out.

A destructive aura gushed out from the crack, as if it was a terrifying aura from another world.


The entire space suddenly exploded, and crushed stones flew in all directions.

A cloud of dust filled the air, and a huge whirlpool instantly appeared in front of everyone.

A huge suction force appeared from the whirlpool.


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