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The shape of this whirlpool was very similar to the so-called whirlpool water flow on earth.

However, the moment this force appeared, Ye Feng felt that something was wrong.

He immediately mobilized the energy in his body and prepared to resist this energy.

Seeing these cracks that suddenly appeared in the water, the audience shouted in unison.

“Holy sh*t!”

Although those audience members had never participated in the exploration of the deep sea area, they had heard of the terror of the deep sea area.

Now, with the spiritual energy tide, the more areas in the water, the greater the impact.

The deep sea area was the largest and most abundant area in the entire Water Training Hall.

In addition to the various suppression of the deep sea area, if the spiritual energy tide was added, the power released was not something that an ordinary person could deal with!

Different from ordinary tides, the spiritual energy tide appeared almost randomly.

In the end, it came crashing down with an unrivaled power.

However, the frequency of the spiritual energy tide was not only very rare, it was also known as a rare occurrence in a hundred years.

Moreover, it had only happened once in the past hundred years, and it happened to happen in a coastal city.

Just the death toll from that incident alone had reached tens of thousands of people, not to mention the number of people who had been injured!

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The reason why these cracks had appeared was because this spiritual energy tide was continuously tearing apart the protection of the Water Training Hall.

Originally, the Water Training Hall had been used as the assessment grounds for the freshmen of Cloud Mist Academy, so it was inevitable that it had to be isolated from the outside world.

Otherwise, the ripples of energy released from within and outside would affect both parties.

It was precisely because of this layer of protection that the spiritual energy tides bombardment was not that intense.

However, if the protection was completely removed, the spiritual energy tides bombardment would be sufficient to cause everyone present to die!

Even if they were not killed by such an enormous spiritual energy tides impact, the strength of demonized creatures that were nourished by the spiritual energy tide would not only increase by tens of times, but their might would also increase by countless times.

In this way, the level of danger faced by these freshmen far exceeded the opponents that they could face at their level.

A casual strike could take their little lives!

Therefore, this matter had instantly attracted the attention of the upper echelons of Cloud Mist Academy, especially the people in the judges seats.

If they still did not take action, everyone in the Water Training Hall would be crushed to death by this powerful force!

Moreover, Ye Feng could also clearly feel that there seemed to be a similar powerful force not far away that was resonating with the spiritual energy tide.

‘I hope its not the Water Elemental Dragon King! Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

After all, he had never encountered this spiritual energy tide before.

He did not know how to avoid danger and so on.

If the Water Elemental Dragon King took the opportunity to enter at this time, then his passive situation would become even deeper.

“Oh my god! A spiritual energy tide that is rarely seen in a hundred years actually broke out.

What are the freshmen who are still in the Water Training Hall going to do now!”

The audience was terrified.

Seeing this situation, they had also guessed something.

This spiritual energy tide had come at a terrible time!

“Dean, we must stop the competition immediately and send a support team to rescue the remaining students!” Professor Lei said.

He couldnt control his tone anymore, and his entire body was trembling.

The old men on the side all nodded.

In such a situation, it was really not suitable to continue the competition.

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Under such circumstances, the outcome of these freshmen was almost certain death.

“The power of this spiritual energy tide seems to be very powerful…”

“This is… spiritual energy tide!”

“Theyre completely finished.

There are so many creatures in the Water Training Hall.

If we dont intervene in time to rescue them, these students will probably…”


In the audience stands.

Countless people looked at the big lens of the Water Training Hall.

The sky was an illusion.

As time passed, more and more cracks appeared in the sky.

In fact, the spiritual energy tide didnt have any destructive power or offensive power.

However, its appearance would have a huge impact!

In a battle a hundred years ago.

The human race was almost certain to win the battle between hundreds of A grade humans and the creatures.

However, a spiritual energy tide suddenly descended.

The hundreds of powerful creatures instantly evolved to several levels.

The mid-to-high-level creatures directly jumped to the super high-level after receiving the nourishment of the spiritual energy tide.

There were even a few A grade super creatures!

In the end, the entire human race was almost wiped out.

Although they still won the battle, the human race suffered heavy casualties.

Out of more than a hundred A grade human powerhouses, only three survived.

The rest of them were either injured or dead!

The death rate soared to a shocking 80%!

It could be said to be the most tragic battle with the creatures in history.

With this experience and the large number of creatures, there were no less than five A grade creatures.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for any of them to pass the freshmen assessment.

What they were thinking about now was how to protect their own lives.

Andy nodded.

Under such circumstances, they could not afford to be careless.

Originally, Andy did not want to stop the assessment.

In such a dangerous situation, they could better unleash their strength.

Moreover, Andy had been paying attention to Ye Feng.

He really wanted to see Ye Fengs performance.

However, there were more freshmen and they did not have the ability to protect themselves.

Therefore, the decision to end the competition had to be announced.

“Everyone, please be patient.

Due to the change in the situation, the spiritual energy tide has quietly arrived.

Now, after the discussion of the judges, they have finally made a decision to end this assessment!”

“All points will remain unchanged.

The deadline will be effective immediately after the announcement!”

“All examinees will immediately withdraw from the Water Training Hall.

At the same time, the rescue team will arrive quickly.

I hope that all students do not panic.

The Academy will be with you!”

“Be careful.

If anyone continues to take the assessment without permission, all qualifications for the competition will be revoked.

All points will be void! Everyone, please quickly withdraw from the examination training hall!”

Andys words not only spread to everyone in the audience seats, but also to the Water Training Hall.

For a moment, everyones heart fell to the bottom.

They were praying in their hearts that these contestants would return safely.

After all, in the Water Training Hall, they were all evenly matched competitors.

The difference in strength could not be seen.

However, outside, they were all the elites of the new generation.

They were all the new generation that had great potential in this world.

Not only that, Andys voice resounded in the ears of all the contestants.

This was simply a bolt from the blue!

They all knew the concept of spiritual energy tide.

Moreover, there were indeed many creatures in the Water Training Hall.

If they did not withdraw, then they would not have the life to withdraw!

“D*mn it, how could our luck be so bad!”

“If I had known earlier, I would have withdrawn from the Water Training Hall earlier!”

“I havent passed the assessment yet! How can I be reconciled! I am not reconciled!”

“I am not reconciled either! But how can our strength be compared to those creatures What should we do”

“No matter what, Lets withdraw from the Water Training Hall first.

If we are eliminated, we will have no chance at all!”

Curses were spat out from the mouths of the students.

They were in despair.

If what Andy said was true, then they would lose the right to participate.

This was something they didnt want to see.

If they lost the right, their parents wouldnt be able to withstand such a blow.

“Alright, lets end this round of assessment here!”


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