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Ye Feng couldnt care about anything else at this moment.

He swam to the side, wanting to leave this area as soon as possible.

Hearing Teacher Andys message, he immediately frowned.

“If the Water Elemental Dragon Kings strength increases greatly under the effect of the spiritual energy tide, then everyone will be in danger!”

Ye Feng felt an unprecedented sense of danger at this moment.

It was not just the people from the Water Training Hall.

If the Water Elemental Dragon King put the battlefield outside, even a world would not be enough for it to torment!

Moreover, Yi had also told him before that the entire world contained extremely powerful creatures in the darkness.

They were looking for an opportunity.

Looking for an opportunity to overturn the entire world!

And they also needed a leader.

If the Water Elemental Dragon King entered the scene, it would definitely cause an unprecedented catastrophe to the human world!

This was something that Ye Feng did not want to see, and something that he definitely could not see.

‘Now that the spiritual energy tide is coming, I should hide first and make plans after seeing the situation, Ye Feng thought to himself.

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Looking at the surrounding environment, this was the Super Abyssal Zone.

There were many creatures, but they had not started to demonized, so Ye Feng still had time to hide.

If he ran out of stamina before he found the Water Elemental Dragon King, then Ye Feng would definitely be at a disadvantage.

It was the best plan to conserve his stamina and find an opportunity to reappear.

Ye Feng had just left when a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“The surroundings are dangerous.

After the creatures demonized, their strength will increase by at least two or three levels.

With your strength, its not a problem to fight it, but you have to conserve your strength.

The deep sea area is one of the areas with the most creatures.

I dont want you to have any mishaps.”

“The rescue team will arrive soon.

I have already synchronized them with your coordinates.

You just have to find a slightly safer place and wait for rescue!”

Ye Feng was a little confused.

He looked around and did not find the source of the sound.

‘Whats going on Ye Feng thought to himself.

‘This sound, could it be Teacher Andy!

This was also possible.

After all, the surroundings would definitely be followed by Teacher Andys Air Detection Eyes.

For Teacher Andy, it was a very simple matter to transmit the sound.

However, Ye Feng could not imagine why the dean would pay so much attention to him.

However, this was not important anymore.

It was because a gigantic snake had suddenly appeared in front of him!

Ye Feng was currently at the edge of the Super Abyssal Zone.

He was preparing to leave this place.

After all, there were many creatures here.

If he continued to stay here, he would immediately become the food of these creatures.

However, he did not expect one to appear in front of him.


Suddenly, a deafening roar resounded in this area.

Soon after, a huge body emerged from the lake.

It was a terrifying giant snake that was more than twenty meters long.

Its entire body was covered in scales.

It looked awe-inspiring.

After the giant snake appeared, it opened its mouth and revealed a row of sharp fangs.

Then, its body suddenly jumped and actually jumped into the air.

Soon after, its body shook, and the scales on its body immediately fell off rapidly.

It revealed its ferocious and ugly snake head.

When it saw Ye Feng, a cold light burst out from its eyes.

It opened its bloody mouth and directly rushed toward Ye Feng.

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Seeing the giant snake pouncing over, Ye Feng was immediately on guard.

The speed of this giant snake was too fast, so Ye Feng could only temporarily avoid the edge.

The giant snake pounced near Ye Feng and pounced towards Ye Feng with its huge mouth.

Ye Fengs expression was solemn.

He instantly clenched his right hand and ruthlessly smashed it towards the giant snake that pounced toward him!

Ye Feng had used all of his strength in this punch!


A huge explosion sounded.

The giant snake was knocked back by this punch.

However, this punch did not injure it in the slightest.

It only sent it flying dozens of meters away!

The giant snake rolled a few times on the ground before it finally got up.

It glared at Ye Feng angrily as if it wanted to tear Ye Feng into pieces!

“Oh no, this is due to the influence of the spiritual energy tide.

Whether its strength or physical fitness, they have already jumped to several levels.” Ye Feng looked at the giant snake and could not help but frown.

If that was the case, then he could not continue fighting.

He had no idea what was going on around here.

Moreover, Ye Feng had just received a message that there were far more creatures in the deep sea region than in the other regions.

Moreover, these creatures were entrenched in the Super Abyssal Zone.

If he could not end the battle quickly, he would definitely attract more monsters.

When the time came for a chaotic battle, he might not be able to gain the upper hand!

Most importantly, these creatures were all affected by the spiritual energy tide, and their strength had greatly increased!

Although he knew that the giant snakes strength was very great, he did not expect it to be able to reach such a level.


Seeing that Ye Feng was actually able to send it flying, the giant snake immediately went berserk.

Its eyes shot out a terrifying light, and then it suddenly swung its huge tail, directly lashing toward Ye Feng.

Seeing the giant snakes attack, Ye Feng didnt hold back anymore.

His right foot stomped on the ground, and his figure hurriedly retreated.

However, the giant snakes tail brushed past his body, directly breaking a sea willow tree that was dozens of meters tall.


Ye Feng sucked in a breath of cold air.

If Ye Feng hadnt been prepared, perhaps he would have already been struck by the snakes tail.

As expected of a demonized creature.

It was indeed extraordinary.

It was much more powerful than when it was in its normal form.

“Since youve already used cheats, then I wont be polite.

Its a good opportunity to test Senior Walters strength!”

Ye Feng looked at the giant snake and spread out his arms.

His body suddenly expanded and the spiritual energy in his body instantly circulated.

A majestic pressure instantly enveloped the surroundings.

Ye Fengs body emitted a layer of light blue light.

It looked as if a god had descended, causing people to revere him.

Sensing the aura emitted from Ye Fengs body, the giant snake instantly shriveled.

The powerful bloodline suppression forced it to lower its head.

It even prostrated itself, not daring to confront him.

Clearly, this power had already caused it to feel fear!

‘The purity of the Dragon Seed has an effect Ye Feng seemed to have understood something.

The opponent was a giant snake, and it should be considered a sub-Dragon.

However, its bloodline must have been diluted to an extremely low level.

Hence, at the beginning, when Ye Feng unleashed his power, even the giant snake could not sense it.

Now that he had unleashed his full power, only then did the giant snake sense the bloodline calling from the depths of its genes.

Seeing the creature so afraid of himself, Ye Feng laughed lightly, waved his right hand, and a huge water arrow suddenly shot out!


Hit by the giant snake, even before the reaction, with eyes of great fear, the whole body turned into countless pieces of flesh, splattering everywhere and floating.

‘Devour! Ye Feng waved his hand, and countless small Slimes came out in response.

‘I wonder if the power gained by the spiritual energy tide will be increased as well

In Ye Fengs guess, suddenly all around sounded a terrible voice.

“Ho ho ho…!!!”

At that moment, a series of angry roars came from all around.

A large number of creatures swarmed in from all around.

After they saw Ye Fengs existence, they roared in anger, as if they were provoking him.

It was also as if they were showing off their strength.

They wanted to kill Ye Feng!

“D*mn it! There are too many of these creatures.

It looks like theres no way to end the battle quickly.” Ye Feng looked at the densely packed creatures around him and cursed in his heart.

Under such circumstances, if Ye Feng wanted to preserve his strength, then the only thing he could do was to think of a way to escape from here.

However, in the current situation, it was obviously very difficult to do so.


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