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There were so many demonized creatures here.

If he did not stop running, he would be caught sooner or later.

At that time, he would definitely become the prey of these demonized creatures.


Suddenly, Ye Feng heard a loud hiss coming from behind him.

Following that, he found several huge black fish jumping out from behind him and biting at him.

“Its actually Demon Flood Dragon Fishes.

Its famous for its extremely strong speed and explosive power among the fish.

However, because of its delicious meat, it was caught by humans wantonly.

I didnt expect it to appear here.” Ye Feng looked at the Demon Flood Dragon Fishes that pounced on him and his expression immediately changed.

“Their level isnt low.

Theyre actually B grade Demon Flood Dragon Fishes, and they have an advantage in numbers.

If I were to forcefully kill them, it would definitely consume a lot of my stamina.”

“But I cant care about that anymore!”

The Demon Flood Dragon Fishes that charged up were huge and looked extremely frightening.

Their bodies were covered in scales, and their sharp claws and fangs made them look like a devil.

This wasnt an ordinary fish, but a devil… Moreover, under the influence of the spiritual energy tide, they were currently demonized Demon Flood Dragon Fishes!

“Humph!” Ye Feng snorted and quickly waved his right hand, sending a Demon Flood Dragon Fish flying.

However, the Demon Flood Dragon Fish was very strong and did not fly far away.


The Demon Flood Dragon Fish was sent flying several meters away.

It roared again and pounced toward Ye Feng.


Then, the surrounding Demon Flood Dragon Fishes also rushed over.

The densely packed number was enough to number more than ten.

If these Demon Flood Dragon Fishes were as tough as the one just now, then they would need to spend even more time to deal with these troublesome things.

“Not good!”

Looking at the Demon Flood Dragon Fish that charged the most ferociously, Ye Feng could not help but be shocked.

He did not expect this Demon Flood Dragon Fishs level to actually reach B !

The lower-grade Demon Flood Dragon Fish just now was already so powerful, not to mention this one.

If he was bitten by it, he would probably be torn into powder!

Looking at the Demon Flood Dragon Fish that was charging at him, Ye Feng immediately dodged to the side and then escaped in another direction.

The surroundings were pitch black, and there was no specific direction to escape to.

Ye Feng did not use too much spiritual energy to escape.

Therefore, his body speed was very slow, but he had been using movement techniques because once he was surrounded by creatures, he could only enter a fierce battle.


The Demon Flood Dragon Fishs speed was very fast.

In a few breaths time, it had already caught up to Ye Feng and bit toward Ye Fengs neck.

With this bite, Ye Fengs neck would definitely be bitten off!

Ye Fengs expression suddenly changed.

He activated his spiritual energy and spiderwebs spread out from Ye Fengs body.

The spiderwebs transformed into the size of steel bars and ruthlessly stabbed toward the Demon Flood Dragon Fishs neck.


The spiderwebs pierced through the Demon Flood Dragon Fishs skin, but it did not kill the Demon Flood Dragon Fish.

Ye Fengs expression sank when he saw this scene.

“How is this guy so hard [Spiderweb Punishment] can only pierce through its skin and scales.

It cant pierce through at all!”

It was not only Ye Feng who was surprised.

Even the audience who were watching the battle nervously was stunned.

They did not expect that after the mutation, not only did the demonized creatures attack power increase greatly, but its defense index also rose in a straight line!

Ye Feng took a look at the Demon Flood Dragon Fishs wound.

Blood was still flowing out, but it did not flow at all.

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“Looks like I still need to try some other methods,” Ye Feng muttered.

The scales of the Demon Flood Dragon Fish were very strong, as if it was made of steel.

It could basically be said to be invulnerable to knives and spears, and Ye Feng could not hurt it at all.

Just as Ye Feng was about to use the terrain to release his binding skill, a figure suddenly flashed past behind him.

A huge sense of danger assaulted him, and along with it came a cold voice.

“Be careful!”

Ye Feng turned his head to look.

A Demon Flood Dragon Fish had appeared behind Ye Feng without him noticing.

Between turning his head back, it fiercely bit at him.

However, the next moment, the Demon Flood Dragon Fish was pierced through and lost its life instantly.

It fell straight into the depths of the sea.

‘It was pierced through Ye Feng was a little confused.

He narrowed his eyes and saw a figure emitting light in the distance.

‘Did the support team rush over Ye Fengs heart skipped a beat, thinking that this was bad.

The Water Elemental Dragon King had yet to be found.

If the support team were to intervene at this time, he did not know if they would be involved.

Ye Feng still wanted to reduce the casualties.

If it was possible, he still wanted to act alone.

After all, the idea of sealing the Water Elemental Dragon King was enough to scare countless people to death.

Not to mention the rescue team, even if Teacher Andy came personally, it might only be 50-50.

It was not that Ye Feng did not believe in the strength of the Academy, but the enemy in front of him was very powerful.

He also relied on the strength of Senior Walter in his body to dare to confront it.

It was also to fulfill Walters last wish.

Moreover, they did not go to the starting point first.

Why did they come directly to the deep sea area

According to what Ye Feng knew, the deep sea area currently only had him as a freshman.

The other contestants were all distributed in different regions, but there was no deep sea area.

After all, this was the most dangerous place, and many people were not very good at swimming.

They came as far as the middle sea region.

Logically speaking, their rescue team would usually start from the starting point to start the rescue.

But someone actually started the rescue from the deep sea region.

This was very strange in itself.

But Ye Feng did not have time to think too much.

“Who are you” Ye Feng still wanted to confirm, looking at the light in the distance and asking.

“Im your senior sister.

Im here to save you.

Hurry up.

Lets get out of here as soon as we get rid of these creatures!” The other party snorted and the light around her became even brighter.

For a moment, the surrounding waters were illuminated as if it was daytime.

The Demon Flood Dragon Fish seemed to be used to living in the dark waters.

They were not used to the sudden appearance of the light.


As they roared, streams of light flashed past.


An explosion sounded.

Following that, countless Demon Flood Dragon Fishes were blasted into nothingness.

When Ye Feng saw this scene, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart.

The Demon Flood Dragon Fishes, which he originally thought had full defense, was actually easily taken care of by this senior.

“The weakness of the Demon Flood Dragon Fish is its abdomen.

As long as it hits the abdomen, a strong pressure will be able to send them away.” That senior sneered at Ye Feng and then shifted her gaze to the other creatures.

Her eyes were blue and looked abnormally mysterious and treacherous, causing people to shiver involuntarily.


A ray of light flashed past again.

The surrounding water seemed to have been cut out of a mirror, with cracks appearing one after another.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fengs expression slightly froze.

This ray of light was extremely terrifying!

‘What on earth is this thing Its actually so tyrannical, Ye Feng exclaimed in his heart.

He could see that this senior had the strength of an A- grade, and might even surpass the strength of an A- grade.

Although Ye Feng had the strength of B grade, Ye Feng wasnt sure how strong this senior was!

Moreover, her symbiotic body was something Ye Feng had never seen before.

It seemed to be some light elf, but he could not tell exactly what it was.

In short, Ye Feng could feel that the strength of her symbiotic body was enough to support her to crazily slaughter all the creatures nearby!


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