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“Break for me!” Lin Xiaoyue shouted in a low voice and slapped her palm forward.

Immediately, a huge beam of light shot out from her hand.


The huge energy exploded in the air, forming a huge mushroom cloud.

The water beam was repelled!

The Water Elemental Dragon King was repelled!

Ye Feng was dumbfounded.

“Senior, youre so strong!” Ye Feng exclaimed.

Lin Xiaoyues strength was simply terrifying!

He knew that Lin Xiaoyue was able to join the rescue team and come here, so her strength was definitely not weak.

Moreover, it was very likely that she was the top existence among the students of the Academy.

With such strength, she would definitely be able to produce a huge amount of power.

After the battle just now, Ye Feng gradually understood Lin Xiaoyues skills.

Basically, she used a powerful light to control anything, similar to controlling mana to levitate.


However, within the light, there was also a large amount of terror.

With this deduction, Ye Feng clearly knew that Lin Xiaoyues symbiotic body was a Light Elf.

This was a very rare creature.

Although it was not as powerful as the divine Dragons and Angels, its numbers were extremely few.

However, its strength was not weaker than theirs.

It was even listed as one of the rarest symbiotic bodies.

According to the statistics of the worlds China Symbiote Organization, there were only seven people who had an Elf symbiotic body.

Among them, only two were Light Elves.

And right now, there was one standing in front of Ye Feng.

This level of rarity was truly amazing.

However, now was not the time to think about this matter.

The situation was very critical.

Although Lin Xiaoyue was strong, Ye Feng could clearly feel that she had already released too much power.

Moreover, her physical strength was also declining.

If this continued, the gap would gradually widen!

What Ye Feng could do was to secretly protect Lin Xiaoyue.

The Water Elemental Dragon King had not demonized yet.

If the two of them attacked together, they would definitely be able to severely injure it.

However, Ye Feng was worried about the live broadcast, so he did not dare to reveal the strongest power of the water element in his body.

He and Lin Xiaoyue looked at each other, then without saying a word, they immediately surrounded it from both sides.

They flew toward the Water Elemental Dragon King.

If they ran now, they definitely would not be able to outrun the Water Elemental Dragon King.

They could only continue attacking before the Water Elemental Dragon King recovered, and then find an opportunity to leave!

The level of the Water Elemental Dragon King was something that they could not touch.

The reason why they could so easily attack the Water Elemental Dragon King was definitely because the other party was still playing around.

Not to mention the Water Elemental Dragon King, even an ordinary Dragon could produce unimaginable destructive power, let alone the Water Elemental Dragon , the Water Elemental Dragon King!

“Humph, is that all you have You are not even one percent stronger than that guy! What a pity, you d*mn humans.

After tonight, I will flatten your world.

From now on, there will be no more humans on Earth!” The Water Elemental Dragon King roared furiously as it charged toward them.

Lin Xiaoyues speed was extremely fast.

Be it in terms of speed or strength of attack, at this moment, she surpassed Water Elemental Dragon King.

The two figures met in mid-air.

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Lin Xiaoyue was actually not a melee combatant.

Just as she was about to approach Water Elemental Dragon King, she tilted her body and raised her hand, causing a ray of light to flash out.

An extremely powerful force charged straight at the Water Elemental Dragon King!

Seeing this, the Water Elemental Dragon King waved its claws to block the attack.


A huge wave of air swept across the entire water area.

This force was so massive that it even vaporized some of the creatures in the Super Abyssal Zone!

“Haha!!! Light Elf, other than being able to glow, your combat strength isnt that great either” The Water Elemental Dragon King laughed arrogantly.

“Unfortunately, the Light Elf King is the most powerful existence of the Elf race that Ive ever encountered, but he was defeated by me.

You dont have the strength at all.

Killing you is simply a waste of my strength!”

Lin Xiaoyues expression changed slightly.

The Light Elf King was an existence that could destroy the world.

He wasnt any weaker than a Human Ceiling, but in the Water Elemental Dragon Kings mouth, he was defeated..

And her attack was actually resisted.

Lin Xiaoyue could clearly feel that the defensive power of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings scales was getting stronger and stronger, reaching a very shocking level.

And whether it was speed or defensive methods, they were gradually becoming stronger.

All these signs completely verified what Ye Feng said.

The Water Elemental Dragon King was only using them to complete its demonization.

Moreover, the stronger the creature, the more sluggish it would be under the influence of the spiritual energy tide.

Currently, the Water Elemental Dragon King had yet to complete its demonization.

It was very likely that it was due to the effects of the spiritual energy tide, it wasnt particularly obvious on its body.

But with such speed, completing the demonization was only a matter of minutes.

The Dragon species was a very noble creature.

Its scales were incomparably hard.

It could easily block bullets and even cannonballs.

And this was a Dragon King.

One could imagine how tough its skin was.

The Water Elemental Dragon King roared and retreated.

At the same time, its body expanded.

The spiritual energy tide in this place was still relatively weak.

It wanted to retreat to a place where the spiritual power was rich and complete its final demonization!

Seeing this, Lin Xiaoyue shouted that it was not good and hurriedly chased after it.

At this time, Ye Feng also rushed over.

The two of them chased after the Water Elemental Dragon King one after the other.

Lin Xiaoyues strength was very strong, but Ye Fengs combat experience was very rich.

When chasing after the Water Elemental Dragon King, he did not forget to observe the Water Elemental Dragon Kings movements and look for an opportunity.

The Water Elemental Dragon Kings speed was indeed very fast, but Ye Fengs speed was just a little faster.

Ye Feng followed closely behind, not daring to slack off.

This Water Elemental Dragon King was too strong.

Even the powerful Lin Xiaoyue did not dare to underestimate it.

The Water Elemental Dragon King was being chased, but at the same time, the impact on Lin Xiaoyue was also huge.


Suddenly, the Water Elemental Dragon Kings body shook.

Then, it opened its bloody mouth and spat out a thick column of water, crashing down toward Ye Feng and Lin Xiaoyue.

This column of water was several meters long and emitted a dazzling white light.

It was like a sharp sword, slashing down at Lin Xiaoyue and Ye Feng.

Ye Fengs heart trembled.

He immediately used the [Turtle Shell Shield] and put it all on Lin Xiaoyue.

He relied on the Sea Stone Armor and the Sea Stone Crown to forcibly resist these attacks.

Lin Xiaoyue also released her power.

For a time, the two forces streaked across the water until they finally collided.


An intense sound exploded in the air, and two huge energy ripples spread out.

Even with the protection of the [Turtle Shell Shield], Lin Xiaoyue was still sent flying hundreds of meters away.

Just as she was about to fall to the ground, a figure suddenly flashed behind her.

Ye Feng caught Lin Xiaoyue steadily.

At this time, both of them were covered in dust, while the other, the Water Elemental Dragon King, had completed its demonization.

His entire body had become many times larger.

The aura of a Dragon King continued to spread out.

“The real slaughter begins now!” The Water Elemental Dragon King lightly snorted.

The boundless aura on its body completely erupted at this moment!

All the creatures in the surrounding water region were affected by this aura.

They all demonized and became the Water Elemental Dragon Kings underlings.

At this moment, they glared at Ye Feng and the others with bloodshot eyes.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng was extremely surprised.

He also knew that he had underestimated the strength of the Water Elemental Dragon King.

Lin Xiaoyues expression turned slightly solemn.

The impact just now had caused her to suffer quite a serious injury.

Although she could forcefully support herself to continue fighting, no matter what, her chances of winning had completely disappeared.

The only thing she could do now was to pray that the instructors of the rescue team would not come over, because they were also no match for them!

A battle of this level did not belong to ordinary people like them.

Only the top fighting force of mankind could fight against them!


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