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“Humph, I dont know how you dare to fight with me at your level” The Water Elemental Dragon Kings huge figure still covered them completely.

Under the huge projection, it carried a torrential pressure.

For a moment, such a huge water-type Dragon King bloodline suppression made them unable to move.

And Ye Feng himself carried the purity of the Dragon Seed, which deepened the resonance of this bloodline and caused him to be even more affected.

And for Lin Xiaoyue, it was the suppression of her main body, so the suppression of the Light Elf from the Dragon race was also very powerful.

This also indirectly meant that the strength of the two of them was powerful, which was why they were suppressed by the Dragon race bloodline.

It was because the Dragon race bloodline would only suppress those who were a threat to them and could be called enemies.

Ordinary people would not be suppressed by the Dragon bloodline if they were too weak.

The Water Elemental Dragon King laughed maniacally, its scarlet eyes very cold.

“Your reinforcements are here.

Unfortunately, they dont seem to be able to pass the test of the creatures into the Super Abyssal Zone.”

“Your strength is not bad, but unfortunately, you are about to become my food!”


As soon as it finished speaking, the huge figure suddenly flew up.

The huge claw stretched out, and the space instantly distorted.

A crack was forcefully torn open in the nearby water area.



With endless violent power, that sharp claw flew toward Ye Feng and the others at high speed!

Seeing this scene, countless people in the audience felt a chill in their hearts, and fear appeared on their faces.

This was the Water Elemental Dragon Kings fatal blow!

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If this move was hit, then, needless to say, everything would be over.

“Such a powerful attack, even we wouldnt be able to withstand it.

How are Ye Feng and the others going to withstand it”

“This is a genuine super boss.

With such a large body and such terrifying strength, how can they withstand it”

“This is troublesome.

The Water Elemental Dragon King is too powerful.

Im afraid that even God Feng will not be able to match it.

Im afraid that he will be in trouble this time.”

“Yeah! What should we do God Feng has no way to attack now.

With the strength of the two of them, its impossible for them to deal with the Water Elemental Dragon King.”

The Water Elemental Dragon King was too powerful.

It was so powerful that it made everyones hearts tremble.

Even those super experts had solemn expressions on their faces at this moment.

Many of them even showed despair.

Ye Fengs parents had also been watching the battle silently.

When they saw this scene, they were already on the edge of their wits.

The two old people stared at the screen with solemn eyes.

They did not say a word from the beginning to the end because they knew that Ye Feng might not be able to hear what they said.

At this moment, their hearts were very fragile, as if they would shatter at the touch.

After all, Ye Feng was their only child.

In this freshmen assessment, his performance was enough to satisfy them, enough to brag about for a lifetime.

Although they were not symbiotes, they had heard a lot about the famous Water Elemental Dragon King.

Such a super creature was very popular as a topic of conversation among the people.

Therefore, they knew something about it.

They did not know what level their son was at, but one comparison was enough.

Even the Water Elemental Human Ceiling of combat power had to sacrifice themselves in order to successfully seal the Water Elemental Dragon King.

The Human Ceiling of combat power.

What level was that!

Ye Fengs face was also solemn.

He knew in his heart that this was a truly fierce battle.

They did not understand.

Although Ye Feng and the others strength was very powerful in their eyes, they were completely powerless against this attack!

This was the Dragon races strongest attack.

How could they defend against it

In an instant, their hearts were in their throats.

However, facing this extremely terrifying attack, Ye Feng did not panic.

Instead, he revealed a smile.

“Is this the attack of the Dragon race Its really useless.

You want to kill me with just this little attack”

After saying that, Ye Feng turned around and glanced at Lin Xiaoyue.

He opened his mouth slightly and said, “Are you afraid”

Looking at the huge sharp claws flying over, everyone cried out in fear.

One after another, they shouted for Ye Feng to quickly dodge!

But it was too late to dodge now.

Even if he had dodged at the beginning, it was too late.

Such speed was even faster than supersonic speed!

The attack was still powerful and directly pierced through a mountain peak.

With a boom, the entire mountain peak was blasted into pieces and dust flew everywhere.

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head and said disdainfully, “Afraid I dont know what fear is in this life!”

“Hide for me!”

After saying that, a huge power surged out and the light on Lin Xiaoyues body flickered again.

This was the last attack that she could withstand.

If this attack still didnt work, then they would all be chilled here!

“Senior Sister, dont try to be brave!” Seeing this, Ye Feng sighed and then operated [Starfire Meditation].

Not only could [Starfire Meditation] nourish him, as long as Ye Feng released his power, within a certain distance, others could also receive the nourishment of [Starfire Meditation]!

“Senior Sister, dont go out of this range.

Ill go and see whats going on,” Ye Feng said in a deep voice.

Just as he was about to get up, he was pulled back by Lin Xiaoyue.

“My mission is to protect you.

You cant have any mishaps!” After Lin Xiaoyue finished speaking, her aura suddenly rose, and a strong aura spread out.

She squatted down slightly, and in the next second, with a boom, her figure shot out explosively.

“[Fist of Light]!” An explosive shout spread throughout the entire arena, and her aura instantly rose to its peak.

She swung her fist fiercely!


Under the tremendous force, the sharp claw was forcefully struck in the wrong direction.

Before that, Ye Fengs figure also disappeared from where he was.

Ye Feng had the ability [Riding the wind and Breaking Waves], which meant that his speed was bound to reach its peak at any time.

If Ye Feng wanted to leave, even if the opponent was the Water Elemental Dragon King, it would not be able to stop him.

But Ye Fengs goal was to seal the Water Elemental Dragon King.

“Your strength is not bad, to be able to forcefully launch an attack!” The Water Elemental Dragon King saw this and sneered.

The giant claw reached out again.

Because Lin Xiaoyue had used up too much energy, this time, her speed was completely suppressed by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

In half a breaths time, the giant claw had already grabbed Lin Xiaoyue and held her tightly in its hand.

“You still want to leave Haha, you overestimate yourself, human.” After grabbing Lin Xiaoyue, the Water Elemental Dragon King laughed maniacally.

He looked at Ye Feng and sneered, “Kid, go back and get reinforcements.

Of course, the prerequisite is that you have to leave this place alive!”

After saying that, the Water Elemental Dragon King put a seal on Lin Xiaoyue.

This way, even if the Water Elemental Dragon King didnt have to keep an eye on her,Lin Xiaoyue wouldnt be able to escape.

The Water Elemental Dragon King flapped the giant wings on its back and blew away the entire water area.

A countless amount of spiritual energy was gathering on the Water Elemental Dragon Kings body.

“This guy wants to forcefully absorb the spiritual energy around him!” Seeing this, Ye Feng was quite shocked.


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