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But there was a reason for this.

After all, the progress bar had already reached the late stages.

Every increase in the number of points would be exceptionally difficult.

If it was the early stages, a Dragon Kings spiritual power was enough to allow him to charge up to 90% of his progress.

However, he was already above 90% and was already in the late stages.

His progress would definitely progress by leaps and bounds.

This was also a kind of restriction.

In the later stages.

It would definitely consume more energy than in the early stages.

As for Ye Fengs level, it directly rose from B to perfect B .

His strength had already surpassed the category of B grade and had reached the terrifying A grade realm.

This speed could be said to be terrifying.

However, there were also strong and weak Dragon Kings.

Moreover, the levels of the strong and weak were also different.

Among the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race, there were also strong Dragons like the Divine Dragon that Ye Feng could not touch, and there were also people like the Water Elemental Dragon King.

It had already been severely injured by Walter.

Now that it had awakened, it was being chased and beaten by Ye Feng.

If it was a complete Dragon King, Ye Feng would not be able to kill it easily.

Then, Ye Feng saw that a Dragon Pearl had actually appeared in the body of the Water Elemental Dragon King.

This Dragon Pearl was green in color and was emitting a faint fluorescent light.

It also carried a terrifying pressure.

And this pressure was actually identical to the Water Elemental Dragon Kings aura.

Ye Feng frowned.

This Water Elemental Dragon King deserved to be called the Dragon King.

It could actually produce a Dragon Pearl!

Ye Feng picked up the Dragon Pearl and sniffed it.

This smell was very fragrant.

It seemed to have a strange power that was attracting Ye Feng to swallow this Dragon Pearl.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng stuffed the Dragon Pearl into his mouth and chewed slowly.

The Dragon Pearl melted as soon as it entered his mouth, and a strange power circulated in his stomach, nourishing his internal organs.

His body also gradually recovered, and his energy was also replenished.

Ye Feng was not in a hurry to refine this Dragon Pearl.

Instead, he waited quietly to see the effects of this Dragon Pearl.

The power contained in the Dragon Pearl was extremely pure and powerful.

After Ye Feng swallowed it, he could clearly feel that this power was transforming his internal organs and meridians, making them tougher and wider.

Ye Fengs body soon underwent some subtle changes.

His body seemed to be expanding, and his skin also became firmer and looked more robust.

His body became taller and bigger, and his body also grew several times bigger than before.

He was like a real elephant, giving people a sense of intimidation.

The pores on his body continuously opened up, spewing out some light blue gas, enveloping Ye Fengs body.

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Ye Feng saw that these light blue gas were actually the impurities and filth in his body.

In his body, there was not only seawater, but also various substances, some of which were fish feces, rotting flesh, some fish bones, and even pieces of bloody flesh.

These were all left behind after he absorbed the Dragon Blood, but now they had been absorbed by Ye Feng.

The Dragon Blood of the Dragon race was very overbearing.

After Ye Feng swallowed these things, the strength of his body also received a very obvious increase.

His cultivation realm continued to increase.

His aura also became more and more powerful, and the strength in his body also became more and more vigorous.

Ye Fengs face finally revealed a satisfied expression.

His current cultivation had already reached perfect B grade, and he was also just a hairs breadth away from A- grade.

Moreover, his physical body also became more and more powerful, and his body also became stronger, as if it was cast from metal.

Ye Fengs strength continued to rise.

In his body, a thin layer of spiritual energy membrane continuously condensed.

His spiritual energy membrane had already condensed to a certain degree, and he could break through at any time.

Ye Fengs cultivation was also gradually increasing.

The higher he rose, the more difficult it was, and the more difficult it was… His body could no longer bear any more power.

Ye Feng continued to swallow the Dragon Pearl, getting rid of all the impurities and dirty air in his body.

His body also gradually became clean.

Moreover, there was a trace of light blue light on his skin.

These lights… were as crystal clear as gemstones, sparkling with a dazzling brilliance.

Ye Feng knew that the true essence in his body had become even more powerful, much stronger than before.

Moreover, Ye Feng also felt a huge force constantly eroding him.

A soul vibration from the deepest part of his spirit was continuously affecting Ye Feng.




One after another, it was as if there was a huge bell continuously echoing in Ye Fengs mind.

What made Ye Feng the most uncomfortable was that the reaction from the symbiotic body was the most obvious

The Slime was constantly bombarded by thisbell sound.

For a moment, countless changes occurred, and the huge impact caused Ye Feng to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Ye Fengs consciousness became blurry.

Perhaps it was because killing the Water Elemental Dragon King just now had consumed a large amount of spiritual energy, and the devouring of the Dragon Pearl also caused Ye Feng to suffer an intense reaction.

Ye Fengs eyelids became heavier and heavier, and his consciousness became more and more blurry.

‘Ah! No, I absolutely cant fall asleep!

‘No, I cant fall asleep! Ye Feng gritted his teeth and forced himself to wake up, but his eyelids became heavier and heavier, and his consciousness became more and more chaotic.

He felt as if he had fallen into a swamp, and his limbs and bones were extremely sore and weak.

His body was like a heavy iron plate, unable to move even half a step, and even breathing became very difficult.

His breathing became extremely slow.

In the end, Ye Fengs last consciousness was completely shattered, and he fell to the ground with a loud crash.


When Ye Feng opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the hospital bed.

Beside him, the big white rabbit dressed in white sat quietly on the chair beside the hospital bed.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

Ye Feng felt a warmth in his heart and asked softly, “Senior, why am I here”

“You fought with a giant Dragon yesterday and were injured by it,” Lin Xiaoyue answered truthfully.

“What Injured by it! Im not…” Hearing this, Ye Feng immediately became anxious and hurriedly got up.

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed Ye Fengs wrist and pushed him back onto the bed.

“Dont move.

Youre still very weak now.

You must rest well and recuperate well.

Dont move recklessly.”

“This…” Seeing the big white rabbit grab his wrist, and that soft and delicate skin felt very comfortable, Ye Fengs heart suddenly jolted, and an awkward expression appeared on his face.

“There are two pieces of news, one bad and one good.

Which one do you want to hear first” Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng and asked with great interest.

“Uh… Whats the good news”

“The good news is that you did kill the Water Elemental Dragon King, and I can feel that there seems to be a magical change in your body, as if you have the aura of a Dragon…”

Facing Lin Xiaoyues guess, Ye Feng smiled bitterly.

‘It must be because I used too much Dragonification in that battle, so I cant hide my aura anymore! Ye Feng thought to himself.

This also meant that he could actually use the Dragon Seed.

This was also something that Ye Feng was surprised about.


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