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Lin Xiaoyue saw that Ye Feng did not have any reaction, she continued, “The bad news is that according to the inference of the Board of Education, although the Water Elemental Dragon King was killed by you, it only destroyed its physical body and did not destroy its soul.

And the most powerful thing in the Dragon race is not only their physical strength, but also their soul strength.”

“Ah How could this be!” Ye Feng was a little surprised.

No wonder the Water Elemental Dragon King was able to have an indestructible body in the battle with Walter, and Walter was only trying his best to seal his opponent.

It turned out that the Water Elemental Dragon King was not only powerful in terms of physical strength, but also had an indestructible soul strength!

“Im not too sure either, but this matter has already spread around the world.

Moreover, I heard that some people said that after the fall of the Dragon race, there would be some mysterious phenomena.

This is the aura emitted by the Dragon races soul, and the Dragon races soul can resurrect the physical body in a short period of time.”

‘In that case, if the Water Elemental Dragon King is resurrected, then many people will know my true identity. Ye Fengs face was solemn.

This was definitely not good news.

“This is not the most troublesome part.

The most troublesome part is that the Water Elemental Dragon King is an extremely conceited person.

Moreover, it is extremely confident in its cultivation.

After it falls, its soul will be resurrected in a short period of time.”

“After it is resurrected, the Water Elemental Dragon King will definitely seek revenge on you.

At that time, you will be in danger because the strength of the Dragon race is too strong.”

“Then what should we do now” Ye Feng asked.

Lin Xiaoyue said, “You dont have to worry too much.

After all, this matter has already risen to a very high level.

Not only will there be some action from this side, the Chinese authorities will also take action.”

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded.

“Then do you have any other information For example, the direction in which the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul escaped” Ye Feng continued to ask.

If he could grasp more information, it would be more useful to him.

Lin Xiaoyue thought for a moment and nodded lightly.

“The Dean did say that after the Water Elemental Dragon Kings body was killed by you, it split into two parts and escaped with the power of the soul.”

Lin Xiaoyue recalled carefully and said, “One part escaped back into the Divine Realm [Eden], while the other part is unknown.”

Ye Feng was a little surprised when he heard this.

In fact, the other part of the soul power was devoured by his ability.

He had never mentioned this to anyone, and he couldnt mention it either.

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If he were to be exposed, not only would his identity be exposed, but he would also expose everything that had happened previously.

The risk of doing so was too great.

Ye Feng felt that now was not the time.

Although he was the one who devoured it, Ye Feng could feel that this power was different from the past.

This was also the main reason why he had directly fainted.

It was that Dragon Pearl!

This Dragon Pearl was formed from a portion of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul power.

After Ye Feng devoured it, it was refined into soul power again and was now residing in Ye Fengs soul.

This was also where Ye Fengs symbiotic form, the Slime main body, existed.

If Ye Feng released his ability, others might find it strange because a symbiote could actually release two different powers.

This completely violated the concept of a symbiote.

Could there really be a dual symbiote in this world Ye Feng had never heard of it.

He had never seen such records in the classroom or in the ancient books outside the classroom.

If there was, would it be his situation

All of this seemed to be a brand new feeling for Ye Feng.

Moreover, part of the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul was residing in Ye Fengs soul, and it had a consumption, which was the Soul Curse.

The Soul Curse was equivalent to the power of a curse.

If Ye Feng wanted to remove it, he would have to pay a corresponding price.

Originally, being hit by the Soul Curse was certain death.

No matter what kind of Soul Curse it was, it would start from the deepest part of the soul and continuously erode the hosts soul until death.

From the very beginning, this kind of curse was already destined to only result in death.

Moreover, no one had ever been able to survive the Soul Curse.

Just as Ye Feng was feeling a little troubled, suddenly following a tremor in the depths of his soul, Ye Feng was surprised to find that his evolution progress had unexpectedly become 100%!

‘Could it be when I was devouring the Dragon Pearl Ye Feng was a little surprised, and then the systems voice sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, your evolution progress has reached 100%.

Awakening Origin Sequence [Seal]!]

[Ding! Host has awakened Origin Sequence [Seal], sealing power increased by 50%!]

Ye Feng was stunned.

He had never thought that devouring the Water Elemental Dragon Kings soul would actually bring him some benefits.

‘This should be the eighth sequence! Ye Feng thought to himself, and a fanatical look appeared in his eyes.

Moreover, the systems introduction just now was that after awakening the origin sequence, one would obtain a new skill.

This skill was called [Seal].

[Seal] meant to seal the enemys strength.

This skill could only be used for three minutes.

After three minutes, the skill would lose its effect.

However, during these three minutes, the user would have the ability to attack without limits, and the attack range could be expanded by more than a hundred times!

This was a heaven-defying ability.

[Origin sequence [Seal].

The host can use this ability, but the host has to pay a certain price to be able to use it.] The systems voice sounded once again, but it did not say what the price was.

‘Price Could it be that you have to pay with your life Ye Feng asked.

[Yes!] the system replied.

[But as ones level increases, the limit of consuming ones life as the price can be converted into consuming a large amount of spiritual energy as the price.

This requires the host to make a judgment based on his own situation,] the system added.

If that was the case, there was no need to be afraid even if it consumed some of ones life energy.

After all, such a powerful ability could not be released as a joke.

[In the [Seal] sequence, it can still isolate and seal the devoured soul.

However, in order to maintain the strength of the seal, a large amount of energy has to be continuously consumed,] the system added once again.

It seems to have detected the Soul Curse that was about to stir in Ye Fengs body.

Ye Feng nodded.

If that was the case, there would also be a way to suppress the Soul Curse.

In this way, he would be able to break the deadlock where he would definitely die if he was hit by the Soul Curse.

However, since he had the ability to suppress the Soul Curse, it also meant that as long as Ye Fengs soul was strong enough, he could control this soul power.

However, this did not mean that once Ye Feng controlled this soul power, even if the Water Elemental Dragon King was resurrected, it would not be able to harm himself.

‘This is my guess.

Ill have to slowly explore the specific situation in the future! Ye Feng muttered to himself.

Then, he looked at the Slime in his body.

After absorbing the pure power of the Dragon Pearl, the Slimes body expanded several times.

It looked very mighty, like a giant rooster that was more than ten meters tall.


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